Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Short Story

Just something I put together this afternoon. Hope you like it!

Mark stood at the kitchen sink, looking down at the dish in his hand, fuming. “What am I doing?” he asked himself incredulously. He had come home from work not fifteen minutes ago. Leigh had been sitting at her computer and barely acknowledged him. She only grunted when he said hello and dropped a kiss on her head in greeting. He had walked through the house as he put his things from work away for the night. Everywhere he looked, it appeared that a bomb had gone off. Clothes lying around, dirty dishes in the sink, beds not made, the plants for the flower bed he had dug for her still sitting in their pots, wilting. Every question he tried to ask her was met with a mumble, a sigh, or an evasive answer. He had given up and started to clean up the kitchen when he found himself staring at the aforementioned dish. “Enough is enough,” he muttered. Putting the dish back down, he went back and stood behind Leigh.

“Leigh, would you come with me please? I need to talk to you.” Leigh just grunted again and waved her hand at him dismissively. “I’m in the middle of something,” she snarled. “Give me a minute.” Mark caught her waving arm at the wrist and yanked her from her seat. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” she shrieked as he proceeded to pull her towards the living room. “I told you I was busy!” “Yeah, you’re going to be real busy in a few minutes, and it won’t be playing some game on the computer!” Mark retorted in reply. Leigh was still sputtering and struggling when Mark sat down on the straight-backed chair by the front window and pulled Leigh to him until she was standing between his knees. He grabbed both her wrists and held her hands in place down by her hips, his legs pinning her to the spot. He waited until she stopped fighting him. She stood there, glaring down at him. “What do you want?” she demanded, her forehead pulled down and eyebrows pulled together in a classic pout.

“First off, I want you to lose that attitude, young lady!” he growled at her. He watched the look of defiance on her face fade to one of shock, her eyes widening. She knew she was in trouble when he called her ‘young lady’. As he calmly stared back at her, the look of shock changed again to apprehension. A few more moments of stern silence from Mark, and she began to shift uncomfortably. When her eyes finally unlocked from his and drifted down to focus on the floor, he knew she was ready to listen.

“Now, we need to have a ‘discussion’ about a couple of things. One of them is what you do around here during the day, and the other is about your tone of voice when I try to talk to you.” Leigh bit her lip. She knew when he put that emphasis on the word ‘discussion’ that it really meant he was going to warm up her backside. She hunched over and tried to shimmy away from her, but he held tight, keeping her pinned in place. “You’re not going anywhere except over my knee, little girl, so stop it!” he warned. Even though she knew it was useless, Leigh couldn’t help giving a squeak and trying again to pull away. Mark sighed. “Ok, fine. If you can’t stand there and talk to me face to face, you can do it face to bottom.” Moving faster than Leigh could blink or protest, he turned her sideways and flipped her over so that her head was suddenly down by the floor and her bottom was high in the air, propped up by his right leg. He then crossed his legs at the ankles, pinning her lower half between them. She tried to arch up to get away, but he just wrapped one arm around her waist with his elbow in the small of her back, holding her in place until she stopped squirming.

A few awkward moments passed. Leigh finally gave up and went limp over his knee. “Are you ready to listen to me, young lady?” Mark asked quietly. With an embarrassed groan, Leigh mumbled, ‘”Yes sir.” “Good!” Mark replied. He began to lecture her, his hand at first resting on her pantied bottom, then rubbing it lightly as he began to speak. “Now you know that I have NEVER demanded anything of you, isn’t that right?” He waited a moment for her answer. When none came, he gave her a swift smack to her left cheek. “Ow!” she yelped. “Yes sir!” His hand went back to rubbing. “That’s right. Even though you don’t work outside the house, I have never demanded that you do any specific chores or keep this house in a certain way. In the past, you’ve been pretty good about it. But now that summer is here, you seem to have slipped into this lazy mood, and all you want to do is play on the computer and watch TV. Then when I try to talk to you, you snap at me like I’m an inconvenience in your life. Well, enough is enough. Things need to change and you obviously need a little motivation.” Leigh had been somewhat lulled by his even voice as he chastised her, but she began to struggle anew as she felt him stop rubbing and begin peeling her panties down off her bottom. Her resistance was met by a flurry of stinging slaps to her backside. “Young lady, be still or I will get the cane!” Mark ordered as he spanked her gyrating cheeks. At the threat of the cane, Leigh abruptly stopped her struggle and slumped back down in resignation.

