Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I just got a message on my guestbook saying, 'It's 4:39pm. Is the ab toner in use?' I love it! Nice to know people are reading my blog! No, dear, no ab toner tonight. But I did get bent over the side of the bed, panties pulled down, spanked until I squealed, and then 20 swats with the lucite paddle, the one with the holes in it. OWWWWW! Thank you ever so much, Team GB, for that silver medal in the women's timed cycling trials. Dear god - we haven't even gotten to the track and field or rowing finals yet, and I know the Brits are favored for medals in a lot of those. I'm in BIG trouble!

We did agree tonight that medals in boxing don't count as neither one of us will recognize that barbarian, morally reprehensible practice as a sport. If you walked up to a guy in a pub and punched him, you'd end up in jail. It's assault and it's not a sport - it's senseless brutality. People win by beating the crap out of the other guy. So caveman and primitive - haven't we evolved past that? Bullies with way too much testosterone and a chip on their shoulder. But since they consent to it, it's ok? So that begs the question - I give my consent to be spanked, so why could they still jail my hubby for it? Where's the fairness in that? Ok, that's my rant for the night. Just my opinion, and I'll stick by it.