Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Knock, knock. Who's there?

I've been watching my stats to see if anyone is actually coming here any more. I know - I neglected you all for a long time. But in the last 12 hours, there have been almost a hundred page views. And not one comment?! *sigh* I don't need much. Really I don't. And I don't even mind if you say that you didn't like something. Of course, I'd be ecstatic to know that you did! So don't be shy. Click that comment button! You can do it! Say something - even if it's just hello. I can talk to myself, but it's more fun if someone is talking back. Talking back - oh, that sounds like a completely on-topic discussion for here! If I got spanked for that, I'd never be standing up. I did finally get spanked last Friday! More about that later.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Just an observation. I'm watching the white water rafting, and I keep hearing the commentator say, "He's a left-handed paddler." I look up from my computer, and a guy in a boat is NOT what I expect to see......................

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Best. Plug. Ever!

Now, butt plugs (can we come up with a sexier name than that?) may not be your thing. If so, read no further. However, many of us involved in TTWD are very anal, and I include myself in that category. Nothing major, mind you. Descriptions of anal sex make me cringe. I don't want anything 'pounding away' in there! But there is something very exciting and naughty about having a little toy lodged back there. Keeps your mind on the issue at hand, whether it is sexual (during sex or a fun spanking) or discipline (a not-so-fun spanking). Imagine giving her a warning about not spending too much while she is out on a shopping trip, and then making her wear one of these to make sure she remembers. Bending her over and putting it in for her will show her you mean business. Every step or a clench of the butt cheeks will have her debating real fast if she really wants to get her bottom warmed over another pair of shoes! So anyway - back to the best plug ever.
This is the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Silicone Butt Plug. You can get them here, or any number of other places. I actually got mine from another online behemoth that surprisingly carries much more than just books - it was a little cheaper and had free shipping! They come in black or pink, and are available in small, medium or large. On the size issue - if you have ANY kind of experience with butt plugs whatsoever, you will want the large. Seriously. Don't be scared by that. The large is smaller than another medium I have. From what I have read, the small is extremely small. Pinky finger size. So if you are new to the idea, that might be the one for you. But I have real concerns about it staying put, and there is nothing less sexy than a butt plug that pops out! The large gives a nice full feeling without being painful.

This is a silicone plug, and the feel of it is soft and velvety. Silicone means it is easy to clean - you can even put it in the dishwasher! Just make sure loading and unloading the machine is your job. (You can also put a condom over it before insertion if you like. Clean-up is literally a snap.) It also means you must use a water-based lubricant with it - silicone lubes will break it down. I like Astroglide. 

The shape of this toy is great. The slim neck makes for a secure fit and less chance of it popping out than one with a more tapered neck. And the base is wonderful! Not a round base that will poke and push at your cheeks when it is in place, but one that is shaped like a handle that nestles nicely between the cheeks, making it more comfortable for extended wear (like those shopping trips). The handle is also convenient for your partner if they are in a playful mood!

All in all, this is by far my favorite toy. If you like this sort of thing, I highly recommend it. 10 out of 10 stars!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Put Down That Book and Read This Review Instead!

So - have you read 50 Shades of Grey? I will admit it - I read all three. Well, read the first one. Sorta skimmed the other two. Then, I found it. The review that could have saved me a whole lotta time and money! (Well, money anyway. I spent a LOT of time reading this review!) Did you like the book? Hate the book? Be forewarned - this reviewer hated it. Wanted it dead, along with all the characters, the writer, and everyone the writer ever met. But regardless of how you felt about the book, this review will make you laugh, maybe cry, maybe even pee a little. If it doesn't, you are dead. At least to me. Because this chick has the same twisted sense of humor that I do, so if you don't, my blog is not the place for you in the first place! So settle in, cozy up to the computer, put all liquids out of arms reach (you don't want to spit-take into the computer screen), and, in case you missed the earlier link, CLICK HERE! The link is to the first post of the review. Then read backwards through the blog (we all know how these blogs work, right?). You want anything that says 50-something-or-other. Then drop her a line and let her know you enjoyed it. Then drop ME a line and let me know if you enjoyed it. Or if you didn't. Or what the weather is like where you are. Or whatever. My comments are a little quiet lately and we all know that I am the consummate comment whore. (Enough shameless begging.) Enjoy!

