Friday, February 22, 2008

New Must-Have Toys! Help me choose!

After we had finished our play the other night, hubby and I were laying on the bed talking. This always seems to be the best and easiest time to talk about the whole subject of spanking. By the way, I gave him LOTS of encouragement on the corner thing - told him how hot it was, how much I enjoyed it, etc. I think that will definitely happen again without so much prompting from me!

We also talked about 'my little friend'. Turns out he really liked that too. Confessed that one of my favorite fantasies was being made to wear it while we were out shopping. This led to the idea of a vibrating one with a remote control that he would be in charge of. Suggested that it could be used as a warning devise if I tried to buy something I didn't need. His eyes lit up at that one! Started muttering how it could come in handy in the DVD store.

So I got online tonight and started searching for just the right toy. It had to be small enough for comfort, yet not so small that it would not stay in place. It also had to have a wireless remote. You know, I hate it when you can't tell from the pictures on a website if a remote is wireless or not. I think they hide the wires on purpose. I found one that looked perfect and looked wireless. But I emailed the company first to be sure, and wouldn't you know, they were wired! Shoot. So I kept searching.

Found this one. It looks very interesting. It's called the Alien. Must be wireless as it says the remote has a clip to put it on a keychain, and I can't imagine wandering around the store with a wire from the back of my pants to his pocket! LOL! Anyway, this one has distinct possibilities. Considering it. But I kept looking.

Wow! Found this on one of my favorite sites, Love Honey. This is a UK store, and they have pretty good prices and great service. (They will also price match, so I find what I want and then Google it to see if there is a cheaper price elsewhere. Did find a cheaper price on this one so waiting for a response from the store.) This little wonder is called the Oyster Duo Remote Control Vibrator. The little pink head snuggles up to your.......front bits, and the silver bullet can be put, as the description states, 'anywhere'. (They do say specifically that it can be used in the backside, so it is considered safe for that.) The two wires come together at a jack that plugs into the receiver (the box with the purple button). With the jack, you have the capacity to plug other attachments in, including an intriguing ring one for him, so turnabout could be fair play. The receiver clips onto your panties. The remote has buttons for two different speeds for each attachment, which can be activated one at a time or together. The speeds are listed as Mmmmmm and WOW! They guarantee that the vibrator is absolutely SILENT (although you may not be - but great knowing that the people next to you in the checkout line aren't going to wonder where the buzzing is coming from), and the remote has a range of 50 feet! Sounds like a good time could be had by all.

So I have a dilemma. Do I buy the first one (cheaper), the second one (more expensive, but also more fun), or say screw it and get both? What's the worst that could happen? Get a spanking from hubby from spending too much money? Yeah, that's a deterrent. Might actually be an incentive. Besides, once hubby got to play with the remotes, I'm sure all would be forgiven. Whichever one I get, I'll just put it in one day and hand him the remote with a wink on our way out the door. He'll have his fun, I'll certainly have mine, and I bet we'll have more fun together when we get home! Help me decide. Which one do you think looks more interesting, or should I go for broke?

A True Story

Well, yesterday I was in the mood to play. One thing I have learned so far is that while my hubby is reluctant to initiate 'discipline', he is quite willing to participate when lured. So, feeling in need of a spanking and deciding to be bold, I hatched a plan. Popping in my favorite little bottom stopper for courage (the term 'butt plug' just sounds so crude, don't you think?), I sent him a text message at work. It read 'From the Committee for Wiping Out Naughty Behavior in Wives. It is suspected that your wife is engaging in naughty activities in your absence. We suggest that you inspect her bottom for foreign objects. If any are found, she should be given a warm-up spanking. She should then be stood in the corner for a while with the offending item and her pink bottom on display. She should also receive a stern lecture on the naughtiness of engaging in these activities alone. Then finish things off with a sound spanking until she promises to be a good girl in the future. The Committee.' Whew - got charged for four text messages for that one. But what the hell. Taking a deep breath, I pushed the Send button. After a long while (he didn't check his text messages until almost quitting time), I received a reply. 'Hmmmmmmmm' was all it said. Well, I now knew he had seen it and all I could do was wait and see what his response would be.

Boy, did he make me wait! All evening, as a matter of fact. Through dinner, and then through two episodes of Boston Legal (just bought season one on dvd - love that show, James Spader has GOT to be one of us!). I was about to give up hope, not to mention that things were getting a little uncomfortable as the stopper had now been in for a few hours. Finally, he sent me into the bedroom on the pretense that he wanted to see the new robe I had purchased on ebay and received in the mail that afternoon. I went and put it on, showed him that it fit, took it back off and went to leave the bedroom. He stopped me and I suddenly found myself face down over the edge of the bed. He began to smack me on my sweatpant covered bottom as I squealed and made the usual protest noises - 'Ow! What the - what are you doing? Let me up! Stop it!' etc. He then told me that he needed to 'inspect' something, that he had heard some rumors about me. *Snort* He pulled down my sweatpants as I made a show of trying to hold them up, because I certainly didn't want him to discover my 'secret'! That just got my hands slapped away and I was left in my black lace panties.

