Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Daily Olympic Count

Well, it's now after 6PM in China, so hopefully all the medals that are going to be won today have been. At least I pray they have. Britain got a silver today - in canoeing (now that's interesting - my spellcheck wanted to change that word to caning!). You know, I think I should have negotiated a lesser penalty for 'Events That Nobody Gives A Rat's *ss About'! Dumb me - popular event, obscure event, I get the same sore butt. LOL! Not complaining though (well, not really). I'm just curious to see who has the stamina to last out the whole two weeks of the Games - hubby or me! We know how these tops can whine about how sore their hands get and how tired their arms are - awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Luckily, no cane tonight as my butt is still a bit tender after last night's 6 strokes. Not overly painful - just that warm burn when you sit down. Lovely................................. I get the feeling that that will change by about 10pm tonight! Words of encouragement from my readers are always appreciated.

P.S. Damn - spoke too soon. The horsey set just pulled off a bronze in the Team Horse Jumping. Oh well - at least it isn't a gold!
P.S.S. And another bronze! What are these Brits trying to do to me?

UPDATE: The debt is paid for another night. Bent over the bed for a handspanking on the bare. I think he went kind of easy on me as I had 3 medals to pay for. But he still has a hard hand! After that, it was 20 swats with the leather paddle. Owwwwww! Those had my feet dancing all over the floor! Then a bit more spanking until he decided I had paid an appropriate price. And I have these lycra stretchy panties on so when he pulled them back up, all that heat got trapped inside. Wow - lots of warmth. (Ladies, if you want to feel the heat, I highly recommend lycra-type panties. They don't breathe like cotton so they hold everything in!) But I also got a bit of a treat. Before the panties came back up, I got a lovely back and butt massage, all up and down my body. Yummmmmmm...... That was worth the spanking and the paddling!
I do think I've created a monster, though. Tonight he asked if this agreement extended through the Paralympics, which are on right after the Olympics! I said NO! LOL!

On a more contemplative note - those of you who read my blog know that I have always had an interest in the domestic discipline side of spanking (duh), while my husband leans more toward the use of spanking as foreplay. He couldn't grasp 'punishing' me, as any time he spanked me, he would then immediately want sex (which is fine - not complaining - thank god my fat butt turns him on!). Just could not separate spanking from sex. I think this whole challenge for the two weeks of the Games is having the unexpected effect of helping him to do just that! The first couple of nights, of course it ended with sex. But tonight, the third night in a row, was a bit much for either of us in that department so he was quite happy to just spank me and then say goodnight. So maybe over the next couple of weeks he might come to see and enjoy the merits of spanking for its own sake. This could be a very good step in the right direction!