Sunday, August 10, 2008


England just got a gold medal in women's cycling. My husband is snickering. Guess we know what is happening in our house tonight. Couldn't England have started out with a bronze so I could ease into this!?

UPDATE: 10PM. At 9:30 on the dot, I was informed that I had an appointment and taken to the bedroom. He had placed our inflatable ab toner (those wedge-shaped things) across the bed and a step stool beside the bed. I had to step up on the stool and lay over the ab toner. My panties quickly hit the floor and he started the warm-up spanking. That lasted for a few minutes until he decided I was red enough. Six strokes of the cane were next as he sang the praises of Ms. Cook (the cyclist who won the gold medal). I have to say, I think the warm-up hurt more than the cane, but only because he took it easy on me since I'm not used to the cane. We then made further use of my position over the ab toner, but this isn't that kind of blog! Now, can we please all hope that if England gets any more medals tomorrow, they are of the silver or bronze variety so I can get a little recovery time? Better yet, give 'em all to some poor country that never wins anything!