Saturday, November 20, 2010

Well crap!

I just found out that BlogRolling is now extinct, and it has taken all my links with it! They just disappeared! So I'm now going to have to build a new Links list. At least we know they will all be active links! Grumble grumble grumble......

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Short Story

Leigh sat at her computer, checking her email and cruising the web. She had been doing the same thing when her husband Mark came in from work and greeted her. Turning her head slightly to the side to accept his ‘I’m home’ kiss to her cheek, her eyes never left the screen, so she didn’t notice the slight frown on her husband’s face. ‘I’m going up to take my shower,’ Mark said. ‘Uh-huh,’ Leigh murmured absently, her attention still on the monitor. Mark left the room and went upstairs.

A few moments later, his sharp voice snapped her back to attention. ‘Leigh, come up here please!’ Mark called. ‘Ok, in a minute!’ Leigh called back. A few moments passed. This time, Mark hollered louder and with more authority. ‘Leigh! Now!’ She looked up apprehensively, sighed, and headed up the stairs. When she entered the bedroom, Mark was standing there, arms crossed, glaring. ‘Young lady, I don’t ask a lot of you during the day. One thing I do like to see is this bed made and the room straightened up. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask!’ Leigh rolled her eyes. ‘Sorry! I didn’t get around to it today!’ She began to make the bed, first tossing the pillows to the floor and then yanking the sheets and blanket into place.

Mark continued to lecture as she pulled the covers into place. ‘You didn’t get around to it? Well, you certainly had time to play on the computer today! You could have taken five minutes earlier to do a few things around here!’ Leigh picked up the pillows and began to put them at the head of the bed, but Mark stopped her. ‘That’s not where those need to be right now, young lady!’ He pulled them from her hands and, to her chagrin, stacked them in a pile in the middle of the bed. She knew what was coming. ‘No Mark,’ she pleaded. ‘I’m really sorry! I promise I’ll do my chores from now on!’

But Mark was not to be swayed. ‘Oh, I know you will. But I think you need a little reminder of what you need to do during the day. Panties down, please, and get up over those pillows!’ Leigh groaned, trying to figure out a way to persuade Mark not to punish her. But one look at his face and she could tell it was useless. Her face flaming, she pushed her panties down to her knees and scrambled up onto the bed, throwing herself over the pillows. Mark nudged her forward until the pillows were directly under her hips and her bare bottom was pointed at the ceiling. She buried her face in the comforter, waiting for the first smack. But instead, Mark disappeared into the bathroom. She heard water running, and then a moment later, gave a start as she felt the hot wet washcloth laid across her bottom. ‘You just lay there while I take my shower,’ Mark ordered as he left the room.

Leigh squirmed as the washcloth heated up her tender skin. She knew that a spanking on a warm, wet bottom would just sting even more. Her bottom tingled, as if the nerve endings in her buttocks were waking up, exploding across the surface of her skin. Whimpering, she began to clench her bottom, nervously anticipating the further explosions of whatever implement Mark decided to use on her.

She was jerked back to the moment when Mark came out of the bathroom and snatched the washcloth off of her butt. The cool air of the room hitting her warm bottom made goosebumps race across her cheeks. Looking back, she saw her husband wrapped in a towel, still damp from his shower. The storm warnings still showed on his face, so she quickly put her face back down on the bed. The noise of water running again caught her attention. She squealed as she felt Mark pull her bottom cheeks apart. He had soaked the washcloth again and this time, he held the cloth over her and squeezed it, letting the water drip down into her exposed crack and flow down between her legs. He then swiped the sodden cloth back and forth over her butt, leaving it glistening wet before tossing the cloth back in the bathroom.

Leigh was still squirming from the feel of the water when the first blow fell. She yelped, her head whipping up into the air as the acrylic paddle made contact. The sting started in a stripe across the middle of her bottom, and then seemed to radiate outward. Five more rapid hard smacks of the paddle fell, each one hitting a new pink target and quickly turning it red. Leigh was already gasping and drumming her feet when he paused after swat number six. He spoke in a low voice, making sure he had her attention.