Monday, July 23, 2012


I am in the process of sorting out my Links section. All the broken or abandoned ones have been removed (any with no posts in 2012 were deleted), and I've added a bunch of new ones and will be adding more in the next few days. So be sure to check them out and find some great new sources of stories, pictures, videos, and information! Happy reading!

An Awesome Audio Recording!

Click here to go to the site! Scroll down the page and click to listen to the audio recording. Yes, this is Audio Only (with some pictures at the end of the aftermath)! But well worth a listen. Chief decides that he is tired of cas not listening to him about her speeding, and he uses the wooden spoon and the bath brush on her. My thanks to them for sharing this with all of us!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

What's worse?

Being told that you're going to get a spanking the next day, or not actually getting said spanking the next day?  After it has been on your mind ALL DAMN DAY? After you have spent the entire freakin' day with that nervous anticipation swirling and jumping in the pit of your stomach? A whole day of being able to think of nothing else as you bounce back and forth between trying to decide if you're a little bit afraid or a little bit excited? And then to be left unsure if you should feel relieved or disappointed or just plain pissed, or a combination of all fucking three! Just call me goddamn Sybil while I marinate in this schizophrenic poke salad of an evening.............................

Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's in the air!

As you can tell from the two recent stories, I obviously need a spanking and haven't gotten one! Damn! I'll have to work on that one. And it's everywhere I turn! The TV is on, and there was a western on a few minutes ago. My ears perked up when I heard one of the characters complaining that someone had spanked her. Missed what happened before that. Then I turn on the Lucy Show. And there is Lucy, telling Ricky, "Yes, I've been a bad girl! You can spank me later - if there's anything left to spank!" Maybe the powers that be are telling me it's time to get off my ass and offer it up to hubby for a good warming! LOL! By the way - the story about the nagging about the driving is mostly true to life and one of my big fantasies. I do nag about the driving, and every time he gives me one of those exasperated looks, I can't help thinking, "Why don't you just pull this car off the road and paddle my butt?" *sigh*  We never fight, so he says I don't give him any reason to punish me. Oh please. I've said it before and I'll say it again - either I married a saint or Helen Keller. The other story is also true to life. I've told him before - sometimes when I'm cranky, I just need someone to 'spank the crank' outta me! Any time I see him getting aggravated, I keep hoping he'll just bend me over right there in the kitchen and grab a wooden spoon! But alas - it never happens. If anything, he'll just come to me later and apologize for snapping at me! (Should have snapped that wooden spoon at me, buster!) I know, I know - I should be grateful for such a wonderful guy! And I am! Just wish he'd be a little more - forceful, shall we say? I'm not good at self-discipline. I know there are things I should do, but sometimes a girl needs a little motivation, you know? If I don't do something that he has asked me to do, I just get that 'look'. Maybe a little bit of a lecture. If I were him, and I hadn't done something after being asked two or three times, I'd put me in a corner, and then I'd spank my butt until I promised to get it done! And then if it still didn't get done, spank again! I know he wants to - I can tell. Maybe I need to write him a permission slip. "To Whom It May Concern: This is to certify that _________________ has full authority and rights to spank ______________________ whenever she does not do as asked or told, or when she is obviously out of sorts and getting snappy, cranky, or bratty. Punishments should be immediate, if appropriate. If not, fair warning should be given and then carried out as soon as possible." OMG - I think if he ever growled in my ear, "You are being very naughty. As soon as we get home, you are going straight to your corner for a while, and then you're going over my knee for a good spanking, young lady!", I would faint dead away on the spot! (I'm getting light-headed just thinking about it. Is it getting warm in here?) Sometimes, I'll leave things go that I know I should do, hoping that he'll fuss at me for it. Nope. Doesn't work that way. If I don't clean up the kitchen, he'll just go do it. If I don't make the bed, he doesn't complain. In fact, when I DO do some things, he thanks me! No no no no no! Don't thank me for doing the things I should do! Wait - I take that back. It's ok to thank me when I do. Makes one feel appreciated. But by the same token, makes me feel unneeded if he just goes ahead and does them if I don't. I guess it just comes down to the fact that I feel unnecessary if I have no rules and no expectations of me. Nothing to live up to, you know? Then I get lazy and then I feel guilty. That's when I wish he would 'take me in hand', so to speak, and put things back on track. But he doesn't, and I figure it isn't important and get lazy again, and the whole thing just goes in circles, and ................ crap. But hey - I am nothing if not hopeful! So enough of this rant, and thank you for listening (if anyone still is). It will work out one day! (LOL! And I just figured out why I'm in this mood. Tomorrow is our 10th anniversary!)