Next he swats me on my panties. Then - horrors! - he begins poking between my cheeks through the fabric and tapping on the base of the stopper. 'What's this?' he demands. I freeze. 'Nothing!' I insist. Amazingly, he doesn't believe me! Now he is peeling my panties down. I'm trying to hold them up, he's slapping my hands away again. My bottom is quickly bared and I feel him pull my cheeks apart to get a good luck at 'my little friend'. I groan and bury my face in the mattress. A sudden flurry of hard smacks quickly has my head jerking back up. Some of them land right on the stopper! Wow! He keeps questioning me about what I'm doing with that toy in and how often do I play with it when he's not around. Do I put it in every day? I protest that it's just a toy, I don't do it every day, and I haven't done anything wrong. This is not what he wants to hear.

Pulling me to my feet, he turns me around and orders me to stand facing the wall at the foot of the bed. Oh my God! It's not a corner, but he is sitting on the bed and can reach me from there, so the wall will do. I stand there with my tshirt on and my pants and panties around my knees. Never having been made to stand in the corner before, I am suddenly feeling very exposed. I sneak my hands back and slowly tug on the hem of my tshirt, trying to get it down over my bottom. I am ordered to stop that and lift my tshirt up. I then start to slide my hands down to cover my bottom. He doesn't allow that either and I am told to get my hands off my butt. He continues to lecture me about being a bad girl, and every so often, reaches over and delivers two or three hard smacks to my backside.

Not to get away from the story, but I have to comment on this whole corner thing. Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD! You guys out there, do you know what YOU ARE MISSING?! I can't even begin to tell you how HOT this was, not to mention making me feel very naughty and submissive! Look at the poll on the left. That one and every other poll I've ever seen always say the same thing - the majority of women do not receive corner time and most of those wish they did! Standing there knowing that he is looking at your bare bottom, not knowing when another hard swat is going to land, the scolding, the domination - *shiver* it is all simply delicious. So get off the stick, guys. Talk to her, give it a try. You can always abandon the idea if it doesn't work for you, but if you don't give it a shot, you may be missing out on something that she has been praying for!

Ok, back on track. I was then ordered to remove the stopper. Scurrying off to the bathroom, I did so. (He tried to stop me from leaving the room to do it, but I'm not brave enough for THAT yet! LOL!) Returning, I was again bent over the bed. Lots of spanking followed, with numerous different implements, accompanied by more lecturing. I even got about 12 strokes of the cane, which I normally couldn't take but didn't seem to bother me as much this time. Maybe it was the headspace I was in after being made to stand facing the wall. See guys? Another benefit! Finally, my pants and panties were removed completely and he moved me up onto the bed so I was on all fours. This is where we always deviate from pure discipline. I guess I should be flattered that my hubby can't spank me without wanting to have sex afterwards! And it is a nice finishing touch to be taken doggy style with a warm bottom................

Monday, February 18, 2008



In a comment to an earlier post, someone wanted to see cornertime pictures. So I've gone through my collection to find some of my favorites.

She must be headed for the corner. I do like the drop-seat pajamas - that is another one of my fantasies! He throws you over his knee and doesn't have to struggle to get jeans undone and pulled down. Just undo the flap and peel it back! Must get a pair of those...........

Must be the pre-spanking lecture. I imagine she'll be back in that corner later, minus the pants.

A hot bottom on that hard wooden stool must be a real attention getter!

Just goes to show - a corner can be anywhere!

From the position of his hand, I'm guessing she is going to get some more where she stands!

I love this image of everything covered with just the cheeks peeking out. Really focuses your attention on what is going to happen.

Being lectured with a sore bottom as well. The height of disgrace!

One very red bottom on one very hard chair, left to sit and think about what she has done.

For something completely different - a more productive use of corner time. Instead of just staring at a wall after being spanked for not getting her housework done, she has to get it done with her red bottom on display. Should get the message across!

And last but not least - the classic. Who wouldn't love this?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Taking the plunge

Hubby and I were talking last night about my ideas for making jewellry, specifically pieces that might be 'secret pleasures', so to speak, for those that share our interests. I had already drawn up some designs, and last night we ordered supplies so that I can make them. I think they could be really interesting, and there doesn't seem to be much in the line of discreet 'kink' related jewellry out there. We're also planning on doing custom pieces, with initials and such, so watch this space for further developments! All suggestions welcome.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Logo for the like-minded

Some time ago, on one website or another, there was a discussion that we spankos should have a logo that would be recognized by other spankos. That way, we would have a discreet way of knowing when we were around people who shared our interests. I think this is the one! At first glance, it just looks like some kind of fraternity or sorority symbol (which it would be, in a way), and those who were not 'in the know' wouldn't think twice about it! I think a really nice lapel pin, in silver, would be perfect. Anyone else?

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Another picture series I like

He's looking very smug!

Come along, dear.

I wonder why there is no one else here?

What do you think you are doing?!

No! Ow!

Let me go, you beast!

I'm going to get a run in my stockings!

Upsy daisy!

Last time I agree to go to a motivational seminar with you!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Friday, February 01, 2008

Waving The White Flag

I have so many pictures that I have saved from the internet and thought maybe I should share some of them here. I love the ones that are in a series, showing the progression of a spanking. This set is one of my favorites.

Let's get started! A bit of a warm-up first.

Both feet up and a hand coming back! Must be getting serious now.

Oops! Panties and hose down and the white flag begins to wave.

Keep that hand back and unclench those cheeks!

Wonder where the panties landed?

Oooh - good impact shot! Someone is on their way to a well-spanked bottom. Life is as it should be.