‘Now, young lady, why are you getting paddled?’ he asked. When she didn’t answer right away, he laid down another stripe with the paddle. ‘Ow!’ she yelped. ‘Because I didn’t make the bed and get my chores done!’ ‘That’s what you didn’t do,’ he growled. ‘You’re also getting spanked because of what you did do. Now tell me what that was,’ he ordered. Again, he punctuated his question with another sharp smack of the paddle. ‘YEOW!’ Leigh yelled. ‘I’m sorry - I spent too much time playing on the computer! I’m really sorry - it won’t happen again!’ Mark lightly tapped her bottom with the paddle as he answered her. ‘That’s right. So right now you are going to be spanked for not doing your work and wasting time on the computer.’ Leigh didn’t like the sound of ‘right now’ as it has ominous connotations of further punishment to come, but she didn’t have much time to reflect on that. Mark had sat down on the bed beside her and wrapped one arm around her waist to hold her in place. Never a good sign.

The paddle began to fall, hard and fast swats sounding like rifle shots in the quiet room. Leigh’s cries soon joined the fray, getting louder as Mark paddled, tightly holding her as she began to kick and buck over the pillows. Swat after swat, crack after crack, howl after howl, the smacks rained down on Leigh’s tender back side. She could feel the heat rising as the sting and pain spread. When she tried to reach back to protect her bottom, Mark simply grabbed her wrist and pinned her arm to her side. Her other hand could only grab fistfuls of the comforter and hang on for dear life. She squealed, she pleaded, she kicked, she even swore, but none of it had any effect on Mark. He continued to paddle until she no longer fought against him, her body collapsing onto the bed as she sobbed into the covers.

Mark finally laid down the paddle and sat next to Leigh, gently rubbing her flaming skin. When she finally raised her head and wiped the tears from her cheeks, he stood and held out his hand. Helping her to her feet, he then turned her towards the wall. ‘Corner. Now!’ he instructed. Leigh scurried to do as she was told. She knew the drill. Panties still at knees, hands clasped behind her back to hold up her shirt, red bottom on display as she pushed her nose against the cool wall. Once Mark had dried off and dressed himself, he went downstairs, leaving Leigh to think about her naughty behavior until he called her to come down. She knew better than to complain.

After about 15 minutes, she heard him calling her. ‘Leigh, come down here please. And leave the panties down!’ Awkwardly, she shuffled down the stairs, her eyes never leaving the floor as she followed the sound of his voice and finally stood before him in the kitchen. He pulled out the hard wooden chair at the kitchen table and motioned for her to sit down. She did so, wincing as her sore bottom made contact with the unyielding seat of the chair. Mark slapped a pad of paper and a pen down in front of her. ‘Write this down,’ he ordered. Leigh picked up the pen and wrote as Mark dictated:

‘I will not touch my computer for the next two days and I will do all my chores like a good girl.’

Leigh’s stammered protests at the pronouncement of her punishment did nothing to sway Mark. All he said before he walked away was, ’50 times, young lady! And neatly!’ Leigh began to pout, her chin propped defiantly on one fist, but she did as she was told. For nearly an hour, the only sounds from the kitchen were the scratching of pen on paper, and the occasional shift of a sore bottom on a chair, accompanied by a soft ‘oh!’ as a tender spot made contact with wood. Finally, she laid down the pen and sat quietly, her hands folded in her lap as she waited for Mark to come back and check her work. ‘Are you done?’ he called from the living room. ‘Yes sir,’ she answered respectfully. Mark soon stood behind her. She could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck as he leaned over her to check her sentences. He finally nodded his approval and allowed her to stand. A kiss and a hug, followed by her panties being returned to their rightful position, let Leigh know that all was forgiven. However, the fact that her laptop was now missing from the table next to her chair let her know that it was not forgotten. She sighed - it was going to be a long 48 hours.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Hope all of you dads out there have a good day. It's been almost seven years since I lost my Dad, but I still think of him all the time and miss him like crazy. Love you Daddy!

