Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Going To Be Paying For A While..............

Oh man - what a weekend! Where to start?

Friday - One gold medal. But hubby was tired that night and besides, we were on the phone all evening with relatives to give them the news about our visa interview. So a rain check was written for that night.

Saturday - 9 freakin' medals - 4 gold, 1 silver, 4 bronze. And I got smart earlier and said they would take six in one day. How optimistic of me! But that night, I wasn't feeling well so we put it off for another night.

Sunday - another 8 medals. All right, I want to see some drug testing and I want to see it now! 4 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze. Tonight, there was no getting out of it. I got a spanking, followed by 6 cracks of the riding crop. But better that than the cane! So a gold and a bronze paid for.

We have agreed that I will continue to pay off all the medals until they are all accounted for - I'll still be working on this list when the next Olympics rolls around! Only 8 gold, 4 silver, and 4 bronze to go - so far! So I have a message for the British team. In theatre, we tell people to break a leg as it is bad luck to wish someone good luck. Therefore, to the Brits I say - good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck! And just to be on the safe side - break a leg while you're at it!

By the way - congrats to Canada! 7 medals - woo-hoo!
I also have to say - as much as I am rooting for the USA, and as much as I wanted Michael Phelps to get his 8 golds, I don't think he won that 7th one. Anyone else think that? I need to see some more good photos of that slow motion finish before I am convinced that he beat Cavic in the 100M Butterfly. Even the commentators over here were screaming that there was a mistake and there was no way Phelps won. Just my opinion.