Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We have received some very good news here this week. My husband was on the waiting list for heart surgery here in the UK. We finally got the appointment with the consultant for this past Monday. We went and they did more tests and then we waited some more, fully expecting to be given a date for the surgery. Instead, the consultant told us that no surgery was needed! Woohoo! So today I have been happily starting all the arrangements for our big move. Our next hurdle is my husband's visa, but we had already done the biggest part of that before we put it on hold while we waited for this operation. So that has now been kick-started today and I've been on the phone all day lining up quotes for a shipping container to move all our crap back over the ocean. (I am so tempted to go with the easy move package - a can of gas and a match.) It's so exciting - if all goes well, we could actually be back in the States by mid-October - Christmas in Florida! Let's just hope that Immigration doesn't hold things up (should be fairly automatic as I am an American citizen - just have to get them to cough up an interview date). Wish us luck!