Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Better Saturday

As it transpired, Saturday night was much better than Friday night. Let's face it - it didn't have far to go to be better. It wasn't perfect, but more on that later. The important thing is, it was a start. I had my doubts when it was bedtime and nothing had been said yet, but I expected that. We were both between the sheets before he spoke up.

Surprisingly, the first topic he brought up wasn't my spending, but rather my smoking! He informed me that I was smoking too much. Well, yeah, but I tend to do that when I'm frustrated!! I guess he decided that my reply was a bit too flip. He repeated, a bit more forcefully, that I was smoking too much and the tone of my voice wasn't convincing him that I agreed. So he sat up, rolled me over onto my tummy, and began to spank me on my panties. This lasted for a few hard swats. Now, I can take a lot, so I wasn't making a lot of noise at this point which apparently made him assume I wasn't paying the proper attention. Well, I find it a little difficult to take it seriously when the man spanking me is naked, since I'm pretty sure where the spanking is headed! Again, more on that later...........

The lecture continued and my panties were summarily dragged down my legs and discarded. Now the smacks on my bare bottom were starting to sting a little more, but still definitely not enough to make this hard-headed redhead squeal. That changed a bit when the hairbrush began to crack down on my backside. I did begin to yelp a little as he did a pretty thorough job of covering my entire butt with that horrid thing. I was starting to feel an all-over sting and the heat was beginning to build.

Then the rat fink pulled out his ultimate attention getter - the cane! I heard that thing swish behind me and suddenly I was the very contrite wife, promising to cut down on the cigarettes and begging him not to cane me. I was told that it was only going to be one so that I could see what young ladies got when they disobeyed, or words to that effect. So I curled my toes and grabbed the sheets in my fists and YEOW! No fair! He gave me two! I seriously thought he was going to make me cry his first time out of the gate - those strokes took my breath away. I've said it before and I'll say it again - damn Brits!

Needless to say, what followed was what I expected all along and what made it difficult to take the whole thing too seriously. I got a lovely butt massage and, of course, we made love. Hey, don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining! And I'm quite flattered that my 45 year old bare butt still turns him on to that extent. As we lay there snuggling afterwards, I kept my mouth shut and just figured that eventually we would work out the distinction between erotic versus punishment spankings. Then, to my surprise, my darling hubby voiced the same conclusion without any prompting from me! He said he knew that he would have to work on separating the sexual from the disciplinary and just to give him time. Woo-hoo! I wanted to jump up right then and paste a gold star on his forehead! And not just for the thought, but because he actually said the word 'disciplinary'! Trust me, you don't know what a big step that is for him...........

As we lay there talking, he dropped another bomb on me. The subject of my spending was brought up. Now see, this spoiled brat had envisioned the following conversation:
Him: All right young lady, you can spend £20 a week and no more.
Me: Oh no honey, £10 a week is more than enough! Really, I can manage with that!
Him: No, we'll start with £20 a week and see how it goes.
Me: Thank you sweetie!
Now this is where the 'be careful what you wish for because you just might get it' comes into play. The actual conversation went more like this:
Him: All right, you get £25 a month to spend on non-essentials.
Me: £25 a MONTH?! Oh come on honey, couldn't I have £10 a week? That's only £40 a month!
Him: No! We'll start with £25 a month, and I'm going to be keeping a eye on it!
Me: (Sundry and miscellaneous whining)
Him: Don't argue. It's going to be £25 a month to start, and we'll see how it goes. Once we get the finances back in shape, we can change it.

Sheesh! You push them to take charge, and then, horror of horrors, they DO! Well, I finally -grudgingly - agreed to it. I had, after all, asked for this. And the £25 a month is really only for things like my purchases on eBay. My hubby is anything but stingy with anything I really need and he did say that I didn't have to count anything bought for both of us or for the house or for gifts. If I'm careful, that amount will get me two or three goodies a month which should be enough for anybody. But if you'll excuse me now, I'm going to go have a cigarette and then bang my head against the wall for a while for coming up with this brilliant idea...........