Thursday, May 05, 2011

Just a quick story -

I'm in one of those moods. Three guesses what kind of mood, and the first two guesses don't count - LOL! Anyway, this is just a quick one I jotted down. My fantasy of the strong, in control man. *sigh*

Mark stood by the side of the bed, looking down at his sleeping wife. It was 5:30am, and he often woke Leigh briefly to kiss her goodbye before he left for work. But he had other plans for her this morning. She was curled up on her side, her back to him. Mark eased the blankets back and sat down next to her. Wrapping one arm around her waist and slipping his hand under her hip, he gently pulled her tight to his side, lifting her bottom slightly towards his lap.

Leigh slowly roused from her sleep. Her eyes fluttered, then snapped open as she realized she seemed to be pinned in place. She began to struggle but relaxed again as she felt her husband lightly tracing his fingers over her pantied bottom. Snuggling against him, she giggled a bit, and then said in a sleepy voice, ‘All right, buster, but you’re going to be late for work!’ Again she attempted to roll towards him, but he held her in place. A funny feeling began to swirl around in her tummy, and she tried pulling away instead. But he still held her. The fog cleared and she was now on high alert as he peeled her panties away from her bottom and the cool morning air blew over her bare skin.

‘No, I’m not going to be late,’ he growled at her, his hot hand cupping her cheek, then leaving trails of heat as he rubbed it across her bared behind. ‘This won’t take long. Now, young lady, how long has it been since you’ve had a good spanking?’ Leigh gasped. What a question to be woken up with! She made another attempt at wiggling away from him. Mark responded with a sharp slap to her bottom. ‘Answer me!’he ordered. She yelped. ‘Ow! Ok! A long time!’ Mark rubbed some more. ‘And do you agree that it’s about high time that this naughty bottom was taught a lesson?’ More wiggling from Leigh, and a volley of hard slaps from Mark. ‘Owwwww! Yes, sir! I have been a brat and I deserve a spanking!‘ Leigh howled. ‘Just as I thought,’ her husband said. ‘And your behavior has reflected that fact. I’ve let you get away with a lot lately, but that is going to be rectified tonight. I’ve left you instructions on the kitchen table, and I expect them to be followed. For now, I’m just giving you a preview of what’s to come.’ His hand rose and fell on Leigh’s squirming bottom a dozen more times. A short pause, and then she began to protest loudly as she felt the sting of the wooden hairbrush as he paddled her with another twelve hard strokes. She was panting when he stopped, and rolled over to face him when he released her and stood up, her hands beneath her, clutching her heated cheeks.

He looked down at her, a bemused grin playing across his mouth as she glared up at him. Bending down, he gave her a quick kiss on her pouty lips. ‘I love you. Behave, and do as I’ve told you in the note. I’ll know if you do or not!’ he warned before walking out of the room, leaving her to stew over his words as she tried in vain to return to sleep.

She tossed and turned in the bed. The warmth in her bottom and his words in her ear were making any attempts to close her eyes futile. Finally, she pounded the mattress in frustration and sat up. A glance at the clock only made her more irritable. 7am! Damn him - a perfectly good sleep-in, ruined. Throwing off the covers, she stretched and rolled out of the bed.

When she arrived downstairs a few minutes later, she could see the sheet of paper laying on the kitchen table. The note! She hesitated, then approached it with growing trepidation. Picking it up, she began to read:

‘Dear Leigh,

As we have already discussed, you have been very naughty lately. We will address that when I get home this afternoon. I suggest that you prepare yourself, because when I am done with you, you are going to be properly punished and ready to behave for the foreseeable future.’

Leigh’s hand unconsciously went behind her, rubbing her bottom as she continued to read.

‘A few things for you to do today. Get your chores done, please. A tidy house will go a long way towards shortening your punishment tonight. Your attire for the day will be a t-shirt and panties. I want the panties down below your butt and your t-shirt above it; pin it up if you have to. That bare bottom is to be where I can see it.’

Leigh gave a snort. ‘Yeah, right, buddy!’ she thought. ‘In your dreams! Like you’re gonna know.’ The next sentence stopped her in her tracks and she felt a cold chill.

‘I have set up the old nanny cam. If you disable it in any way, I will get out the cane. I will be checking in from time to time, so I suggest you do as you are told. I knew that old camera would come in handy one day.’

Leigh looked around wildly. A quick search of the downstairs revealed the nanny cam on top of the bookshelf in the family room, aimed so it could see most of the downstairs of their house. She stared in disbelief at the little glowing red light, indicating that it was on and that he could be looking at her right that moment. He must have been planning this for days! With shaking hands, she finished reading the note.

‘Yes, I will be able to see you and I will be checking in on you from time to time. So I suggest you behave and do as I say. You are also to sit down at some point and write me a note, explaining how you have been getting away with too much and why you deserve to be punished like a naughty little girl. Suggestions on how you will be better in the future and what form your spanking should take will be taken under consideration. Now, get busy, and I will be in touch later if necessary.

I love you.


