Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Going to have to start throwing bricks.................

I swear, men are clueless!!!! Ok, the other night, when hubby was asleep, I went into the bedroom to get something. It was warm and he had pushed back the covers. He was also sleeping naked, which he does sometimes. So I couldn't resist - I got the camera and took his picture! He was out cold - the flash didn't even phase him. Then I decided to get a bit naughty. I put the picture on my laptop and set it as my wallpaper. 17" screen full of my naked hubby! Then I left the laptop open and running. He finally noticed it last night and asked when I had taken THAT! I explained. His reaction? Laughed and thought it was funny. End of that discussion. Hmpppphhhhh.

What did I want to happen?

HIM: What is that doing on your computer, young lady?
ME: I liked it so I put it there.
HIM: Well, take it off right this minute!
ME: No!
HIM: I said take it off.
ME: I said I didn't want to.
HIM: I'm warning you, missy. Take it off, or...
ME: Or what?
HIM: Or you're going to be very sorry.
ME: Ha! Not likely!
HIM: Last warning - take it off.
ME: No! You can't make me!

And then he makes me. After a good spanking and some time in the corner until I see things his way, that is.

You know, men say we have to tell them what we want. I don't know about any of you, but it sort of ruins the fantasy if we have to write the whole bloody script! Can't guys just see an opportunity and run with it once in a while? LOL!