Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Game - Oh my!

It had to happen sooner or later. A spanking Wii game! But all the articles say it is 'too sexy' for USA distribution, so it is only available in Europe. They are even trying to ban all showings of the ads for it over here. Gee, I can buy any disgusting, shoot-em-up, blow their heads off, blood and guts video game I want, but one that suggests anything sex-related? Oh no, we can't have that! It will lead to the downfall of our society! There will be riots in the streets and chaos in the home! Idiot mentality. I hate censorship. Well, wouldn't you know? After having lived in the UK, my Wii happens to be a European one! And we have it hooked up to a PAL TV here with a power converter, so I can still play all my Wii games. I'm sure I can find a UK friend to get it and ship it to me! After it plays, watch the IGN Rewind Theater - We Dare: Trailer Analysis video that appears - pretty funny!

Check it out:

Monday, October 17, 2011


I found a blog just now called Create Your Own Spanking. You can get to it here.
You fill in all the blanks, and it creates a custom spanking story for you. Too much fun! Just remember, if you have a pop-up blocker, hold the Control key when you click 'I guess I'm ready'. There will be a couple of small boxes that pop-up, and then a box with the story.

Here's the first one I got. I'm sure I'll try it again and see how creative I can get!

Leigh Gets Herself a Spanking

Leigh was in trouble and she knew it. She wondered if Mark would spank her right away or make her wait. ''Waiting is the worst!'' she thought, though in this case maybe it would be better to put it off... She didn't need to speculate, though, she'd know soon enough - she could hear a man's footsteps approaching the door. As she watched, the handle turned with what seemed like an unnatural slowness. An icy hand gripped her right in the middle of her bottom.

''Act natural,'' she told herself, which only caused her to give a nervous giggle just as her husband walked in.

''What's wrong?'' Mark asked immediately.

''Me? Nothing! Why do you ask?''

''Just that you have a strange look on your face.'' So much for ''natural,'' Leigh thought. Mark continued. ''Okay, what have you done?''

''Um... nothing?''


''Yes, Mark?''

''Come on, out with it. Now.'' He had never been all that patient in these situations and was already heading toward the kitchen. Leigh hurried to head him off.

''It's nothing, honest. It's just that... Well, I...'' Try as she might, she couldn't think of a way to make it sound any better.

''I spent more than my allowance ,'' she said with a rush. Mark stopped in his tracks, slowly turning to look at her.

''Leigh Marie! It's nothing, honest?'' he mocked in a voice of disbelief. ''It doesn't sound like nothing. It sounds a lot like wasting money.'' Leigh felt herself tighten at that word - it had unfortunate connotations - unfortunate for her and unfortunate for her bottom. ''We've talked about wasting money, haven't we?'' Mark's speech went on. ''We have a way of dealing with wasting money, don't we, young lady?'' Every time he used the term ''wasting money'' he might as well be saying ''spanking,'' she thought. ''Leigh Marie, you do know how we deal with wasting money, don't you?'' Instinctively Leigh's hands shot back to cover her bottom, in a way answering Mark's question very clearly. Though that's not the answer her voice gave.

''Well, I know... but... I thought... maybe this time...

''You thought maybe this time what, young lady? That you wouldn't be spanked? That wasting money wouldn't get you a good bare-bottomed spanking?''

Leigh didn't want a spanking - Mark's spankings hurt! While she was getting them they stung like mad - she was always convinced she just had to get away and never could - and they left her so sore! Not just sore, very sore - sore like when you sit down a long time later you can still feel it like you just got it, that kind of sore. And she certainly didn't want one of those - especially not on her bare bottom!

And that was exactly how her husband was going to spank her - over his knee, her head down, jeans off, bottom up, panties down, bottom bare, her fair skin inviting his stern reproval! Mark had never once let her keep her panties up. Quickly Leigh's mind raced to remember what panties she'd put on, thankful that her red ones wouldn't add any to her embarrassment - having her bottom bared was embarrassing enough as it was!

Part of her wanted to run and hide, but most of her simply followed Mark into the kitchen - the kitchen, where she was always taken to be spanked. Much as she hated getting a spanking, especially one of Mark's spankings, she really did dislike wasting money and really wished she could stop doing it. If having her husband spank her would stop her from wasting money, maybe that was a good thing - if only it didn't have to be such a spanking!

Once in the kitchen, Mark looked at her sternly as he sat on kitchen chair, extending his legs as her soon-to-be ''resting'' place. My God, already? Leigh thought to herself, but Mark, instead of immediately motioning her over his lap and into place, clasped a hand on each of her arms.

''Now Babes, I want to be fair about this, you know that, I hope. You should also know that I'm disappointed to hear about your wasting money.'' Leigh's spirits sunk even lower, though for a new reason now. She didn't like to disappoint Mark. ''Very,'' he added. Maybe she really did deserve a spanking. ''I want you to tell me how this happened,'' he concluded. She tried to bow her head but with a gentle touch he raised her chin and made her look him in the eye.

