Thursday, June 03, 2010

Time Out For Grown Up Brats!

Now here's one that could really catch on! It was originally advertised on a UK site called Firebox. (Check out the description page on the link. Quite funny.) The Brits are very big on April Fools Day pranks, and Firebox always sends out emails offering weird stuff that doesn't really exist. But I think they are missing out on a good thing here! I bet they could sell lots of these in the spanko world. Maybe get SuperNanny to endorse a whole line of stuff..................

A note on the Brit sense of humor and their April Fools jokes - they actually go to great lengths for these pranks. They advertise them on the BBC. One year it was an announcement that the spaghetti crop had failed that year. Another year it was a beautifully done ad for a documentary on a new discovery - flying penguins. They manage to suck a lot of people in.

And then I found this cartoon that just had to go along with this!