Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't Miss Out.........

Just a reminder - check out the two books on the left side of my page! These are truly amazing. For anyone in (or who wants to be in) a Domestic Discipline relationship, these should be read start to finish - and then read again. I learned a lot from them, and hubby did too. I had almost given up hope that this lifestyle would ever become a reality. You see, hubby is a spanko really only interested in the sexual type of spanking. I crave the discipline side. We were butting heads because he didn't want to punish me, and I had dug in my heels and decided that if I wasn't going to get what I needed, then screw it, I just wasn't interested in any of it. Then these books came along. Hubby has read How To Give A Spanking - found it most enlightening! No, it's not an instant fix, but it sure opened the lines of communication and helped him see what it means for me and what's in it for him. I was then able to explain to him that if I were getting what I needed on the discipline side, I would probably be more receptive to the other types also (a true example of 'what's good for the goose is REALLY good for the gander'!). That seemed to spark his interest quite a bit! (Also told him his male friends - spanko or not - would ask him what was wrong with him if he told them he had a wife who was willing to be spanked for bad behavior but he didn't want to do it - LOL!) The hardest part of all this seems to be starting the conversation. These books will help you do that, and then give you lots of guidelines on where it can go from there. Can't recommend them enough - just click on the link on the top left for the Variant website and check them out!

Also, I had posted earlier that my spanking the other night didn't go well and you asked why. He waited 14 hours after telling me I was getting the spanking (and wondered why I didn't eat a bite of food all day!), and then it was a five minute, over the edge of the bed spanking (during which he was chuckling!), followed by him saying good night and going to bed. Ugh. The 14 hour wait was agony, not only because of the anticipation, but also because I began to think he wasn't going to follow through. Then he chuckles during it, when what I really needed was a bit of a telling off. And to top it all off, being dismissed after 5 minutes and him going to bed did not make me feel like he was giving it (or me) the serious attention it needed. Yes, I wanted the lecture, the being put in a corner to think about it. I certainly didn't want to be the one last chore of the day before he went to bed - I felt somewhat abandoned. So anyway, after he read the above mentioned book and we started talking, I was able to explain all this to him. Hopefully, they will get better from here.