Monday, July 11, 2005

Curious minds want to know...........

Corner time is one of those things that I've never had to do, but have fantasized about it - a lot! So what do you guys think about it? Answer the poll below - ladies at the top, guys at the bottom (gee, maybe I should have set it up the other way around - LOL! But then we girls know that we all tend to top from the bottom.)


Charlotte said...

Hey Leigh,
If corner time is seriously something you want to try out, a good way to subtly hint you like it is by when your being a brat say all innocently and sweetly "off to the corner for me then huh?". With my previous relationship and past this seemed to have worked ;-)..
Good luck, keep up the good posts!

Silver Kitten said...

Where've you been lately, leigh... *startin to worry* I hope you are alright and that your husband comes home soon, for you!!