''I don't know...'' was all she could think of to tell him. It would take too long to explain and not do any good anyway - but he wasn't about to settle for that.

''This wasting money of yours, it must have had some reason. It didn't just happen, now did it? And I want you to tell me how or why it did.'' His face hardened even further. ''And you are going to tell me.''

''It's like this - I wanted the necklace.''

''I see. Leigh?''

''Yes, Mark?''

''Did I just hear anything that would keep me from giving you a spanking? Anything that would discourage me from giving you each and every swat of the spanking you've earned?''

''I don't know... maybe...'' she replied sullenly.

''Leigh Marie.''

''No. I guess not...''

''No. Nothing I heard dissuades me in the least. You, young lady, have behaved yourself into a panties-down spanking and now you are going to get it.''

Fighting off thoughts of how soon Mark would have her fair bare and blushing, Leigh moved hesitantly to her husband's side and was a little surprised when he didn't immediately pull her over his waiting lap. Glancing up at his stern face, her surprise turned to dismay and she felt her stomach tighten.

''Oh no,'' she said softly, hopelessly.

''Oh yes,'' came his reply. ''You know better.''

''No, really - please? I don't need that... do I?'' This last was no more than a whisper.

''You need to learn, and the spoon helps you learn. Don't make me waste my time - spanking you by hand has never changed a thing.

''Go,'' Mark demanded and commanded.

Reluctantly - very reluctantly - Leigh trudged off to get the spoon. Retrieving it from kitchen drawer, she took just a tiny moment to feel both its unfeeling undefined and her own twinge of rebelliousness - ooo, to throw it, hide it, destroy it! Now that would be satisfying! Instead, the spoon would have its satisfaction on her, heating, punishing, scalding her poor helpless bottom. And if she ever did manage to do away with it, Leigh had no doubt that Mark would produce something even worse to deal with her current infraction and that additional one as well!

Shaking herself free of such imaginings, Leigh and her thoughts returned to the kitchen and her husband's side, meekly proffering the demanded and dreaded spoon, knowing full well that in mere moments it would be blistering her bottom, and thoroughly. Her poor little bottom! What did it ever do? It wasn't the one that had a problem with wasting money, she was. Why should it have to suffer? It just wasn't fair!

Oblivious to these objections, Mark still sat like a deity on kitchen chair, waiting to tumble her over his unforgiving thighs. As he reached to take the spoon from her, she pulled it back slightly.

''You'll start slowly, won't you?'' She knew she wasn't supposed to ask and he always replied with ''Is that what you deserve, young lady?'' But this once Mark just took the spoon from her and nodded sympathetically.

Seeing his reaction Leigh realized that she must be in even more trouble than she imagined. Her whole body stiffened and shook and she couldn't keep herself from turning and trying to run away - but Mark was too quick for her, he'd grabbed her wrist even as the spoon left her hand. Before she knew it she was over his knee and the blood was rushing to her head.

Spank! He began immediately - spank spank spank spank spank!

''Ow! Oh! Wait!'' No matter how much time Mark would take leading up to it, the first swat always startled her. Alternating stiffening and squirming, she quickly sunk into place as her husband jostled her for a better and steadier grip.

Spank spank spank - spank spank spank spank! spank! spank! spank! spank!

''Ow! No! Too hard!'' Leigh protested, though really her jeans muffled the effect considerably - nearly all of this pain was caused by her own tension and apprehension. So far!

Spank spank spank spank! spank! spank!

''Ow ow ow!'' she continued, only to have Mark chastise her further.

''Settle down, young lady - we haven't even started. I''m just getting you settled in. You can't even feel anything through your jeans.''

Spank spank spank! spank spank! spank spank!

''No, no! I feel it! I do! don't!'' Leigh insisted somewhat nonsensically - the chance that he would stop already was non-existent.

''Shall I stop already? I thought I was doing this for you - you do know what's next, don't you?''

Ah - here was the dilemma upon whose horns Leigh lay. To be spanked over her jeans, and therefore longer - or to shorten it a little and jump right to ''pants-down''? Or even panties-down? She made the same coward's choice she always had before.

Spank spank spank spank - spank spank spank! spank spank!

''No, no - that's okay,'' she decided immediately, and having done so found that this phase was much more tolerable. Maybe by the time he gets to my bare bottom I'll be ready, Leigh thought. Right. And maybe his arm will wear out first - or I'll just fly to the moon!

Spank spank spank - spank spank spank spank! spank! spank! spank! spank!

