Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Another picture series I like

He's looking very smug!

Come along, dear.

I wonder why there is no one else here?

What do you think you are doing?!

No! Ow!

Let me go, you beast!

I'm going to get a run in my stockings!

Upsy daisy!

Last time I agree to go to a motivational seminar with you!


PaulH666 said...

A spanking picture story that she doesn't think is going to happen. Great.

As soon as I saw the images and theme of a surprise she didn't imagine, I immediately thought of the movie from 1990, Goodfellows. Where Joe Pesci thinks he's being made and is killed. Now she's spanked and he's killed. But it still made me think of that movie for surprise endings to a scene.

Sarah said...

That was indeed very hot! Made me wish i worked in that office. Thanks again!

sixofthebest said...

I've seen this video clip. and its fantastic. The spanking that is given is well done. And what makes it more erotic for me, that the naughty lady is wearing garter-belt and stockings. As one can readily see, her bare bottom is most voluptous.