Friday, June 18, 2010

OMG - 5 Years!?

I just went back to the beginning of this blog to see when I started it - I had forgotten. And I was amazed to see that my first post was May 1st of 2005! I had read on another blog that she had been there for 4 1/2 years and that she thought that was ancient for a blogger. So I guess that makes me an old lady - LOL! Granted, there have been times when I disappeared for a while, but I think that happens to all of us. And there are lots of other bloggers who have been around longer than me. But even though there hasn't been anything earth-shattering or particularly prolific posted on this website, I still thought it was worth a little Happy Anniversary post to me. I'm glad to still be here and still plugging away at TTWD.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I don't know if it's just that time of year, or what, but I seem to be obsessed with spanking the last few days. Trolling the internet for hours, watching videos, looking at toys, searching out new links, etc. Somehow it just seems like I've seen it all and there's nothing new out there. If anyone has stumbled upon any really good links lately, let me know!

I just watched the last half of Apollo 13 on TV. That's one of those movies I've seen a thousand times but I'll still surf to it anytime I catch it on. And, as always, I'm in tears during that scene of reentry! Hey, at least Ron Howard can make me cry right now - hee hee hee!

Just played Aces Up on for a while. Earned a new rank - Miss B. Haven! Sheesh - everything I do right now I manage to find some sort of spanking connection.

Ok - enough of this for now. There is housework that needs to be done (haven't done the dishes or made the bed yet!) so I guess I should tear myself away from this laptop and get to it. (Heh - laptop - I can think of another laptop I'd like to be on - STOP!) Hopeless. Catch you all later! (Oh, and I checked all my Blogroll links, removed any dead ones, and added a bunch of new ones, so check them out!)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vintage Fun!

This one is a bit difficult as it is in black and white, but still worth the effort!

A Spanking Code

I'm thinking that maybe what we need in this house is some sort of code for "I'm feeling out of sorts and really need you to take charge and give me a good old fashioned spanking". But I'm no good at just asking for one (as most women aren't). Maybe a sort of 'code' would work. I'm debating suggesting to hubby that we set up a couple of things that I 'have' to do everyday - say, make the bed and do the dishes. Since I don't work outside the home, this is far from unreasonable. I do lots of other things around the house every day. But these could be the trigger chores. When I feel the need, I could just 'forget' to do one of these things. Oh - here comes the fantasy; follow along and insert your own mental pictures.

He comes home and sees the kitchen is still a mess. I hear 'Young lady, come here!' A lump in my throat, I follow his voice to the kitchen. 'Why aren't these dishes done?' he demands. I stammer and mutter something about not having time. 'You're home all day, missy. You have time to load the dishwasher and clean up around here!' He pulls out a kitchen chair, pushes me down over the back of it, yanks down my panties, grabs a wooden spoon, and smacks my bottom with it until I am yelping and promising to do better. Then I have to do the dishes - by hand! - with my panties still down, red backside on display while he watches. Then to the corner to think about my sorry excuses. Oh my - is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

Or now - fade to bedroom. He has gone up after work to change clothes and finds the bed in disarray. 'Young lady, come up here right now!' he bellows from upstairs. I trudge up the steps. 'Yes sir?' I squeak. 'Why didn't you make the bed today?' I stutter out an apology and claim I forgot. 'You forgot? Well, maybe you need a reminder!' I am made to lay across the messy bed, my face in the wadded up bedspread and a stack of pillows under my hips. (I protest, but am of course told that if the pillows had been where they belonged, I wouldn't be in this position.) Panties are pulled down and his trusty paddle is applied repeatedly to my bottom. When I am suitably toasted, I have to make the bed with my panties still down so he can see his handiwork. Then I am sent to the corner to stand with my hands on my head while he showers and changes clothes.