''Owww. Owwwwww,'' Leigh moaned softly, concluding that some sort of reaction was still in her favor. ''Hey! Wait!'' For no sooner had she resigned herself to an over-the-jeans spanking than the jeans-spanking was over! ''Stop! Not yet!''

''Oh?'' Spank spank spank spank!!! ''Haven't had enough yet? I thought you were in a hurry!'' Spank spank spank spank!!! Leigh's husband saw to it that these final swats before her jeans deserted her made all the more of an impression.

''OW! Geez!'' She twisted around in an attempt to see if he was still using his hand - it seemed harder than ever! All she managed to see was Mark removing her first line of defense. He slid the blue fabric off her bottom, revealing her red panties.

Spank spank spank spank!!! Haaaaah, Leigh thought.

''Haaaaaaah!'' Leigh said. She had thought of her jeans as sort of insubstantial it but had been giving her more protection than she realized - now with nothing between his hand and her thin panties his every spank stung and stung to high heaven! Spank spank! spank spank! spank spank spank! spank spank spank!

''Owwwwooooooo? Oww? Ow, ow?'' In her mind Leigh questioned if Mark really needed to spank her quite this completely.

Picking up on this, her husband didn't hesitate. ''If you didn't want this spanking, young lady, you shouldn't have been wasting money,'' he decreed, his logic unassailable. Like she hadn't thought of that! ''You know what wasting money gets you - maybe next time you'll have an easier time deciding what you really want!''

''Grrrr,'' Leigh grrrr'd - quietly.

Spank spank spank spank spank spank spank! spank spank spank spank spank spank spank!

''Ow oh ow oh ow ow ow!''

From long experience Mark knew just what he was doing. Half or more of his spanks landed where her panties had ridden up due to her unflattering position. Not only did they sting all the worse, they were those same low spots Leigh already knew she'd feel long afterward. How was she ever supposed to sit again?

Spank Ow Spank Ow Spank Ow Spank! On they went, like partners volleying on a tennis court - except that her soft bottom was no match for her husband's hard hand, and in this match she was being soundly beaten! And the sounds of that beating were Spank Ow Spank Ow Spank Ow Spank!

''Oh oh please,'' she protested - a lot of these spanks should count as panties-down! Not that they would, and not that she thought otherwise for even a moment. Nonetheless Leigh felt that some sort of protest was called for. Spank spank spank - spank spank spank spank! spank! spank! spank! spank! spank! spank! spank! spank! Ooooo, Mark knew just how to make her feel those! And Leigh's poor little bottom did - each and every one!

Then quickly a lot more protest was very much called for!

''Oh no - really - no, please, no. Please?'' Her husband had stopped spanking long enough to pluck at the waistband of her panties - and she did not want them down! She grabbed them herself and held on tightly. ''Not those - they don't make a difference anyway,'' she claimed, fibbing slightly - though she was always surprised what a difference they did make. One by one, Mark peeled her fingers from her red panties. And then they were gone.

Spank! spank! Her fair cheeks, only slightly colored by his gradual chastisement, were now fully under his hand - and eyes. Hold still! she told herself, wanting to minimize any jiggling or inappropriate exposure - try to hold still!

Spank! spank! Spank Spank! SPANK SPANK!

Maybe kicking and squirming was a better approach after all!

Spank! spank! Spank Spank! SPANK SPANK!

Suddenly he was in a hurry, a man with a mission. Now that he had her bare bottom in sight and squarely in his sights, he wanted it sore and stinging - both, a lot, and right now!

Spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank!
Spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank!
Spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank spank!

Couldn't Mark hear her at all? Nothing seemed to slow him down! Just as she thought her poor little bottom would burst into flames, her husband's grip tightened! Her stomach followed suit as Leigh recognized the meaning of this gesture!

''Oh no! No! No! OW! OH!'' His spanks rained down so much harder without slowing down at all. Her kicking and struggles became furious, but the harder she fought, the harder he spanked!

Spank! Spank!


Spank! Spank!


''OW OH OH OH OW OH OH!'' she cried. When, oh when, would this be over? And then, with frightening abruptness, it was!

''Now, young lady, it's time we took care of this wasting money,'' Mark pronounced.

Oh no! The spoon - smack smack smack smack smack smack smack! By the time she realized what was about to happen her spoon spanking was already well underway! Instantly the warmth of his hand was replaced by the sting of the spoon's wood. Oooo, did that hurt! Leigh could never remember quite how much until she was feeling it - but as soon as she felt it she could remember - remember all too well!

smack smack smack smack smack smack smack!

''No, no - stop! Enough! I'll be good! I promise! Oh owwwwww...''

''Leigh Marie! Your wasting money? This is most certainly NOT enough, except that it's enough out of you. Now hold still. You know you've earned this - and more. If you're good you'll get a lot less of the ''more.''''

smack smack smack smack smack smack smack!