Driving It Home......

Leigh was a typical Virgo. Some of those traits - meticulous, reliable, practical - could come in handy in a lot of situations. For those, her husband Mark was grateful. But some - fussiness, perfectionism, a tendency to worry - could be downright annoying! The one that was driving him crazy lately was her control-freak side. It mainly manifested itself in the car.

She had told him from the beginning that she was a lousy passenger in the car. She preferred to drive, and was always nervous when anyone else did. If it was just him and her in the car, there was a lot of hand fluttering, reaching out and putting a hand on the dashboard as if to brace herself for an impending crash, grabbing hold of the armrest until her knuckles turned white, etc. When she got really ramped up, audible gasps could be heard, and she would keep him apprised of the traffic situation. "Honey, stop sign." "You're a bit close to the curb, dear!" "Slow down, there are brake lights up ahead!" They would usually be followed by an apologetic smile and a flippant, "Sorry - you know I'm a lousy passenger!"

When they were in someone else's car, he could tell she was fighting very hard to hold her tongue. Instead, she would just reach across the seat and grab his hand in a death grip. He could always tell what her level of fright was by how hard she squeezed. Occasionally, a squeal would escape her mouth and she would find some way to cover it - a cough, clearing her throat, a laugh, etc. 

Over the years, Mark had learned to deal with it. At first, he tried to accommodate her fears. He would slow down when she pointed out the brake lights ahead, move over when she complained how close he was to the curb - whatever it took to calm her nerves. But over time, the indulgent smiles became scowls as he would glance at her over the top of his glasses, and a few times, when her hand flew up to brace on the dashboard, he reached over and slapped her hand so she jerked it back into her lap. It had worked to a certain extent, but if he didn't keep chastising her each time, she would build right back up to her original level of freak-out in no time.

It all came to a head one sunny day in July. They were heading home after a long and enjoyable day of checking out yard sales. Only a few miles from home, Leigh suddenly gasped loudly and practically shouted, "Mark! Please slow down - people are stopping ahead!": 'Ahead' was actually a good half mile in front of them. Mark's first instinct was to jerk his foot off the gas pedal. But he had had enough. Setting his lips in a grim line, he suddenly changed course. He slowed down as Leigh had demanded, but then moved the car into the right lane and turned down a country road. Leigh looked confused. This wasn't the way home! "Where are we going?" she asked. "You'll see," was Mark's terse reply. 

About half a mile down the road was a little-used rest area. Since the main highway had gone in years ago, this park area was no longer on the main route and was now just a well-hidden pull-off area. Mark had found it one day while out riding his motorcycle. Now he pulled the car into it, driving back in until they were behind a stand of trees and out of sight or sound of anyone driving by. Leigh looked at him questioningly, but he refused to speak to her as he threw the car into park. Getting out, he strode around to her side of the car and yanked the door open.

Leigh gave a squeal as he reached in, undid her seat belt, and then unceremoniously jerked her out of her seat by her arm. Her eyes were wide - he had never done this before and boy, he looked mad! She tried to pull away. "Ow! What are you doing? Mark! Why are we stopped here? What's going on?" Mark ignored her questions. Still holding her arm, he leaned back into the car, popped open the glove compartment, retrieved a small Lexan paddle, and stuck it in his back pocket. Leigh's mouth dropped open, and she began to struggle some more. But Mark kept a firm grip as he stood back up and then dragged Leigh around to the hood of the car.