Hmmmmmmm........ what? Oh sorry - I'm back now. *Sigh* If only it would work and if only I could be sure he would be consistent about it. Something to think about and maybe I'll get the nerve up to suggest it!

Oh shit - what if I really did just forget to make the bed one day and wasn't trying to send any signals? Oh well - guess I'd just have to suck it up and take my punishment like a good little wife. Can't have a dominant, take-no-shit hubby if I'm calling all the shots. And maybe it would rub off in other situations - sometimes he asks me to do things, and when I don't get them done and give some excuse, he just accepts it and doesn't fuss at me. Then I feel guilty - I'd feel better if he would put his foot down and spank me when I don't do what I'm supposed to. I am definitely one who needs more motivation and less spoiling! Actually, I have never had a REAL 'you're getting a spanking whether you want one or not because you deserve it' spanking, so I don't really know how I'd react to it. But I'd like to find out! Ok - I'm rambling now as I'm thinking off the top of my head. Fairly sure you don't care to read that, so I'll stop now. Later!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Time Out For Grown Up Brats!

Now here's one that could really catch on! It was originally advertised on a UK site called Firebox. (Check out the description page on the link. Quite funny.) The Brits are very big on April Fools Day pranks, and Firebox always sends out emails offering weird stuff that doesn't really exist. But I think they are missing out on a good thing here! I bet they could sell lots of these in the spanko world. Maybe get SuperNanny to endorse a whole line of stuff..................

A note on the Brit sense of humor and their April Fools jokes - they actually go to great lengths for these pranks. They advertise them on the BBC. One year it was an announcement that the spaghetti crop had failed that year. Another year it was a beautifully done ad for a documentary on a new discovery - flying penguins. They manage to suck a lot of people in.

And then I found this cartoon that just had to go along with this!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I Must Have An Acrylic Fetish!

This seems to be a theme for me right now - spanking-related acrylics. I really want to try out this paddle from CANE-IAC - it's called The Timothy. 2" wide, 20" long, and 1/4" thick. It reminds me of a ruler, and I get a rush from those, too. Must be something about the idea of a teacher/student disciplinary episode. I have always liked pictures of spankings with clear acrylic paddles as you can see what is going on as the paddle impacts the bottom. Of course, I don't know why that aspect of it would appeal to me as I want it used on me and I certainly can't see my own butt as it is being spanked! Guess I just hope that that view would be as appealing to my hubby as it is to me. Rulers also represent spontaneity to me - an exasperated husband grabs his bratty wife, bends her over, and paddles her with the first thing he can get his hands on - a ruler off his desk! Fast and furious, hot and stingy.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The Perfect Chair

I was just zipping around the internet, and something caught my eye (I forget what - my mind jumps around to weird associations and in the end, I can't remember how I got from point A to point B) that eventually got me to thinking about freshly spanked bottoms on display. If you have to do cornertime after you have been spanked, but don't like to stand, wouldn't this be the perfect chair? We would be able to do our time sitting down, and our spanker would still have the benefit of being able to see his handiwork - a flaming red bottom pushed up against that clear surface! And we all know that pressing just-spanked skin against a hard surface helps to hold in all that heat and sting - makes the effects last longer. Must start shopping for this or something similar now.............................

Friday, May 07, 2010

Not Much To Report!

I'm still around. If there's anyone out there who feels the need to spank me for not being more communicative, applications are being taken! Just kidding. Life has been hectic. Good, but hectic. Hubby has not been up to sexual escapades for a while, and since he connects spanking with sexual activity, well, you do the math. But I'm not unhappy. Funny how that works out. When you're both not in the mood, it's not a problem. It's actually kind of great. So you could say we're taking a break and just happy to be in each others company right now. Of course, summer is almost here, so the mood may strike us anytime now. Hope you all are having a glorious spring!