Try as he might to be ''fair,'' when it came to wasting money her husband was strict. That spoon HURT!

smack smack smack smack smack smack smack!

''No, no, not more - please, not more. Ow oh ow oh ow...''

smack smack smack smack smack smack smack!

''No - no please! I'll be good! I've learned my lesson - I have!'' As well she may have - her usually fair cheeks shone from the spoon's harsh wood.

''Then hold still, Babes, so I can finish.'' And finish he did. With a flurry of smack-smack-smack's he made sure she'd have no place to sit, not for a good long time. Then the hardest yet, right in the center - smack smack smack smack smack smack! Even as Leigh recognized these as his final spanks she could take no relief as the barrage drove her past all limits of ''taking it.''

''Whaaa - aaa - ow - oooo - ooo - ooo - ooo - NO!''

''Okay, Leigh. Okay, Babes. Breathe. Now breathe...'' Mark encouraged. As slowly as it had begun it just as suddenly ended. Slowly Leigh calmed down and her breathing did steady a bit.

''Now, young lady - no more wasting money - understood?'' Somehow Leigh nodded her acquiescence. And as she returned the spoon to kitchen drawer, she never wanted to have anything to do with wasting money, the spoon, or even her husband sitting on kitchen chair - ever, ever again!

Matt Anglen - 2004


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cautiously Optimistic

Well, we had a good weekend around here. Hubby and I finally had a loooong talk about DD and what WASN'T happening around here. Hoping I actually got through to him about how important it is to me. I don't think he realized that it really is part of who I am and I can't be completely happy unless we have this in our life. We haven't been doing any kind of spanking for quite some time, because, frankly, I just can't feign interest in one part of it (the fun kind) if the part I really crave (the discipline kind) isn't there. Basically told him the old adage: If mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy! LOL! And of course, I ended up getting a spanking on Saturday. So maybe we'll get there. The important thing is, we're talking. And hopefully doing a lot more spanking!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Now THAT'S A Proper Discipline Spanking!

I like the look he gives the camera at the end after he asks if he's ever going to have to spank her again and she says no. His look is 'yeah - right'! I've watched this one about 20 times. *sigh*

Missing out...........

I just spent some time going back through my older posts, and found that there were comments there I had never seen - ones that people have posted recently and I haven't gone back to look since I didn't know they were there! So I apologize if you posted a comment and I didn't see it! Maybe if you post one on an older post, you could leave me a message in the chat box on the left of the screen - like 'comment on (date) post'! I do read over any new messages in the chat box. I hope some of my readers from the past are stopping back by to see the new stuff.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just an observation..............

Found it highly amusing today that you can buy anal lube from Amazon on their Subscribe and Save program (you set it up to have it shipped to you on a regular schedule). And don't ask me how I ended up looking at anal lube on Amazon. I'm not talking.

The Consultant

Leigh shifted in her seat, her bare legs below the hemline of her skirt feeling the buttery soft leather of the couch she was perched on. The butterflies in her stomach felt like they were being blown around by the blast of a jet engine. She looked around the office nervously. Mark was sitting next to her, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. The only indication of his apprehension was the way he kept sliding his palms together, back and forth, as he took in the surroundings. Both of them were wondering if making this appointment was going to help them, and exactly what it would mean for each of them.

After waiting for a few minutes, the door opened and a tall, bearded man strode into the room. He appeared to be in his mid-fifties, with a thick head of hair that was slightly graying at the temples, giving him a distinguished, sophisticated look. He moved with an air of confidence. Mark had stood when he entered, and shook the man's hand before returning to his seat. The man then sat in a wing-back chair facing Mark and Leigh. With his notebook in his lap, it looked like they were in a normal therapist's office. But Leigh knew better - her breathing came in short breaths as she waited to hear what was in store for them.

This man was not your ordinary therapist. His public persona was one of a 'Consultant'. But those who used his services knew the deeper truth - his true profession was as a Marriage/Disciplinarian Consultant. His specialty was teaching husbands how to correctly and efficiently be the Head of a household and how to lead, improve and discipline their wives, if necessary. He taught by counselling and by example. It was understood that his was a 'hands-on' practice. It was possibly this knowledge that was causing the small tremor in Leigh's hands as she tried to sit still, waiting to see what he had to say. She dared not allow herself to think what he might do in the hour they were with him.