He began to lecture her as he unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She was backed up to the bumper and pinned there, so could only swat at his hands as she tried to stop him. But he was stronger than her and her attempts at resistance were useless. "Young lady,": he barked. The button came open. "I have had it with your constant nagging about my driving." Down came the zipper. "I have never had an accident of any kind, or ever put you in any kind of danger, so there is no justification for your behavior!" Her jeans and panties were suddenly down to her knees. "Until such time as I give you a reason to bitch about my driving, you will stop!" Before she knew what was happening, Leigh found herself spun around and bent down over the hood of the car, her bare bottom feeling the warm summer breeze.

A moment later, she felt a different kind of warmth. Mark had her pinned down with one hand, and with the other, was rapidly applying the paddle to her upturned behind. The loud *crack* of the paddle filled the air and was soon joined by Leigh's yelps and cries as she struggled to get away. But Mark had her held firmly in place and continued to swat her bottom. She squealed, she twisted, she stomped her feet, but her husband was showing no signs of slowing down. He applied stroke after stroke to her bouncing butt, turning it first pink, then red, then crimson. Leigh no longer realized or cared that they were outdoors and her wails and howls rose into the trees. Mark continued to spank her long after she had gone limp and collapsed over the car hood.   

When he was finished, he stuffed the paddle back into his pocket and pulled her back upright. Still sobbing, she turned slowly to face him. She raised her head, starting to give him an apology and expecting a warm embrace and forgiveness. But she was stunned into silence by the glare on his face. Uh-oh - he was still mad!  "We are not through, little girl!" he barked. Her shoulders slumped as she reached to pull up her pants. But Mark slapped her hands away. Taking her by the arm, he marched her back to the open passenger door. "Get in," he ordered. Leigh clumsily lowered herself back into her seat, cringing as her sore, still-bare bottom hit the rough upholstery of the car seat. Mark slammed her door and stalked back over to the driver's side.
He got in and started the car. "Put on your seat belt," he growled. Leigh slowly did as she was told, and Mark pulled the car out of the secluded area and back onto the road.

Luckily (or unluckily?), they were only a short distance from home. Leigh pulled her shirt down as far as she could, covering her bare lap so if anyone did look into the car, they would have no idea that she was sitting there on a freshly-spanked bare behind. Arriving home, Mark pulled the car into the attached garage and closed the garage door. He looked over at Leigh. "Inside, young lady. And into your corner! Now!" She gave a small sob, unhooked her seat belt, opened the door, and scurried out of the car and into the house as fast as she could with her pants twisted around her knees. By the time Mark entered the house a few minutes later, she was in the appointed corner, her nose to the wall and her hands on her head. Her husband came to stand behind her, and she tensed as she felt his hot breath on her neck. "Stay there until I tell you to come out," he ordered, giving her one more hard slap to her behind before walking away. Leigh groaned and leaned into the wall, resigning herself to the situation.

Time drags when you are standing in the corner. Leigh felt like she had been there for hours. But it was only about fifteen minutes when her husband's quiet voice told her to turn around. She was glad that he sounded calm again, and she turned to face him. But her eyes grew wide as she saw him standing there, the bath brush in his hand. She looked at him pleadingly, her hands twisting together in front of her. It didn't help. "Leigh, we have been married for 10 years. Have I ever given you any reason to nag me about my driving?" he asked. She hung her head. "No sir," she whispered. "I didn't think so," he replied. He was still in lecture mode, but at least he wasn't so angry with her anymore. He pointed with the bath brush to the ottoman by his chair. He had placed a couple of throw pillows on top of it. "Come here please," he instructed. Leigh hesitantly put one foot in front of the other until she was standing next to him. Mark then took her by the waist and guided her down over the pillows until she was draped there, her head and hands on the floor on one side of the stool, her feet on the other, and her bottom propped high in the air.

She jumped as Mark patted her bottom with the brush. "As I said, we have been married 10 years. So I think we'll finish this with 10 swats. I want you to count each one, followed by 'I will not nag my husband about his driving any more'. Is that understood?" Leigh took a deep breath. "Yes sir," she choked out.

