Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do I have any kindred spirits?

I'm just sitting here wondering how many of you are like me in the things that turn you on, the things that get your stomach flipping and your bottom itching for a spanking. We all know that the spanking aspect is a given. Otherwise, why are you here? But what about the other bottom-centric activities?

First off, let me clarify that I am not into these things for any pain they could cause. My turn-on is the idea of the dominant man, ministering to his 'naughty girl', taking care of her for her own good. The image of being flipped over, and the most intimate parts of my bare bottom being vulnerable and subject to his attentions both excites me and makes me blush.

Take for example, temperature taking. The picture of the girl, her panties pulled down just far enough for her round, bare cheeks to peek out, her face looking miserable as she contemplates her fate. She has fibbed to her husband and told him that she doesn't feel well so she can get out of doing some chore. Her husband, who has seen through her plan and fully intends to punish her for it later, lovingly insists that he wants to check her temperature to make sure she is really ok. Her face flames in embarrassment as he makes her lay on the bed on her tummy, her bare bottom elevated by a pillow under her hips. She groans as he pries her buttocks apart and slides the thermometer into her bottom. He prolongs her agony by sitting next to her, his hand resting on her backside to hold the thermometer in place. He then reads out the 'normal' result in mock anger, making her admit that she was being naughty, for which he then informs her she will be spanked. Yummmmm..............

How about butt plugs? I'm not talking about pain-inducing, S & M sized planks up your butt. I'm talking about the cute little one that just slips in nicely, popping into place with a little pressure, that nestles gently between your cheeks and is just enough of a presence that you feel it with every step and your bottom clenches unconciously around it, reminding you it is there. Imagine you had been spanked the last time the credit card bill arrived. You are about to go out shopping again together when he stops you and makes you take down your pants and bend over. You expect a spanking and are surprised to feel the plug being slowly pushed into your bottom. He lets you up and tells you to fix your clothes. Then you both go shopping, and every time you pick up something that you know you don't need, he gives you that look, and your bottom clenches in reflex. You feel the plug and are reminded that if you insist on buying that item, there will be a spanking when you get home. Without saying a word, you are completely under his control, but still have the power to earn yourself that spanking or not. Or maybe you have been slacking off around the house. So one Saturday, he makes you put on a t-shirt and nothing else. He then bends you over and plugs your naughty little bottom. You are then told that you will do your chores like that, and you know he is watching you, seeing your bare cheeks peeping out and the plug between them, perfectly presented so that he can descend on you at any time and redden your butt if you get lazy. Sure stops the inclination to plop down and become a couch potato! Oh boy......

Ok, now for the one that seems to make everyone squirm - enemas. I think these are more just in the fantasy realm for me as I am not into the discomfort of holding large volumes of water in my butt. But the IDEA of it, of being made to lay down with your bottom in the air while he inserts the tube, the butterflies that take off when he begins to squeeze the bulb or bag and the water flows into you, the control he has as he talks soothingly to you while making you hold it, maybe popping the plug in to help. I don't know that I could ever actually do it, but I sure do like to fantasize about the process. I don't know - maybe one of those small pre-mixed ones, just to live out the fantasy. Might even allow one of those suppositories - again, just for the process, the feeling of him being in charge, my bare bottom offered up as he slides it in, the wondering if after all this, he will still find out that I was fibbing to him and he'll spank me anyway. Of course, most of my fantasies end with the water going in, because the coming out part is NOT what I personally want to think about - LOL!

So does anyone agree with me on any of this? Are we able to be turned on by the thought of the procedure even when the actual process is maybe not what we want? Curious minds want to know! (If Tinkerbell above isn't moving, click on her to open her in a new page, and watch her animate!)