The man greeted them in a rich, warm baritone voice. "Welcome to my office. My name is Peter Woodman. I know you spoke to my secretary and filled out all the necessary paperwork - waivers, etc. - so we don't need to go over all that again. Why don't we just get started and you tell me a bit about yourselves and how I can help you?" He smiled at them and settled back in his chair. Mark cleared his throat and then spoke. "Well, Mr. Woodman - " The man waved his hand at him and interrupted him. "Please. Call me Peter." "All right - Peter," Mark continued. "We're here because we are trying to incorporate Domestic Discipline in our relationship and we just aren't getting the hang of it. I don't know what the problem is - " Leigh now leaned forward and interrupted him. "I can tell you what the problem is, Peter! He doesn't follow through - " Her sentence faded out under the glare of their counselor. He leaned towards Leigh and she felt like an invisible force was pushing her back and she shrank into the cushions. "YOU will call me 'Sir', young lady. And you will start showing respect for your husband this instant. That means you don't interrupt him when he is speaking. Is that understood?" Leigh could only give a small nod, her eyes wide. "Answer me correctly!" he ordered. Leigh squeaked out a "Yes!" But Peter still wasn't satisfied. "Yes what?" he growled. Leigh looked at Mark for some back-up, but he just sat there, as stunned as she was. Finally, she mumbled out a "Yes sir?" "That's more like it," Peter said. "Mark, please continue."

Mark was struggling to find the right words. "I guess - I guess I'm not sure what it is that she wants. I mean, she doesn't really give me any reason to discipline her!" "Hmmmmmm," Peter murmured with a sideways glance at Leigh. "Tell me, do you work all day, Mark?" "Yes," said Peter. "Does she?" "No, she doesn't work outside the home." "Is the house clean when you get home?" "Well, sort of. The dishes are usually done and the bed is usually made. Things are generally picked up." "What is she doing when you get home from work?" "She's on her computer." "Doing what?" "Playing games, I guess." "Who cooks dinner?" "Um, I do." "Who does the laundry?" "She does hers and I do mine."

Leigh was sitting there watching and listening to this exchange, her heart sinking as she heard Mark's depiction of her. Was he implying she was lazy? Her head was going from one man to the other as they spoke back and forth, like she was watching a tennis match. She was rapidly getting irritated that they were talking about her like she was some sort of a child who couldn't speak for herself! Peter's next words did nothing to allay her fears of what his opinion was of her.

"So she is able to stay home all day, yet does very little around the house and leaves a lot of it for you to do. She spends a lot of time on the computer that could be spent more productively. And as we've seen, she rudely interrupts and disrespects you. And you still claim that she gives you no reason to discipline or correct her?" Mark could only sit and stare as he tried to take it all in. Then Leigh saw something change in his expression - it was like a light bulb had gone off in his head. She gave a small silent groan.

Peter went on. "If I may, I'd like to deal with one issue at a time. The first and most important one is the disrespect. If you don't claim your position in the household, none of this will work. May I demonstrate?" "By all mean," said Mark. Peter stood and walked over to Leigh. "Stand up, young lady," he ordered. Leigh looked frantically over at Mark for help, but he just raised his eyebrows and nodded his head, indicating she should do as she was told. Slowly, she rose to her feet. Peter towered over her by a good eight inches. She looked at the tips of her shoes as he spoke. "Now, you need to learn to show some respect for your husband, young lady!" Leigh looked up and protested. "I do! I swear - !" Peter cut her off. "Don't try that now. I saw you roll your eyes when he said he had no reason to discipline you. Is that your idea of respect? Ridiculing and mocking your husband?" "He didn't see me do that! I didn't do it to his face!" Leigh whined. "No, but I saw it!" replied Peter. "And how do you think that makes him look if you do it while you're out with friends and they see you belittling your husband? Your attitude makes him look foolish and less of a man." Leigh had no reply for this. She now was twisting her fingers together as she stared at the floor.

Peter now pointed to the corner of his office. "Until I tell you otherwise, you will go stand in that corner with your nose to the wall. Your husband and I will continue this session, and we will bring you back into it when we decide you are ready. Now march!" Leigh looked helplessly at Mark, but when she got only a stony stare in response, she had no choice but to move slowly to the indicated corner. Peter was right behind her. She pressed her nose to the wall, but then yelped in shock as Peter lifted the back of her skirt, tucked it into the waistband, and whisked her panties down to her knees. She tried to grab them to pull them back up, but Peter caught her wrist. "Naughty girls always stand in the corner bare bottomed," he ordered. "This will keep your mind on the spanking that is to follow, which is also always on the bare." Leigh stamped her foot and tried to twist away, but was stopped by Peter's orders. "Young lady, you understood and signed the papers before we started this, agreeing to cooperate and participate in this process. Now stand still or the spanking will start now! Put your hands on your head and be quiet!" Miserably, Leigh laced her fingers on top of her head. All she could do was stand there, her face flooding red as she knew both men could see her like this. What had she gotten herself into?

Peter returned to his seat and continued speaking to Mark. Leigh couldn't hear every word, but the ones she could hear made her cringe - disrespect, dishonesty, misbehavior, laziness, rudeness, etc. And those were just the crimes. The next words she began to hear made her even more nervous - spankings, bare bottom, paddles, hairbrushes, cornertime, restrictions, mouth soaping, crying - the list went on. It seemed that for every infraction, there were a multitude of solutions. Just as she was trying to think of ways to convince Mark that this whole thing had been a bad idea, she realized they had turned their attention back to her.

