Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Staying Put

In one of the comments I received, I was asked about how you stay in position for a spanking even though it hurts so bad and your body just wants to get away. Well, I'm certainly no expert on the subject - yet (LOL)! I know I've had times when I've twisted and turned during a spanking, but hubby has managed to keep me in place with just a hand on my back. Of course, none of my spankings have ever progessed to the point where my brain was screaming at me to flee. When that happens, I'm not sure how I'll react. But in the meantime, I thought I'd post some of my favorite possible positions and deterrents to running away (or bad behavior in the first place!) ........................................

I'm sure positioning has a lot to do with staying put. For the strugglers amongst us, this is surely an imaginative one! Something tells me he's had trouble from her before (I just love these vintage pictures!). I don't think she could go anywhere if she wanted to, and she sure can't put her hands back to protect her bottom. I suppose she could try straightening her legs to lower the target away from him, but that would seem to be a mistake since it would just open up the backs of those tender thighs to being swatted. By the same token, all he has to do is take a step back, pulling her upper body forward and giving him access to all areas of her bottom, including the sit spot. So on a scale of 1 to 10, I give this one a 10, just because it gives me the shivers!

This one sure looks like it would cut down on the ability to run away! He's got a firm grip on her legs and complete access to every inch of her bottom. It's kind of hard to struggle when you're on your back and folded in half. From the way she has her hands over her face, I'd say she has resigned herself to her punishment. I give this one a 10 for position, but only an 8 for his wicked choice of implement!

Ahhh - corner time. I can just hear him - "All right, young lady, you can just stand there until you decide you're going to take your spanking like a good girl! When you've decided to behave, we'll start over. And if I have to put you back here again, we'll start over again! " I think that after a couple of trips to the corner and having your spanking started all over again for the second or third time, you might have second thoughts about trying to get away. I've never been put in a corner myself, but I have to admit, there is something about the thought of standing there with your panties down while he delivers a stern lecture (and the occasional swat) that just gives me goosebumps! I give this one a 7, only because I like to see panties and pants on but lowered to mid-thigh so that the bottom is nicely framed.

There are all sorts of other threats that my hubby could use to make me stay still for a spanking. I know I freeze when I hear the cane swish through the air behind me! There are other things that I have only read about, but think that I would like to try. I know some people cringe when you mention figging, or butt plugs, or anything of that sort, but being the anal spanko that I am, those are things that I am sure I will write about here in the future. So be forewarned - LOL! Would love to hear from any of you on ways that your HOH keeps you in place when you're being disciplined. And please sign my guestbook (link on the right)!