Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I'm still here!

I know, I know - I'm a bad girl for not posting sooner! But my hubby has been gone on business more than he's been home for the last two months, and I have gone disappointingly unspanked. Hmph! He comes home tomorrow though, and I'm hoping the situation will be rectified by tomorrow night *WEG* So, in the meantime, I decided to write a story. Those who can't do and all that stuff........... Anyway, here it is. Hope you like it.

The Bad Day at his Mother’s

She sat there on the bench at the end of her mother-in-laws garden, sullenly smoking and flicking her ashes into the grass. She had retreated out there soon after their arrival and had stubbornly refused her husband’s entreaties to come back inside and visit with his mother. Even though she loved her mother-in-law, the visits always bored her silly and she usually managed to convince her husband to go without her. Today, however, he had insisted that she accompany him. The pouting had begun the minute she had flung herself into the car, and it wasn’t showing any signs of abating soon.
Sitting there starting at the ground, she was so engrossed in her black mood that she didn’t hear the back door open. She only realized she wasn’t alone when her husband’s feet stepped into her line of vision. Looking up, she gave him her best scowl and then proceeded to look past him, focusing her eyes on some distant point.
Mark sighed. “All right Leigh,” he said, “enough is enough. Please stop this immature behaviour and come inside. Mom is starting to wonder what’s wrong with you. Can’t we just have a nice visit and then go home for a nice evening? Or are you determined to spoil the entire day?” Leigh allowed her eyes to travel back to his face and then glared at him as she defiantly stuck the cigarette back between her lips. Drawing on it deeply, she held the smoke for a long moment before finally exhaling in his direction. As she slouched back on the bench and flicked her ashes sharply towards his feet, his eyes narrowed. “Well, I guess that answers my question,” he said quietly before turning and going back to the house.
“Wimp! Jerk! I’ll do what I please – he’s not going to do anything about it! Thinks he can tell me what to do! Ha! I’ll show him!” Leigh muttered to herself after he left. She had worked her way through two more cigarettes and into a self-righteous snit by the time the back door opened again. She looked up to see Mark approaching with a handful of black trash bags. He walked past her to the back gate, which he unlatched and held open. “Come on, young lady,” he ordered. “You can at least get off your butt and come help me clear out some of the trash in Mom’s garage. If we’re going to use it for storage space when we move, it has to be straightened out first.” He stood, holding the gate open, waiting. Finally, with a loud sigh of disgust, Leigh flung down her cigarette, ground it out with her heel, and flounced past him out the gate and down the back path. Shaking his head, Mark followed her.
The garage was in a secluded compound with all the other garages for his mother’s terrace of houses. The path filed along the back ends of all the gardens before opening up into a paved area. The free-standing line of garages stood along one side of this area.
Silently, Mark went to his mother’s garage and unlocked the door. He lifted it open as Leigh stood behind him, arms crossed, toes tapping impatiently on the pavement. Still not speaking, he held a trash bag out to her and motioned for her to enter the gloomy space which was lit by one small window. Snatching the bag from him, Leigh stomped past him, her feet raising small clouds in the dusty floor. She was halfway across the room when she heard the heavy door bang back shut. She whirled around to see her husband latching it.
“What are you doing?” she demanded. “How in hell are we supposed to see to straighten up in here if you close the door? You’re trapping all the dust in!” She went to the door and began banging on it, trying to find the latch.
Suddenly, Mark took her by the arm and moved her back away from the door. She began to sputter at him in anger. But before she could get a complete sentence out, her husband’s growl stopped her. “Hush up right now, young lady!” he barked. Leigh’s mouth gaped open in mid-tirade. Mark continued in a loud, stern voice. “For your information, the only thing about to get ‘straightened up’ in this garage is you, and I have plenty of light for that. You’ve been acting like a right brat all morning and it’s going to end here! It’s time you had an attitude adjustment!” As he spoke, he was moving slowly towards Leigh. She began to unconsciously back away from him, her eyes wide in disbelief. When she bumped into the side of the garage, she realized that he had her backed up against the wall and her self-preservation instinct kicked in. Planting her feet firmly, she threw back her shoulders and glared back at her husband. “Oh yeah?” she sneered. “And I suppose you think you’re going to be the one to ‘adjust’ my ‘attitude'? If I have any attitude, it’s all your fault, you know. I didn’t want to come in the first place! We wouldn't have this problem if you had left me alone.....” The defiance that had flared so brightly in her eyes began to shrink and her bravado trailed off as Mark went nose to nose with her. Or, rather, chest to nose. Her confidence failed as he silently towered over her. Before long, Leigh was no longer feeling quite so sure of herself. She broke from his gaze first and was soon twisting her hands nervously in front of her.