"Leigh, come here," Peter called. Leigh started to pull up her panties before turning around. "Leave those where they are!" Paul commanded. Straightening up, Leigh slowly shuffled over to the two men, stopping a few feet away, her flaming face dipped down and her hands shielding her lower front. She froze at Peter's next instructions. "Now Mark, I am going to instruct you in the proper way to spank Leigh for her misbehavior. First, you demand an apology for her disrespect." Mark looked at Leigh, but she continued to stare at the floor. "Look at me, Leigh!" She jumped at the new tone of authority in his voice, and slowly raised her head until their eyes met. If she had hoped he would show her any mercy and let her out of this, the look in his eyes told her that was not the case. "I want you to tell me what you did wrong that I am going to punish you for, and I want an apology." Leigh gulped, and struggled to form the words. "I - I - was rude and disrespectful to you, and - I'm very sorry," she whispered. Mark looked to Peter, who nodded in approval. "Now tell her that you are going to spank her and that you expect her to cooperate." Mark sat up a little straighter and squared his shoulders. "Leigh, I am going to put you over my knee and spank your bare bottom. I expect you to take your punishment like a good girl, understand?" "Yes," she again whispered. "Answer me correctly!" Mark ordered. Peter raised his eyebrows and gave a small smile of satisfaction - this one was catching on quick. Leigh sighed in resignation. "Yes Sir!"

"That was good, Mark," said Peter. "Now, take her by the arm and guide her down over your knee with her legs between yours. That way you can cross your leg over hers and hold her in place." Mark did so, having to give a bit of a tug as Leigh went, unwillingly, into position, her head at the floor and her bare bottom pointing at the ceiling. She was glad they couldn't see her red face as it flamed in embarrassment. Peter continued his instructions. "Take her outside wrist with your non-spanking hand and pin it to the small of her back. This will help you hold her in place and stop her from reaching back to protect her bottom." "Give me your hand, Leigh," Mark said softly. She halting raised her arm behind her and gave a small sob as Mark secured it in his and pinned her in place. His other hand rested gently on her upturned bottom. Leigh listened with a mixture of dread and horror as Peter finished his instructions.

"Now Mark, you are only going to spank with your hand today. We will progress to paddles and other implements, and other positions, later. I want you to apply firm, fairly rapid strokes, alternating cheeks. Also pay particular attention to her sit spot - right where the cheeks meet the thighs. You can apply a few on the back of the legs if she struggles too much to remind her to be still. For this session, I will tell you when to stop. Keep spanking until I do so. Later on, you will become a better judge of what is enough. Leigh, you are to remain in position and take your spanking. Is that clear?" "Yes," came the muffled reply. She whipped her head up in shock as Mark delivered a sharp *crack* to her bottom. "Answer correctly," he told her. "Yes Sir!" Leigh blurted. "That's better. Good thinking, Mark. You should begin now."

With that, Mark began to spank Leigh. His hand rose and fell in a steady rhythm, swat after swat - first one cheek, then the other. Leigh gritted her teeth, jerking slightly with each smack. But as the heat began to build, and after a few sharp cracks to her tender sit spot, she began to vocalize her displeasure. "Ow!" "Ouch!" "That hurts!" "Stop!" "Mark, please!" "Yow!" "Mark, I mean it!" "Ok, I'm sorry!" "Ow!" "I'll be good!" "I promise!" "Ow!" "Please!" "Don't!" But her pleading had no effect on Mark. He did feel a bit bad about causing her pain, but he was determined to do what he had to do to make their marriage work. He doubled his efforts and kept spanking. Leigh's words changed to sobs. She could still get out an occasional "I'm sorry!" or "I'll be good!", but mostly all she could do was wail. For a while, she bucked and twisted over his lap, trying to avoid the stinging slaps, but even that was too much after a while, and she collapsed over his knee, howling and sobbing as her bottom was turned a crimson red. Mark finally looked over at Peter with a questioning glance, and Peter nodded to indicate he could stop. Mark gently rubbed Leigh's bottom as she cried it out, laying limply over his knee.

Peter gave them a moment to calm down before he spoke. "Help her up, Mark, and take her back to the corner. We'll finish our discussion while she does her after-spanking corner time." Leigh didn't even resist as Mark stood her up and walked her across the room. She leaned almost gratefully into the corner, sniffling, not even caring that her red, sore bottom was on prominent display. Mark resumed his seat and his conversation with Peter.

