Thursday, August 02, 2007

It Was A 2Fer Night!

All in all, not a bad night! I did get my double dose this evening, as promised (well, I'm posting after midnight, so technically it was last night. Anyway, it was Thursday!). The first was over his knee with the leather paddle in the living room (sounds like a twisted version of Clue). Nice and stingy. The second, about an hour later, was over the end of the bed with the lexan paddle, the wooden paddle, and six with the crop - which he made me count! Owwww! But the funny thing is, it's now just a couple of hours later and most traces are gone. The heat is definitely gone. And there's just a little bit of soreness there, but not enough to make it uncomfortable to sit or anything like that. And even that will have disappeared by morning. I've always loved the idea of 'by the time I'm through with you, young lady, you won't be able to sit down for a week'. But I've also come to realize that with my iron butt, you would have to half kill me to accomplish that, so I guess I'll take a pass! Great for fantasy, but not for reality. I do wish the heat and sting would last just a bit longer though. And we did break one of the 'rules' of the week-long crash course - yes, he had his way with me after the second round. Well, can't really blame him. Besides, I might be a little insulted if the sight of his wife on the bed on all fours with a naked red bottom didn't entice him to make like a Great Dane! LOL!

Born Too Late?

I just love these old vintage spanking photos. Him in his shirt sleeves, her with her panties pulled down just low enough for her bottom cheeks to peep out. The target area prettily framed by her panties and lifted skirt. That's what I like to see. Some of the pictures now are just too overtly sexual - everybody naked, ready to jump each other when the spanking stops! I guess I like the spankings that are more 'real' - more discipline than foreplay. That's what makes these old photos believable to me. I can imagine that he has come home from work and found out that she put a dent in the car that day. Over she goes, pants down, commence spanking! And you can imagine her getting up when he is done and going to the kitchen to start dinner while he sits down with the newspaper. Of course, in my house, my hubby would go to the kitchen to start dinner - LOL! We have decided it's better if I don't cook. But even if I don't want to live the 1950's lifestyle, it's fun to fantasize about the 1950's spankings. I also wonder if these folks are still around! Do they know their photos are floating around on the internet? Or do some of their family ever see these and recognize them? Wouldn't that be a shock? 'Mom! Dad! Oh my God!' Or even worse - 'Grandma! And that's not Grandpa!'

So what do you like? What do you want to see? I can tell by my counter that a lot of people are stopping by, but no one comments. Leave me a message - tell me what you want to see and I will do my best to find it (as long as it relates to spanking, that is!). I hate feeling like I'm talking to myself here. Every blogger wants feedback - otherwise, we'd go back to the little notebook with the lock on the outside.

Oh, and I missed out last night on my third spanking. But there were reasons. My hubby's mother is in the hospital and we had to go see her. Nothing serious - just some tests and getting her meds straightened out - but it was time consuming and tiring. Hubby insists that I'm getting a double dose tonight. We'll see!