The first swat took her by surprise. It always did. "Ow!" she yelped. "One! I will not nag my husband about his driving any more!" *crack* "Two! I will not nag my husband about his driving any more!" *smack* "Ow ow ow! Three! I will not nag my husband about his driving any more!" *whack* "Yeouch! *sniff* Four! I will not nag my husband about his driving any more!" *swat* "Aaaahhhhh! I'm sorry! Five! I will not nag my husband about his driving any more!" *crack* "Owowowowowow I'm sorry I'm sorry! Six I will not nag my husband about his driving any more!" The tears began to flow. Leigh's hands beat at the carpet and her toes drummed on the floor. *whack* "Owwwwwww please! Seven! I'm sorry I was bad! I will not nag my husband about his driving any more! I promise!" *smack* "*howl* Eight! I will not nag my husband about his driving any more!" *whap* "Yeow! Niiiiiiiiiiiine! I'll be good I will not nag my husband about his driving any more!" Mark aimed carefully for the last one to drive his point home. *CRACK* "AAAHHHHH! TEN! I'm sorry! I will not nag my husband about his driving any more! I promise!" Leigh's hands flew back and clutched frantically at her flaming bottom. She slid off the stool onto her knees, rocking back and forth as she sobbed and rubbed, trying to get the sting out of her backside. Mark stood quietly, giving her time to calm down.

When she had stopped sobbing, he helped her to his feet. He wrapped his arms around her and she buried her face in his chest. Her voice was muffled as she blubbered her apologies into his shirt. "I'm sorry. I really was horrid and I won't do it again! I promise!" Mark rubbed her back soothingly. "Shhh, it's all right now." He pulled back and tipped her chin up so she had to look him in the eyes. She was relieved to see the grin on his face. "I'll settle for your promise that you'll TRY not to do it again," he scolded good-naturedly. "Wouldn't want you to make promises that we both know you'll never be able to keep!"

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spanking the Crank..............

It was turning out to be a long day. Her first day without satellite TV! It had been her idea to cancel their service - it was expensive, channels were being lost in corporate infra-struggles, etc. And it wasn't like they didn't have other forms of TV. Every TV in the house was hooked up to some sort of streaming device, and they had subscriptions to the major streaming services, not to mention about 4000 DVD's! But it was still a change from the usual flow to her day, and it was throwing her off track.

The phone rang, and Leigh groaned as she got up from her computer to go grab it. "Hello," she answered with a growl. Her husband Mark was on the other end. He wasn't surprised by her surly attitude - he had expected it. "Hello to you, too," he replied dryly. "I take it someone isn't the happiest of campers today." "I don't know what you mean. I'm fine!" Leigh snapped back. She knew as soon as she said it she would regret it. Taking a deep breath, she answered him again in a lighter tone. "I mean, I'm fine, really I am!" Somehow, she knew he didn't believe her. She could tell by the long silence on the other end before he spoke again. "All right," he finally said. "I just wanted to check on you. I'll see you after work." Before she could say anything else, he hung up and left her staring at the phone. Reluctantly, she put it back in its stand and went back to her computer, chewing on her lip as she wondered what punishment, if any, he would mete out for her attitude.

After a while, she forgot about the phone call as she lost herself in her games on Facebook. Mark didn't like all the time she wasted on there, but she felt a little lost today without her usual routine. As long as she played, she wasn't focused on the TV and didn't really care what was on. She knew she should really be doing her chores, but she was used to doing them with her regular shows on. "Screw it," she thought to herself defiantly. "I'll do what I want today. I'll get back to normal in a few days." She was brought back to reality when her phone sang out, signaling a text message. Picking it up, she saw the message was from her husband. She opened it, and after a few moments, froze. The text read: Hello dear. I can tell from our phone call that you are having a few problems 'adjusting' to a new routine. I know it is difficult, but I won't tolerate you snapping at me and throwing around attitude. So we are going to address this issue tonight. I want you to take a cool shower this afternoon and get rid of the sweat and stress of the heat. Then relax for a while - while you can. I'll text further instructions in a while. Love you. Mark" Gulping, she read the text 3 more times. It was obvious that the 'further instructions' meant some sort of punishment. But what? Sighing, she went upstairs to do as she was told.