Leigh put the note down, taking deep breaths as she tried to steady her nerves. Sinking down into the nearest chair, she put her head in her hands as she tried to clear her head and focus. Her brain whirled as she considered what to do first. That question was soon answered for her. Her cell phone vibrated on the counter behind her. Jumping up, she grabbed it and saw there was a text message from Mark. It said simply, ‘Get moving. You’re not dressed properly.’ The pit of her stomach flipped. He was already watching! With a last glare in the direction of the nanny cam, she flew up the stairs to change.

Getting dressed hadn’t involved much, but it hadn’t been easy. Putting on a t-shirt, she had looked in the mirror and realized with dismay that it hung down over her bottom. Taking it back off, she found a safety pin and lifted the bottom hem of the shirt, pinning it in place about half way up her back. She slipped it on again and checked the mirror. With shaking hands, she eased her panties down to just below her butt. Her round bottom was now perfectly framed and on display. After delaying as much as she dared, she made her way back downstairs. Now feeling defiant, she marched into the family room, arched her bare butt towards the camera, and looked back over her shoulder, sticking out her tongue. ‘Big meany,’ she grumbled out loud as she straightened up and walked away.

Her victory was short-lived. In the kitchen, her cell phone vibrated again. Oh shit! Was he going to watch her every minute, she wondered in a panic? There was another text message. ‘I saw that. You’re not doing yourself any favors. Go into the family room to the corner across from the camera. Nose to the wall, hands on your head. I’ll text you when you can come out. Move!’ Leigh gave a sigh of frustration. Dragging her feet, she walked into the family room. She gave one last glance at the traitorous red light and then moved to the corner. Placing her nose to the wall and lacing her hands together on top of her head, she stood and waited. And waited. And waited.

It seemed like he left her there for an eternity. Finally, her phone buzzed. ‘You can come out now.’ Glancing at the clock, she realized he had only made her stand there for 15 minutes. She never realized a quarter of an hour could seem so long! ‘Guess I’d better get busy,’ she thought in resignation.

The next couple of hours passed quickly as she worked around the house. After a while, she even forgot that her bottom was on display to him as she cleaned and dusted and tidied. Before long, she had the bedroom, kitchen and family room sparkling. ‘I think that should be enough to make him happy,’ she decided. Going to the family room, she curled up in her chair and settled in with her laptop.

After the usual surfing of Facebook and email, she found herself wandering into her favorite spanking sites. A few videos of women getting put over their husband’s knees and soundly paddled soon gave her an odd tingling in her backside. She began to squirm in her chair, a bit uncomfortable by the thought that watching someone get a painful spanking like the one she herself would soon be receiving was turning her on. She couldn’t stop watching the women kick and cry and promise to be good even though she knew it would shortly be her in that same position. She was pondering this situation when her phone blared again, shaking her out of her daze.

‘You’re spending too much time on that computer. And I don’t know why you’d want to watch other bad girls being punished - you’ll be getting it soon enough. Back in that corner - now!’ She gasped in disbelief. That rat! He must be monitoring her computer, too! The nanny cam didn’t have sound, so he couldn’t have heard anything. That’s what she got for marrying an IT genius. Getting up, she stomped back to the corner and assumed the position, fuming but knowing she had no choice as he was surely keeping an eye on her!

This time she could tell he was really pissed off at her. It was a full half hour before the next text message. She was starting to sway from side to side, her feet getting tired, before he took pity on her. ‘You can come out. Go write that note to me. And you’d better make it good - you are in big trouble!’ Leigh hurried to collect a pen and paper, and then sat down at the kitchen table. She thought for a few moments, and then began to write. Her hand shook as she forced out the words she needed to write and he needed to hear.

‘Dear Mark,

I know that I have been a very bad girl, and I am very sorry. I have been lazy and disrespectful to you. You have every right to be angry with me. I will try to do better in the future. My chores and my attitude will be better, I promise. I know that I deserve to be punished, and that you are only doing it for my own good and because you love me. I love you too, and I love that you are willing to spank me to keep me in line and be the best person I can be.

I know that I am going to get my bare bottom paddled, and I will accept whatever punishment you decide is appropriate. You did ask me what form I thought it should take. Please, no cane or strap? I can’t take much of that, and I think that this time, I need a long, hard spanking to pay for my behavior. Maybe your hand, the hairbrush, or the ruler? I will go to the corner if sent, or write lines if ordered. Whatever you decide is best.

Thank you for taking care of me. I love you,


With a sigh, she laid down the pen. Her impending punishment was now all too real, and she could only sit in wonder and dread at how Mark would decide to deal with her. Her cell phone buzzed one last time. ‘I’m leaving work now. Go to the corner and wait for me…………….’

The Nanny

The other day, I was watching an old episode of 'The Nanny'. Ok, kind of half watching it. But a scene soon caught my attention! Fran had done something mildly illegal and ended up in court. Maxwell was there with her trying to get her out of trouble. He did, and got fined himself in the process. As they were leaving the court room, he was lecturing Fran on her behavior. He fussed at her, and Fran responded that he was being a real turn-off. He fussed again, and she said he was still being a turn-off. Finally, he told her she was grounded. Her reply - 'Grounded?! You can't ground me! Why don't you just turn me over your knee and ---- oh! We're back to turn-ons!' LOL! Sure to catch the ear of any spanko. Sure are seeing a lot more references to spanking on mainstream TV. Bring it on!