Monday, February 18, 2008



In a comment to an earlier post, someone wanted to see cornertime pictures. So I've gone through my collection to find some of my favorites.

She must be headed for the corner. I do like the drop-seat pajamas - that is another one of my fantasies! He throws you over his knee and doesn't have to struggle to get jeans undone and pulled down. Just undo the flap and peel it back! Must get a pair of those...........

Must be the pre-spanking lecture. I imagine she'll be back in that corner later, minus the pants.

A hot bottom on that hard wooden stool must be a real attention getter!

Just goes to show - a corner can be anywhere!

From the position of his hand, I'm guessing she is going to get some more where she stands!

I love this image of everything covered with just the cheeks peeking out. Really focuses your attention on what is going to happen.

Being lectured with a sore bottom as well. The height of disgrace!

One very red bottom on one very hard chair, left to sit and think about what she has done.

For something completely different - a more productive use of corner time. Instead of just staring at a wall after being spanked for not getting her housework done, she has to get it done with her red bottom on display. Should get the message across!

And last but not least - the classic. Who wouldn't love this?