“That’s better,” Mark growled. “Now let’s get to that straightening up I promised you!” He pulled Leigh to him by the waistband of her jeans and began to undo the button. She shrieked and tried to jump away from him. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she hollered as she tried to slap his hands away. Mark simply grabbed both of her wrists and hung on until she stopped struggling. “I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, young lady. I’m going to take down your pants and panties, right here in this garage, and I am going to bend you over and paddle that attitude right out of that bare butt of yours….” He was interrupted by a squeal of “NOOOOO!!” and more struggling from Leigh, but he hung on tightly and continued through clenched teeth.
“Oh yes I am – make no mistake about it! I’m about to turn that white bottom of yours red and hot! You won’t be too anxious to go back to that hard bench at the end of the garden when I finish with you. That cushioned chair in Mom’s living room will look pretty inviting when your backside is sore and throbbing. Which is what it’s going to be in about 10 minutes!”
With that, Mark ignored Leigh’s shrill protests and went about the business of disciplining his errant wife. He gently pinned her to the garage wall with his shoulder and dodged her flailing hands as he unzipped and yanked her jeans down to mid-thigh. The nasty names she called him when her panties followed steeled his reserve. She tried in vain to push him away as her squealing reached a fever pitch. Mark grasped his now half-clothed wife by the arms and held her in place until she looked him in the eye. His determined and steady gaze reduced her fussing to a low whimper. When he knew she was listening, he continued.
“Now young lady, I am going to bend you over and give you the hard, bare bottom spanking you so richly deserve. You can scream if you like – the houses are far enough away and the occupants sufficiently deaf that I doubt anyone would hear you. But just to be on the safe side, you might want to keep it down.”
With that, he spun his wide-eyed wife around and quickly bent her over next to him. He wrapped his right arm around her waist and held her tightly to him as his left hand began a firm assault on her unprotected bottom. She was now screeching with every slap that echoed in the near-empty garage, but at a decidedly lower volume. Mark continued to apply swat after stinging swat. When Leigh tried to reach back to protect her burning buttocks, he simply grabbed her wrist and pulled it under her, holding it clasped in his against her belly. “Oh no you don’t missy! You know better than that! Guess we need something stronger!” He stopped spanking her long enough to reach in his back pocket and produce the wooden spoon he had appropriated from his mother’s kitchen on his way out the door. The first impact made it clear to Leigh that the stakes had just been raised. Her squeals registered the shock.
On and on, Mark paddled his wife like the naughty little girl she was, the spoon dancing across her jiggling cheeks as her feet danced on the dusty floor. Each smack flattened one of her full buttocks, which would then spring back up traitorously to receive the next resounding WHACK! The skin went pink, then red, then crimson as the heat began to rise from the surface. He kept on, waiting for the change in attitude that would signal that he was getting through to her. He heard it first in her voice. What had started out defiant and belligerent had become pleading and compliant. “Who the hell do you think you are?” had given way to “Owwww! Please sir – no more! Waaahhhh! I’m sooooory! I’ll behave, I promise!”
The next sign Mark was waiting for was one of submission. When the pleading stopped, and the struggling ceased, and the tears started, Mark gave her six final sizzling strokes, three on each cheek. They were placed down low on her sensitive sit spot and each one made her buck and wail again at his side. He continued to hold her, lightly caressing her swollen hot bottom until she stopped thrashing and stood somewhat still, her weight centered back on her own two feet.
When he finally released her, she sprang upright and both hands flew back to rub furiously at her burning bottom as she sobbed. Mark stood with his arms crossed while he waited for her to finish dancing in place. Once she had collected herself to the point of sniffling and shifting from foot to foot, he spoke to her. “All right, young lady, wipe your face, fix your hair, and pull your pants up. I’m giving you 15 minutes to compose yourself and then we are going back into the house where you are going to be polite and sociable. Then on the way home we will discuss what your evening punishment is going to be. Don’t even try to argue!” he snapped, waving away her attempts to beg him not to spank her again. “You have behaved horribly and spoiled our day. We’ll see how anxious you are to leave here when you know you have another spanking coming when we get home! Now move!”
Mark began to pick up trash from the garage floor and straighten the few items stored there. Leigh sniffed and rubbed at her eyes for a few moments. Mark heard her gasp when she finally inched her panties and jeans up over her swollen, hot bottom. “Are you ready to go inside?” he asked. Leigh nodded miserably as she looked at the floor. He had one last warning for her. Putting a finger under her chin, he lifted her head so that she had to look him in the eye. “And understand this, young lady! If you DARE to go in that house and sit and pout about what has just happened or what is going to happen later, I won’t hesitate to put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom again right there in the house! Do I make myself clear?” Leigh nodded and choked out “Yes sir” as one last tear slid down her cheek. Opening the garage door, Mark gave her another swift swat that made her yelp and sent her scurrying outside. He then closed and locked the door again. Taking his wife by the hand, he led her slowly down the path to the house.

To be continued.............................