Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Fantasizing again.........................................

Well, it's been a month since I've been here. Over that month, spanking desires have waned for a while, but they're back now - woohoo! We had company for a week so that kind of put a hold on everything. First we spent a week getting ready for them, then a week with them here, and then a few days to recuperate. One night while they were here, I did get a whispered promise that the first night after they left, I was in for a 'really good spanking, young lady', but so far that hasn't materialized. And that was 6 days ago! Oh well, so I've been left to my own devises. I sometimes wonder what the cat thinks when he sees me playing by myself - LOL! But I just forget about him and imagine my husband's voice. In today's fantasy, he ordered me to lower my pants and panties and lay on my side on the bed with my top knee pulled up. After informing me that I was being a little too cranky for his taste and he wanted to be sure I wasn't sick, the thermometer was lubed, the cheek lifted, and the large glass rod inserted slooooooooly into my bottom. I had to lay there and watch the clock for five long minutes while he twirled the tube and told me about the punishment I was going to get if it turned out that I wasn't ill, just being a brat. I knew I wasn't ill, and the knowledge of what I was going to get when he found out made me try to twist out of his grasp. Every squirm earned me a sharp slap on my exposed butt, which was soon pink. The traitorous thermometer was finally removed and gave its verdict - brat. While firmly lecturing me about my naughty behavior, he piled two pillows next to me and rolled me over onto them so my hips were raised and my bare behind was in the air. He proceeded to redden my bottom some more until I was yelping, one of his hands applying pressure to the small of my back to hold me in place, the other rising and falling at a rapid rate as he covered my bottom and upper thighs with hard smacks. When I pulled the definitive no-no and threw my hands back to try to protect myself, he simply captured both my hands in his one and pinned them to the small of my back. As extra punishment for that, he picked up the wooden ping pong paddle from the nightstand and really began to whale away on my backside, flattening the jiggling hot globes with every swat, again and again until my howled promises to be a good girl from now on joined the loud cracks of the paddle. My stinging cheeks were then pulled apart and the little pink butt plug was unceremoniously planted deep in my bottom and I was told to stand up. My panties were pulled up with the seat yanked up between my cheeks like a thong to hold the plug in place. After bending me over the edge of the bed so that my butt was again raised in offering, it was time for a few stinging swats with the wooden hairbrush which soon had me dancing in place and loudly renewing my vows of good behavior. Then it was into the corner for a little display time with my Tshirt pulled up and pants still down, no rubbing allowed as the heat rose from my swollen fanny. And just to make it a little more difficult, he placed a quarter on the wall and I had to hold it there with my nose! Finally, I was led to the computer and plunked down in the chair on my still bare, still hot, still sore, still plugged bottom to type up this account. He's reading over my shoulder, telling me to be sure that I let you know that since I have been such a naughty girl, there will be another bare-bottomed bedtime spanking tonight with more corner time, and this time, instead of a silicone plug, there will be ginger root involved!
WHEW! Ok, so there you have it. All fiction - well, most of it. And I'm not going to say which parts aren't fiction at this moment *wink*! Now I just have to see if I can make the other parts a reality. Hmmmm, maybe tonight?