"I think we should meet once a month," Peter said. "For this month, I want you to work on respect issues. I also want the two of you to sit down and write up a set of rules. You should be clear on what you expect from her, and you both should agree on them. Don't try to fix all the problems right away - keep the list fairly short for now, but enough that she has to work for it. I suggest, for now, that you have a once-a-week spanking. You don't want to overdo it at first. Every evening, you two are to have a short discussion, without arguing, about what she did well that day, and what she came up short on. There should be an understanding that she will be punished for it at the end of the week. Then, on Saturday, have a final recap of the week. Ask her what she had trouble with over the course of the week and how she is going to work to improve it. Then you do as we did here - cornertime to think about about what she has done and why she is going to be spanked, then the spanking, and then cornertime again. Make sure you get an apology. You can do that either before or after the spanking. Most importantly - do NOT let her whine or wheedle her way out of her punishment! She expects and wants you to be consistent, even if she says otherwise. Think you can handle that?" Mark laughed. "I think the bigger question is, do I think I can handle her! Yes, I can do this. But what happens if I really have no reason to spank her at the end of the week?" Now it was Peter's turn to chuckle. "I don't really think that will happen. There should be things on her list that are a challenge and will take time to achieve. But if it does, you still administer the spanking as a maintenance spanking - one to remind her that you are in charge and she is to continue being respectful and obedient. And still use the cornertime - it helps her get her head in the right place. Does that make sense?" "Yes, it does," said Mark. "Thank you for your help, Peter. We'll see you again soon."

The two men shook hands, and then Mark went over to his contrite wife. He eased her panties up over her hips and lowered her skirt. Leigh turned to him and buried her face in his chest. "I'm sorry I've been so awful! I'll be better, I promise!" "Shhhh," said Mark quietly. "It's all going to be fine. Let's go home." Leigh clung to him as he held her tightly and guided her across the room and out the door, both of them relieved to know they had taken a positive new turn in their relationship.

Hope you like the new story! Any comments would be appreciated. If you like the idea, this could be a series.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Continuation.....

I've been asked to continue the story I posted on May 5th. If you missed it, you can read the first part here.

So we'll move this story along -

Leigh stood in the corner, waiting for Mark to get home from work. Her legs were beginning to tremble, but she knew it was more from nerves than fatigue. Mark had texted her that he was leaving work and to be in the corner when he got home. He was only about 10 minutes away. Leigh knew that the consequences of not doing as she was told were worse than tired legs.

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard the garage door open. She found herself holding her breath as she listened for it to close again, and for the back door to open as Mark came into the house. There was no usual 'honey, I'm home!'. Just silence as her husband walked through the house, putting his things away. She finally felt his presence hehind her, his breath hot on the back of her neck as he stood quietly behind her. She felt herself shrink into herself as she waited for him to speak.

Even though she was waiting for his words, they made her jump when they finally came. "So, young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?" Oh god - she hated this! He was going to make her say it outloud; say that she had been naughty and needed a good spanking to straighten her out. The words caught in her throat. The sharp crack to her bottom loosened them. "Ow! I'm sorry! I've - I've been very naughty lately and I'm sorry! I'll be better! I promise!"

She heard him give a low chuckle. "So you've said before, Leigh. But after a while, you forget your promises and need a reminder. Isn't that so?" Damn. He wanted another answer. She felt him move to swat her again, so she blurted out the truth. "Yes sir! I've been lazy. But I'll do better - you really don't need to spank me!" His chuckle changed to an outright laugh. "Oh, I think I really do, missy. I know you think you mean what you say, but past experience proves that you need a little extra motivation to make you act on those words! Now stay there until I'm ready for you." Leigh gave a little mental stomp of her foot. She knew he was watching her, her bottom already bared, thanks to his earlier orders for her to be dressed only in a t-shirt and panties, shirt pinned up and panties at her thighs. She tried not to clench her buttocks since she knew he could see it, but it was difficult because of the anticipation of what was to come.

Mark walked to the kitchen table and picked up the letter Leigh had written earlier. She could just see him out of the corner of her eye, and her heart sank when he finished it. He disappeared for a few moments, and then Leigh heard him come back into the living room. "Come here, young lady," he ordered. She slowly turned and saw him sitting on the couch. Her eyes grew wide and she whimpered at the sight of the hairbrush AND the ruler lying beside him on the cushion. "I said, come here!" he ordered, more sternly this time. Leigh was jolted out of her hesitation, and she shuffled over to him, standing beside his thigh. Mark took her wrist and, with no fanfare, tumbled her over his lap. With a soft "oomph!", Leigh landed face down, her hands on the floor and her bare behind pointed at the ceiling.

