Friday, September 14, 2007

Roadside fantasy

Anyone else have this fantasy? This is how mine goes.
We're driving along - probably going some place I don't want to go. I'm sitting there pouting - there is only stony silence from me. He makes attempts at conversation, all of which I ignore as I stare out the window, arms crossed tightly across my chest. Finally, I hear him growl. 'Young lady, if you don't straighten up, I swear I'll pull this car over and spank that mood right out of you!' I mumble a reply under my breath - 'Yeah, right!' Big mistake. I didn't say it quietly enough. He suddenly makes a hard right turn down a country lane. Once out of sight of the main road, he slides the car to a halt in a cloud of dust. I sit there, wide-eyed, as he storms over to my side of the car and yanks the door open. Grabbing my arm, he pulls me out of the car. 'No! Wait! I'm sorry! I'll behave, I promise!' I stutter in protest. Too late. I find myself face down, laying across the warm hood of the car. I gasp as he rapidly dispatches my pants and panties to my knees. Feelings of panic at being discovered bare bottomed on the side of the road are soon forgotten as he delivers hard, fast smacks to my bottom. All worries of being seen or heard are no longer an issue - each loud slap is followed by an equally loud squeal from me. When my bottom is hot and red, and I am yelling out my apologies and my promises to be good, he stops. I bolt upright, rubbing my bottom and dancing in the dirt until I am told to get my pants up and get back in the car. I do so, lowering myself gingerly in to my seat. He gets back behind the wheel, turns the car around, and goes back to the main road. And just when I think my ordeal is over, he informs me sternly that the minute we get home, I am to drop my pants and go straight to the corner for 30 minutes. I start to breathe easier. I can handle half an hour with my red backside on display. But my stomach plummets when he continues and tells me that my punishment is not over! After my cornertime, he says, he is going to put me over his knee and take the hairbrush to my naughty behind until he is sure I have learned my lesson! The rest of the trip is spent in a different kind of silence........................................
So there you go. Pictures like this can really get my mind rolling along. The challenge is to figure out how to make these things happen - LOL! I also really like the handprint that shows up in this picture. Gives it a great reality factor.
Anyone want to hear any more of my picture fantasies?