“That’s better,” Mark said as he finished sliding her panties down until they rested across her thighs. Her bottom cheeks weren’t burning yet, but she could feel the ones on her face flaming already as she lay there across his lap, her naked buttocks offered up for his punishment. His hand rested again on her skin. “So from now on, there are going to be some expectations around here. I want the bed made every day. I want the kitchen cleaned up. I want to see you make an effort to get dressed in something besides a T-shirt and panties, or I will take it as an invitation, as I have now, to take them down and paddle your butt. Is that understood?” On the last syllable of the last word, his hand placed an exclamation point on her bottom. “Ow!” Leigh squealed. “Yes sir!” “I also will assign you some things to do occasionally, like those plants that you didn’t put out after I worked so hard digging you the flower bed you wanted, and are now in danger of dying since they haven’t been put in the ground yet. Is that clear?” This time, the last three words were punctuated by hard smacks to her butt. “Yeow! Ok! Yes, I’ll do as I’m told!” she wailed.

Mark took a moment to reposition her and grip her tightly around her waist. She groaned at his next words. “Give me your hand.” She didn’t want to, but knew he would only be madder if she didn’t obey. Slowly, she lifted her outside hand up to her side. He gripped her wrist and held it tightly to her side. She was trapped - her legs pinned, her upper body held down by his elbow, her hand held securely to her side so she couldn’t throw it back to protect her bottom. That only meant one thing. She didn’t have long to wait.

“We are now going to talk about your attitude” was the only preamble she got before he began to spank her bare bottom, his hand rising and falling in time to his words. “I don’t” *smack* “appreciate” *whack* “being snapped at” *crack* “when I ask you” *slap* “a simple” *whack* “question!” *spank* “Your attitude” *smack* “is going” *whack* to change!” *crack* “Is” *slap* “that” *spank* “understood?” *swat* Before Leigh could screech out an answer, Mark administered a further fast volley of a dozen hard licks to her now bucking behind. “O w ow ow!” she howled. “Yes sir, I understand!” Mark was about to lift her to her feet, but Leigh hadn’t yet learned when to shut her mouth. “Now let me up, damnit!” she demanded. Mark’s eyebrows went up as he looked down at his wife. “You know, you’re not exactly in a position to order me around,” he told her drily as he tightened his grip on her and calmly reached into the drawer of the end table next to him. He drew out the flat-backed hairbrush he kept there in case of an emergency. A smart-mouthed wife qualified as an emergency.

Leigh stiffened as he rubbed the smooth brush over her already-burning butt cheeks. She realized - too late - that she had gone too far. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” she blurted out. “Please not the brush! No - I’ll be good! I promise! I didn’t mean it! I’m really - aaahhhhhhh!” she began to yell as Mark brought the hairbrush down onto her sore bottom. Again and again he spanked, each stroke flattening Leigh’s round cheeks upon impact. Her cries became one long wail, broken only by the occasional gasp as she sucked in air between sobs. She now knew what he had meant when he told her earlier that she was going to be busy, and she didn’t like it one little bit. Crying and squirming over her husband’s knee was not her idea of a good time. Well, not when she was in trouble, anyway. When she finally ran out of strength and went limp over his lap, Mark stopped and laid the hairbrush to the side.

When Leigh had calmed down, Mark directed her to her feet so that she was once again facing him. But the defiance was now gone, and she stood with her head hanging down, sniffling and wiping away the tears from her face. Her backside was blazing, but she knew better than to reach back and rub it. Mark waited patiently until she raised her head and looked at him. “So, do we understand each other now, young lady?” Mark asked firmly. Leigh nodded. “Yes sir,” she whispered. “Well then, I’d say this was a successful discussion!” he replied. “You can start now showing me what you have learned. The kitchen needs cleaning up and the bed isn’t made. No, no,” he warned as she reached for her panties. “Leave those right where they are. It will remind you of what will happen if you don’t do as you’re told. Now get moving!” With her face now as red from embarrassment as her bottom was from her spanking, Leigh scurried off to do her chores, knowing that her husband was right behind her, enjoying his handiwork. And as she worked, she felt the heat from her bottom start to spread over her whole body, turning into a glow of contentment.