Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Day of Sadness......

This is what a terrorist bomb will do to a double decker bus full of people. Nearly 50 people are dead (so far) and over 700 are injured, many with missing limbs, and for what? There is no good reason.

As many of you know, I'm an American living in England with my British hubby. You've probably also heard the news of the terrorist attacks on London today. I remember when I lived in the States and was emailing and calling friends in New York on 9/11 to make sure they were ok. I never dreamed the shoe would be on the other foot. I have received so many calls and emails today, and have appreciated every one of them. We're actually about 60 miles outside of London, but it's still an unsettling feeling to have this happen so close to home. And I'm off work today, so had thought about going into London today to do some shopping. Glad I didn't. It really doesn't help that hubby is gone on business so I'm here alone. It's not that I'm afraid anything will happen where we are, it's just the being alone and not having him here to talk through this with. So I came here to yammer at all of you. Please say a prayer for all those directly affected by this.

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Lady Calliah said...

Hi Leigh,

Found your comment and decided to visit. So sorry that you are alone when this stuff is going on.

Worthless people do these things, and we're left with the aftermath, no matter how far or near you are to it.

Take care, and I hope he'll be home soon,

Lady Calliah