Sunday, June 12, 2005

Breaking the ice....

Well, I finally did it! You know, you marry a spanko, you figure you're going to be a spankee on a regular basis, right? Ha! Turns out I married an old softy, for reasons I won't go in to here. Suffice to say it's that old 'it's different spanking someone you love' tune. Anyway, last night I got tired of waiting. So while he was gone in the afternoon, I used the trusty old Publisher program and made him a card. In it I wrote:
"Ok, I'm going to stick my neck out and throw myself at you. Wanna play? Picture this: A wife is at work. Her cell phone rings. It's her irate husband who informs her that she in is big trouble because (insert reason here) and they will deal with it when she gets home. He hangs up. The wife then spends the rest of her shift wondering what is going to happen to her while trying to keep her mind on work. He picks her up that evening and on the way home, again informs her that she is in for a spanking. Once they arrive home...... Up for it? I'll play if you will! Signed, your loving wife (whose cell phone is charged!)."
That evening, hubby took me to work. As I went to get out of the car, I took a deep breath and handed him an envelope. He looked suspicious and asked what it was. I just laughed and told him it was no big deal, just something for him to peruse when he got home and decide if he was in the mood for it.
Needless to say, I was holding my breath at work! And of course, I had the cell phone right next to me on the desk. I about jumped out of my skin when it rang! He's the only one who calls me on it so I knew it was him. I answered like nothing was out of the ordinary and asked what was up. He wasted no time. The first thing I heard was "Young lady, (Oh my god, oh my god, he said young lady! Big 'ole button pusher!) you are in serious trouble." I feigned surprise and asked what for. And to tell you the truth, I was in such shock that I don't even remember what he told me now! Something to do with spending too much money. Anyway, he told me that we would deal with it after dinner that night and he would be picking me up right at 9pm. Then he hung up.
The next three hours at work were totally useless. Couldn't wipe the grin off my face so at least my customers thought I was very polite and cheerful. If they only knew! 9:00 finally rolled around and I went outside - he was there waiting. I yanked the grin off my face and got in the car. Usual chit chat, just a bit on the akward side. Then a long silence. Finally decided to jump in the deep end and help him out and said that I had received a phone call telling me that apparently I was in trouble. He confirmed that I was. I asked what kind of trouble. He, in a very stern voice, said it was the after dinner kind of trouble. Then asked if I was allowed to ask what was going to happen to me. Told no, I would have to wait and see. Even gave him a "Yes, sir........."
Got home, changed into sweats and a tshirt, and dinner was soon ready to eat. Boy, try eating when you know you have a spanking of some kind coming up! And he even fixed me a filet mignon. *Sigh* - it was difficult but I managed to eat (boy, was it good!). Finally, I was told that it was time to come upstairs with him. Gave him my best pitiful face and asked if I had to. He said yes, I did, and took my wrist and pulled me up the stairs. In the bedroom, he led me to the foot of the bed (where there was already a pillow placed!) and made me bend over it.
Started out using his hand over my sweat pants. Lectured me about how naughty I had been and how I was going to get a good spanking. Then the sweat pants were peeled down. He went to get implements out of the nightstand drawer and I was warned that I had better not dare move! He came back and I got a number of hard swats from the hairbrush. Bottom was warming up nicely! Then the panties were peeled down accompanied by the appropriate squeals of protest. After that I lost track of what all he used. There was more of the hairbrush, a paddle, and a strap. All lovely and stingy! At one point, I started to kick my foot up and he took it and firmly placed it back on the floor - I got the message that struggling would not be tolerated!
Then I heard the swish of the cane! Ow, ow, ow, ow! Add two more ow's. 6 of those and I was definitely getting vocal. He called it six of the best (damn Brits) but even I know it wasn't the best since I'm a wuss when it comes to the cane and he knows it. If he had really swung it, I would have been screaming! But they stung like the dickens, none the less, and made me holler.
For the finale, I got a few good licks from the riding crop. I don't understand it - that I like and can take it pretty hard. So why not the cane? Oh well.......... When it was all over, I got a wonderful massage of lotion on my backside. Then I paid him back with special 'favors', the details of which are not for this website. Hey, we all know about the powers of positive reinforcement, right? Afterwards, we were able to have a nice chat and I told him how his phone call had set my head spinning and my bottom tingling in anticipation. He agreed that we should play more often!
So today, I am still feeling some nice marks on the tush when I sit, and still grinning. The best part is, the ice has been broken and I won't be so nervous about suggesting "Wanna play?" in the future! I'm also hoping that maybe it will give him the nudge to move towards a little real domestic discipline once in a while..............