Twenty minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom. As much as she hated to admit it, Mark was right. Cleaned up and in fresh clothes, she felt much lighter and less stressed. Grabbing the TV remotes, she searched for a few minutes and found an episode of "I Love Lucy" to watch. But she was startled to find that she had tuned in just in time to see that it was the episode where Ricky threw Lucy over his knee in the kitchen and spanked her! With a small shiver, she wondered if it was an omen of things to come. Quickly changing the channel, she found a movie she wanted to see and settled in to watch.

The movie had just ended when her phone chirped again. Nervously, she picked it up and opened the text message. Her fears turned out to be well-founded. "Young lady," it began. Never a good sign. She read on. "Now that you have had a couple of hours to think about your behavior -" Was that was she was supposed to have been doing? Uh-oh. "- I think you understand that you have misbehaved and are going to be punished. I will be home in an hour. Right now, please go to the bedroom. Lower your panties to just below your bottom." She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment - she hated it when he got so specific - it was never a good thing! "Put in your medium plug - the one that won't pop out during a paddling." Leigh gasped, cringing as she closed one eye and read the rest of the text through the open one. "Place 2 pillows on the bed and lay over them with your bare bottom in the air. I expect to find you in that position when I arrive home. Love, Mark" Leigh groaned. "Love, Mark, my ass!" she muttered. She knew even as she said it that that was what he was going to do - mark her ass. Glancing at the clock, she realized that she had already spent part of the hour reading and digesting the text. She hurried towards the stairs on shaky legs to do as her husband had instructed.

Fifteen minutes later, she was in the position her husband had ordered her to assume. Her bare bottom was plugged and raised in the air, courtesy of the two pillows wedged under her hips. Her panties were lowered to just below the curve of her buttocks, framing them for her husband's attentions. She lay there, wondering first what he was going to do to her, then thinking about how she had behaved to get herself in this position. She knew she had only herself to blame. She had moved on to thinking about how she would apologize to him when she heard the garage door open, signaling her husband's arrival from work. Burying her face in her arms, she lay still and waited.

In a few minutes, Mark entered the room. He knew she could sense his presence - she was lying very still, but he could see the involuntary twitches of anticipation in her bottom. He finally spoke to her as he moved around the room, changing from his work clothes into shorts and a t-shirt. "So, young lady. Have you thought about why you need to be punished?" He knew she hated having to admit her sins, almost as much as she hated being spanked for them. Her small voice answered, muffled by the comforter. "Yes, sir. I was disrespectful and snappy to you on the phone." She jumped as she spoke, startled by the touch of his hand as he ran it over her pale behind. "And why do you think I had you put in your plug?" he asked. She didn't answer. Mark gave her a hard swat, leaving a red handprint on one white cheek. She yelped. "I don't know, sir!" He continued. "Have you been focused on your behavior and the spanking you are going to get since you put it in?" "Yes sir," she whimpered. "That's why," he smirked.

Moving to the side of the bed so that he was standing next to her, he placed one hand on the small of her back. Leigh tensed - this was the signal that the spanking was about to begin. And begin it did - in earnest. Mark began to spank her upraised bottom, leaving a sizzling trail of red everywhere he smacked. He covered every inch of her round cheeks, including the tender underside of each and the top of each thigh where it met her jiggling butt. Leigh was soon squealing with each smack, and her hands became fists, clutching at handfuls of the comforter. As the heat in her backside became a flame, her feet began to kick and flail on the mattress. Her head jerked up with each swat, and she was soon howling and crying out as Mark spanked on and on. Just before she burst into tears, he stopped. She laid there, panting, as Mark stood back and waited.

