Friday, October 14, 2011

Now THAT'S A Proper Discipline Spanking!

I like the look he gives the camera at the end after he asks if he's ever going to have to spank her again and she says no. His look is 'yeah - right'! I've watched this one about 20 times. *sigh*

Missing out...........

I just spent some time going back through my older posts, and found that there were comments there I had never seen - ones that people have posted recently and I haven't gone back to look since I didn't know they were there! So I apologize if you posted a comment and I didn't see it! Maybe if you post one on an older post, you could leave me a message in the chat box on the left of the screen - like 'comment on (date) post'! I do read over any new messages in the chat box. I hope some of my readers from the past are stopping back by to see the new stuff.