Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vintage Fun!

This one is a bit difficult as it is in black and white, but still worth the effort!

A Spanking Code

I'm thinking that maybe what we need in this house is some sort of code for "I'm feeling out of sorts and really need you to take charge and give me a good old fashioned spanking". But I'm no good at just asking for one (as most women aren't). Maybe a sort of 'code' would work. I'm debating suggesting to hubby that we set up a couple of things that I 'have' to do everyday - say, make the bed and do the dishes. Since I don't work outside the home, this is far from unreasonable. I do lots of other things around the house every day. But these could be the trigger chores. When I feel the need, I could just 'forget' to do one of these things. Oh - here comes the fantasy; follow along and insert your own mental pictures.

He comes home and sees the kitchen is still a mess. I hear 'Young lady, come here!' A lump in my throat, I follow his voice to the kitchen. 'Why aren't these dishes done?' he demands. I stammer and mutter something about not having time. 'You're home all day, missy. You have time to load the dishwasher and clean up around here!' He pulls out a kitchen chair, pushes me down over the back of it, yanks down my panties, grabs a wooden spoon, and smacks my bottom with it until I am yelping and promising to do better. Then I have to do the dishes - by hand! - with my panties still down, red backside on display while he watches. Then to the corner to think about my sorry excuses. Oh my - is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

Or now - fade to bedroom. He has gone up after work to change clothes and finds the bed in disarray. 'Young lady, come up here right now!' he bellows from upstairs. I trudge up the steps. 'Yes sir?' I squeak. 'Why didn't you make the bed today?' I stutter out an apology and claim I forgot. 'You forgot? Well, maybe you need a reminder!' I am made to lay across the messy bed, my face in the wadded up bedspread and a stack of pillows under my hips. (I protest, but am of course told that if the pillows had been where they belonged, I wouldn't be in this position.) Panties are pulled down and his trusty paddle is applied repeatedly to my bottom. When I am suitably toasted, I have to make the bed with my panties still down so he can see his handiwork. Then I am sent to the corner to stand with my hands on my head while he showers and changes clothes.

Hmmmmmmm........ what? Oh sorry - I'm back now. *Sigh* If only it would work and if only I could be sure he would be consistent about it. Something to think about and maybe I'll get the nerve up to suggest it!

Oh shit - what if I really did just forget to make the bed one day and wasn't trying to send any signals? Oh well - guess I'd just have to suck it up and take my punishment like a good little wife. Can't have a dominant, take-no-shit hubby if I'm calling all the shots. And maybe it would rub off in other situations - sometimes he asks me to do things, and when I don't get them done and give some excuse, he just accepts it and doesn't fuss at me. Then I feel guilty - I'd feel better if he would put his foot down and spank me when I don't do what I'm supposed to. I am definitely one who needs more motivation and less spoiling! Actually, I have never had a REAL 'you're getting a spanking whether you want one or not because you deserve it' spanking, so I don't really know how I'd react to it. But I'd like to find out! Ok - I'm rambling now as I'm thinking off the top of my head. Fairly sure you don't care to read that, so I'll stop now. Later!