Sunday, May 01, 2005

Dreams are made of this...... Posted by Hello

Why am I here?

I am married to an almost perfect man. He is a cross between a saint and Helen Keller - he thinks I'm wonderful and is blind and deaf to my naughty behavior! Now I know most women would think that was the perfect arrangement, and trust me, I don't take it for granted at all. But it can be frustrating when you crave a stong man who will take charge and hold you accountable for your misdeeds. We are a spanko couple - but so far, only the type that I call foreplay spanking. Yup, you got it - always in bed, always preceeding sex. Don't get me wrong. That's great in and of itself! And I did recently get him to try it outside of the bedroom. One night, after all was said and done, I told him that it was great, but he wasn't allowed to spank me in bed again until he had spanked me somewhere else in the house first. Admittedly, that was blackmail and I should have been punished for that alone! But a few days later, he did grab me in the living room and pull me over his knee as he sat on the footstool. A very nice steady spanking ensued, first over the sweatpants, then down to the panties, and finally on the bare. Even though it was was wonderful and created a nice sting and warmth in my bottom, I did giggle through the whole thing as it wasn't a 'serious' spanking. I'm still working on getting us to the 'other side'. I am a very (head)strong person myself, and there are times when I can feel my frustrations and emotions spiraling out of control, and I need that strong hand gently grasping my arm, that voice growling softly in my ear so only I can hear "That's it, young lady, you're getting a spanking (or any other method of punishment he may choose) when we get home", bringing me back down to earth. I need him to follow through with the threat, taking me home, bending me over and spanking my bare bottom until I squeal and promise to behave, and then making me stand in the corner with my red behind on display while I contemplate my misdeeds. All followed, of course, by the hugging and comforting that lets me know that I am forgiven, loved, secure and protected, if only from myself.
The one time I have gotten him to give me any kind of punishment spanking was when I put a dent in our car. His immediate response had been that it was an accident and it was ok and not to worry about it. However, I knew that I had been careless and in a hurry, and it could have been avoided. Finally, I wrote him a note asking him to punish me for it, that I knew it bothered him and I wished he would give me what I deserved and make us both feel better. Shortly after, I found myself bare-bottomed and bent over the end of the bed receiving six strokes of the cane. Wow! Painful, but effective (these Brits know how to use a cane). I've been much more careful with the car ever since!
I've always spent a lot of time writing spanking stories, mainly as an outlet for my own fantasies. So I guess this blog will be my new outlet, my place to talk to myself, confessing what I see as my sins and how I think and wish he would take me to task for them, and maybe work out how to bring it all into reality in the process. If anyone out there happens to see it and wants to add their two cents, feel free! Who knows, maybe someday during a lapse in judgment, I'll even let him read this blog, and then I may really learn the meaning of 'be careful what you wish for'!