Mark's hand patted and rubbed across her bare skin. "Well, missy, since you asked me so politely in your letter, I am going to spank you." "Yeah," thought Leigh. "Like you would have dropped the idea if I had asked you nicely to do that instead!" Luckily, she kept her sarcasm to herself. Mark continued. "And since you asked me so nicely, I will go with your recommendations about the method. Hand, hairbrush, and ruler sound like a good combination!" Leigh sputtered. "I - I - I didn't mean all of them! I said OR! I was hoping you'd choose one!" "Yes, well, I was hoping you would learn to behave," Mark replied. "Guess we don't always get what we ask for."

Shortly after those words were spoken, Mark's hand began to rise and fall on Leigh's behind. At first, the sharp cracks were the only sound in the room. Leigh tried to be stoic, gritting her teeth with each swat. But soon, the heat began to build and the sting began to spread across her cheeks. First, each swat was met with a low grunt. Grunts became squeals, and squeals became words. "Ow! I'm sorry! I'll behave! I promise! Owwww! Yeee-owww! Please stop! I'll be good!" The words were soon joined the sound of drumming toes as Leigh kicked her feet against the floor. Her bottom was bouncing up and down over Mark's knee before he stopped. When he rested his hand on her burning buttocks, Leigh took in big gulps of air, struggling to catch her breath.

Unfortunately, that had only been the warm-up. Leigh felt her stomach lurch when her husband shifted her so that she was over one knee, her legs clamped between his. This was never good! But she didn't have much time to contemplate her situation before she felt the first blow of the wooden hairbrush. She quickly began shrieking and bucking as the hard wooden surface made contact repeatedly with her soft bouncing cheeks. Her backside was on fire, and the pain of each stroke made her brain foggy. Forgetting herself, she reached back to cover her bottom. Mark just grabbed her wrist and pinned it to the small of her back, continuing without pause to cover her entire backside and thighs with rifle-shot cracks of the brush. She finally collapsed over his knee in sobs, not realizing for some moments that he had stopped the assault and was gently rubbing her bottom.

Still weeping and sniffling, she was helped to her feet. It was over. Mark led her back to the corner. Resting her head against the cool wall, she closed her eyes and hoped for a few minutes of peace. But her relief was short-lived. To her horror, Mark tucked the ruler between her cheeks. "You asked for this too, young lady. Now hold it there. When it drops, I'll know you're ready for the last part of your spanking!" Leigh gasped as she now painfully clenched her sore cheeks, struggling to keep the slim ruler in place. She was quickly learning one lesson this evening - be careful what you ask for, as you will surely get it - sooner or later!

One of my favorites............

This has all of the elements of a great domestic discipline spanking - the lecture, the corner time, the announcement of her punishment, the spanking progression from dress to panties to bare bottom, the tears, the corner time again with the red bottom and the tears. *sigh* Bliss............ I like to imagine that the next time, he takes the hairbrush to her bottom!

Monday, October 10, 2011


I get a lot of comments from people, saying they like the Mark and Leigh stories. But I get the feeling that I'm just writing the same theme over and over again, probably trying to work out my own fantasies in print. I wonder if I'm missing some aspect of what you want to read. I know the standard elements of what I see as the perfect spanking. For me, it has to have a sense of 'reality' to it. A real or imagined misbehavior, a stern disciplinarian, brattiness and resistance from the naughty girl, determination and perseverance from her partner. A real spanking with her pulled over his knee and held in place, not a scene of her throwing herself over his lap and laughing as she begs him not to spank her. A sound spanking (not a beating) that has her kicking and squirming as she goes from indignation to resignation to contrition. A firm reminder from him that this will happen again if she doesn't learn her lesson and behave (which of course she won't). The other punishments used to make sure he gets his message across - cornertime, sentence writing, restrictions, etc. And yes, I have that 'a' fixation, but only a small one - small plugs, temperature taking, etc. (No anal sex - I'm not into THAT pain. LOL!) Those things make me shiver strictly from the standpoint of the dominance and control they give him. Are they too squirmy for most of you? I don't think so, going by the comments I have gotten, but just thought I'd ask. So tell me - what do you want to read? Give me some ideas. Scenarios, punishments, whatever. I need new fuel for my fantasies and I bet you have lots! I'd like to try to write a story just for you. Hope to hear from some of you.

Friday, October 07, 2011

It's been sooooooooo long!

What's a girl to do when she can't even get her butt warmed on a regular basis? *Sigh* Maybe I've just been too good. (yeah - right) I haven't been good enough - good enough at asking for it, that is. After a while, you just sort of lose interest. But then I go on Spanking Tube and watch a few videos, and bingo! I'm in the mood again. But still not good at asking for it. Hard to even talk about it. He sure as hell doesn't know where this blog is. He knows there is one, but I've never told him how to find it. That would take more courage than I have so far. Although, he would probably learn a whole lotta stuff about me if I let him - LOL! At least I have a rich fantasy life. Just need to turn him into Prince Spanko. Where's that evil stepmother when you need her?