Friday, July 18, 2008

Non-traditional use of chairs...................

We're all familiar with the traditional image of the OTK spanking - the spanker seated on the straight-backed, armless chair, his hapless spankee tumbled over his lap with her bottom in the air:

But I have found that I quite like the positions where there has been a more creative use of this common, everyday piece of furniture.

This one is definitely unusual. Not sure how practical it is, but you can be sure her hands won't be flying back to try to protect her bottom!

The two-chair approach. Much more stable than using just one chair.

How intriguing! Maybe not a good position for a rigid implement like a paddle, but looks like it would work well with the flexible ones like this tawse.

This one is just cute as hell. I'm sure she would have to be a very willing participant as it would be very easy to just flip off his lap, but still cute.

And my all time favorite:

Again, not good for rigid implements as he would take a chance on slapping himself in the thigh, and the spankee has to be pretty flexible as well, but it seems to be just the ticket for that slipper he is swinging!

So what's your favorite use of the chair? Are you a traditionalist, or are you more adventuresome, preferring something that looks like a balancing act in the circus? Personally, I'll take whatever I can get, but some of these look like they would be fun to try!