When she had calmed, Mark told her to get up. Pushing herself up off the mattress, she crawled to the edged and stood up shakily. Too embarrassed to meet his stern gaze, she kept her head lowered, looking at the floor. Her hands slid to her sides, grasping her panties as she started to pull them up. Mark slapped her hands away. "Did I tell you to pull those up?" he demanded. Leigh gulped and shook her head. "I hope you didn't think we were finished!" Mark growled. Leigh just shrugged one shoulder and stammered, "Well, I thought maybe....." Her husband gave a sharp laugh. "I believe I mentioned a paddling in my text, little girl. Have you felt a paddle yet?" Leigh shook her head no as her shoulders slumped. Mark then took her by the shoulders and marched her over to the corner, placing her in it nose-first. "Hands on head, and stay there until I tell you to come out!" Giving her half a dozen more hard smacks as she danced in place, he then left her to stand with her nose to the wall.

After what seemed like an eternity but was really only about twenty minutes, her husband returned to the room. She heard him open and close a drawer. He called her to come to him. She turned, and gave a whimper when she saw the Lexan paddle in his hand. She took one step back towards the wall, her hands going back to cover her already-sore bottom. But Mark wasn't having any of her delaying tactics. Striding across the room, he grasped her wrist and pulled her over to the bed. Leigh stumbled along behind him, and then climbed back onto the bed in resignation. She started to prop herself up on the pillows again when he stopped her. "On your back, young lady," he barked. Leigh slowly turned herself around, and then stretched out on her back. She watched him with trepidation, her hands clasped over her belly and her legs squeezed tightly together. His next instructions sent the butterflies in her stomach into overdrive. "Hands above your head - now! And keep them there, or else!" Mark snapped. Sensing that it was best not to argue, Leigh quickly raised her arms over her head and grabbed for the headboard. She squealed when Mark grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs into the air. He then leaned forward and wrapped one arm around her knees from the back, pushing her knees toward her head and lifting her bottom up off the bed. Once he had her secured, he looked back at her over his shoulder. "Now, young lady, we are going to do what I call 'spank the crank' out of you!"

She heard the paddle whip through the air and felt the crack as it exploded on her upturned bottom. Over and over it connected with her tush, the loud smacking sounds mingling in the air with her yelps and cries. With Mark leaning on the back of her thighs and pinning her to the bed, she could only kick her lower legs in protest. His body was effectively blocking her from trying to reach around with her hands to cover her bottom, so she could only beat the mattress in misery with her fists as Mark continued to turn her butt crimson red. She was crying real tears and sobbing out promises to be good and apologies for being naughty before the paddling was over. Mark stood and released her, eliciting new squeals from her as her red, sore bottom landed on the bed. She bounced once and instantly rolled over, crying and kicking her feet as her hands clutched and rubbed at her throbbing behind.

After a minute or two, Mark took hold of her wrist and gently tugged her toward him until she had stepped off the bed and was standing in front of him. Leigh threw her arms around his neck and sobbed into his shoulder. "I'm sorry I was naughty and you had to spank me!" she cried into his shirt. Mark wrapped his arms around her and stood holding her, his hand stroking her back. "Shhhh, it's all right now," he murmured. "I've got you, and I'll always look after you." He led her slowly back to the corner. "Fifteen more minutes here to gather your thoughts, and I'll be back to take care of that 'intruder'," he said, giving her a sly wink and a pat to the bottom before he walked out of the room. Leigh blushed and ducked her head back to the wall, grateful for a few minutes of quiet to pull herself back together. She dried her eyes, sniffled a few times, and was calm when her husband returned. Willingly, she allowed herself to be bent over the side of the bed so her husband could pluck the plug from her bottom, wincing only slightly as he tugged her sore cheeks apart. She then stood, pulled her panties up gingerly, and left the room, arm in arm with the love of her life.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm So Ashamed..................................

