Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Continuation.....

I've been asked to continue the story I posted on May 5th. If you missed it, you can read the first part here.

So we'll move this story along -

Leigh stood in the corner, waiting for Mark to get home from work. Her legs were beginning to tremble, but she knew it was more from nerves than fatigue. Mark had texted her that he was leaving work and to be in the corner when he got home. He was only about 10 minutes away. Leigh knew that the consequences of not doing as she was told were worse than tired legs.

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard the garage door open. She found herself holding her breath as she listened for it to close again, and for the back door to open as Mark came into the house. There was no usual 'honey, I'm home!'. Just silence as her husband walked through the house, putting his things away. She finally felt his presence hehind her, his breath hot on the back of her neck as he stood quietly behind her. She felt herself shrink into herself as she waited for him to speak.

Even though she was waiting for his words, they made her jump when they finally came. "So, young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?" Oh god - she hated this! He was going to make her say it outloud; say that she had been naughty and needed a good spanking to straighten her out. The words caught in her throat. The sharp crack to her bottom loosened them. "Ow! I'm sorry! I've - I've been very naughty lately and I'm sorry! I'll be better! I promise!"

She heard him give a low chuckle. "So you've said before, Leigh. But after a while, you forget your promises and need a reminder. Isn't that so?" Damn. He wanted another answer. She felt him move to swat her again, so she blurted out the truth. "Yes sir! I've been lazy. But I'll do better - you really don't need to spank me!" His chuckle changed to an outright laugh. "Oh, I think I really do, missy. I know you think you mean what you say, but past experience proves that you need a little extra motivation to make you act on those words! Now stay there until I'm ready for you." Leigh gave a little mental stomp of her foot. She knew he was watching her, her bottom already bared, thanks to his earlier orders for her to be dressed only in a t-shirt and panties, shirt pinned up and panties at her thighs. She tried not to clench her buttocks since she knew he could see it, but it was difficult because of the anticipation of what was to come.

Mark walked to the kitchen table and picked up the letter Leigh had written earlier. She could just see him out of the corner of her eye, and her heart sank when he finished it. He disappeared for a few moments, and then Leigh heard him come back into the living room. "Come here, young lady," he ordered. She slowly turned and saw him sitting on the couch. Her eyes grew wide and she whimpered at the sight of the hairbrush AND the ruler lying beside him on the cushion. "I said, come here!" he ordered, more sternly this time. Leigh was jolted out of her hesitation, and she shuffled over to him, standing beside his thigh. Mark took her wrist and, with no fanfare, tumbled her over his lap. With a soft "oomph!", Leigh landed face down, her hands on the floor and her bare behind pointed at the ceiling.

Mark's hand patted and rubbed across her bare skin. "Well, missy, since you asked me so politely in your letter, I am going to spank you." "Yeah," thought Leigh. "Like you would have dropped the idea if I had asked you nicely to do that instead!" Luckily, she kept her sarcasm to herself. Mark continued. "And since you asked me so nicely, I will go with your recommendations about the method. Hand, hairbrush, and ruler sound like a good combination!" Leigh sputtered. "I - I - I didn't mean all of them! I said OR! I was hoping you'd choose one!" "Yes, well, I was hoping you would learn to behave," Mark replied. "Guess we don't always get what we ask for."

Shortly after those words were spoken, Mark's hand began to rise and fall on Leigh's behind. At first, the sharp cracks were the only sound in the room. Leigh tried to be stoic, gritting her teeth with each swat. But soon, the heat began to build and the sting began to spread across her cheeks. First, each swat was met with a low grunt. Grunts became squeals, and squeals became words. "Ow! I'm sorry! I'll behave! I promise! Owwww! Yeee-owww! Please stop! I'll be good!" The words were soon joined the sound of drumming toes as Leigh kicked her feet against the floor. Her bottom was bouncing up and down over Mark's knee before he stopped. When he rested his hand on her burning buttocks, Leigh took in big gulps of air, struggling to catch her breath.

Unfortunately, that had only been the warm-up. Leigh felt her stomach lurch when her husband shifted her so that she was over one knee, her legs clamped between his. This was never good! But she didn't have much time to contemplate her situation before she felt the first blow of the wooden hairbrush. She quickly began shrieking and bucking as the hard wooden surface made contact repeatedly with her soft bouncing cheeks. Her backside was on fire, and the pain of each stroke made her brain foggy. Forgetting herself, she reached back to cover her bottom. Mark just grabbed her wrist and pinned it to the small of her back, continuing without pause to cover her entire backside and thighs with rifle-shot cracks of the brush. She finally collapsed over his knee in sobs, not realizing for some moments that he had stopped the assault and was gently rubbing her bottom.

Still weeping and sniffling, she was helped to her feet. It was over. Mark led her back to the corner. Resting her head against the cool wall, she closed her eyes and hoped for a few minutes of peace. But her relief was short-lived. To her horror, Mark tucked the ruler between her cheeks. "You asked for this too, young lady. Now hold it there. When it drops, I'll know you're ready for the last part of your spanking!" Leigh gasped as she now painfully clenched her sore cheeks, struggling to keep the slim ruler in place. She was quickly learning one lesson this evening - be careful what you ask for, as you will surely get it - sooner or later!

One of my favorites............

This has all of the elements of a great domestic discipline spanking - the lecture, the corner time, the announcement of her punishment, the spanking progression from dress to panties to bare bottom, the tears, the corner time again with the red bottom and the tears. *sigh* Bliss............ I like to imagine that the next time, he takes the hairbrush to her bottom!