Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Put Down That Book and Read This Review Instead!

So - have you read 50 Shades of Grey? I will admit it - I read all three. Well, read the first one. Sorta skimmed the other two. Then, I found it. The review that could have saved me a whole lotta time and money! (Well, money anyway. I spent a LOT of time reading this review!) Did you like the book? Hate the book? Be forewarned - this reviewer hated it. Wanted it dead, along with all the characters, the writer, and everyone the writer ever met. But regardless of how you felt about the book, this review will make you laugh, maybe cry, maybe even pee a little. If it doesn't, you are dead. At least to me. Because this chick has the same twisted sense of humor that I do, so if you don't, my blog is not the place for you in the first place! So settle in, cozy up to the computer, put all liquids out of arms reach (you don't want to spit-take into the computer screen), and, in case you missed the earlier link, CLICK HERE! The link is to the first post of the review. Then read backwards through the blog (we all know how these blogs work, right?). You want anything that says 50-something-or-other. Then drop her a line and let her know you enjoyed it. Then drop ME a line and let me know if you enjoyed it. Or if you didn't. Or what the weather is like where you are. Or whatever. My comments are a little quiet lately and we all know that I am the consummate comment whore. (Enough shameless begging.) Enjoy!