My copy of Fifty Shades of Grey arrived this afternoon at 3PM. It is now 12 midnight - 9 measly hours later - and I have just finished the last page of the book. And there were 514 of them. Not a small tome, by any means. I do have to say that I am a fast reader, but still! Amazed even myself. How did I feel about it? Well, aside from the fact that I ripped through it like a hooker through sailors on a dock, I did have a couple niggly problems with it. My grammar snob side was ready to throw it out the window if I read the word 'flush' one more time. She was always flushing, or blushing, or turning crimson. I think she needs her blood pressure checked. I kid you not - in 514 pages, a form of that word appeared at least 400 times. Enough already! Buy a thesaurus! The other word that drove me crazy was 'hitched'. "His breath hitched." Complete overuse of those two words. It was distracting enough to take it from great writing down to a sophomoric effort at best. What saved it was the story line. Yes, I got dragged into it enough to overlook the writing. There were story twists that weren't entirely expected - I (obviously) was kept wanting to see what would happen next. Thankfully, it never really veered off into the realm of the standard bodice-ripper romance novel (gag). Could be because of the subject matter - LOL! But now that I've brought that up, I have to say, the actual BDSM activity in it was rather tame. Mostly talk and not a whole lot of action. When he first started telling her what he was in to, I was almost ready to put the book down. It all sounded a little too intense and violent for me. His 'playroom' where he carried out his fantasies was made to sound like the the deepest, darkest hole of erotic depravity. But it never traveled to that point. In fact, I was getting a little annoyed with the few discipline scenes that were described and his lack of command over her - he promised a lot more than he delivered. "Oh come on - you call that a spanking, you wuss?" Her reaction to 18 whacks on the backside with his hand was a bit over the top. And then at the end, he finally gives her six good ones with a belt, and suddenly she is the wuss, and leaves him! What the f...!? Ok, that was a dirty trick. Now I am going to have to buy the second book to see if she mans up and goes back to him. I'm hoping for a bit more action in the next one, if little Miss Priss can take it. So yes, I hated the ending, if only for the fact that it makes me want to read the next one. Maybe that was a better twist at the end than what I give the writer credit for? Yeah, yeah - I get it. One thing is for sure - I'm not siding with our female protagonist in this one. I am much more sympathetic to our male antagonist - I want to see him prevail and bring her around to his way of thinking! I'm off to Amazon to make a purchase.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Giving In To The Hype

Ok, I have given in. The order is placed. What kind of spanko would I be if I didn't read Fifty Shades of Grey? I have put it off this long, but it's time. I guess I've been avoiding it as I have heard a lot about the writing - about how bad it is. As someone who is working toward making money as a copy editor, I tend to be a bit of a snob when it comes to amateur literature. Or maybe I'm just jealous that I didn't write it first! Either way, we'll know in a few days. I'll let you know what I think of it when I'm done. Hope you all are having a good day!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ok, I'm in the mood now!

Yoo-hoo! Hubby! Where is that man when I need him? LOL! I guess it's true - sunshine and nice weather brings the mojo back with it. Whether or not it will also bring the spankings back with it remains to be seen. In the meantime, I've got the ruffly panties out and I'm going to send out signals, wave semaphore flags, light a fire and send up smoke signals, whatever it takes! I could go to the Spanking Tube and 'innocently' leave one of the videos open on my computer screen. Oops. And no, I am not above bratting. If it gets me over his knee getting my backside warmed (and whatever else), I'm for it! Maybe I'll leave a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey lying around.......... Actually, haven't read that. From what my other friends in this world have said, it's not that good. Any one here read it? Let me know what you think. Oh, and that Wii game I mentioned a while back? Wii Dare? Just received my copy in the mail the other day! I'll have to pull the Wii out and give that a try soon. Will let you know how it is later. Happy summer and happy spankings to you all!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still here - just not in the mood

Hi to anyone who might still be out there. I'm probably talking to myself right now - I've neglected you all and this blog for so long. Just haven't been able to find any inspiration lately. Hubby had vein removal surgery on his legs - one in November, the other in December - so he has been at less than par for a while. Plus that fact that I lost my mother in November hasn't helped. We've put things on the back burner. But oddly enough, I'm not upset about it. It's just a dry spell - it will pass. Maybe now that spring is here and summer is coming, the urges will surface again. I'm just so thankful that he and I are happy with each other, no matter what we are doing. No anxiety, no stress, no frustration - just acceptance that this is the way things are for right now. I think the fact that I'm even touching base here, after not even looking at my blog for months, means that things are starting to turn a little bit. If you've hung around and been checking back, I appreciate it! I don't know - are people still interested in these blogs? Has the interest in all things spanking started to slip? Oh well, time will tell. In the meantime, I hope you are all doing well.