Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ok, for anyone else who has been frustrated in trying to get their hubby/boyfriend into this 'lifestyle', I have found the most incredible ebooks! The first one came out and I purchased it. It's called How To Get The Spanking You Want: The Complete Guide To Asking For It, Getting It & Making It Better. Blew me away! Well written, lots of information. I've been mulling it over in my brain for a while. Then the second book came out - How To Give A Spanking: Advice From The Receiving End. I got it tonight and read it straight through. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up - felt like she had written this book about me! Everything I have been trying to say to my husband for the last seven years (and failing miserably) is in this book! It's not about technique - it's about the emotional needs we have, why it is so important to us, our expectations, why our expectations are different from our partners, what our partner will gain from it, etc. After I read it, I screwed up my nerve and emailed it to hubby, asking him to read it. (Not illegal sharing - his laptop is two feet away from mine!) They are so good, I've placed links to them on the left hand side of my blog. Please - take a look (click on the text link above the pictures). I don't normally go in for advertising here, but I really wanted to share these with you. I know some of you are in the same boat as I am and these books contain the best information I've ever seen. I hope they'll be as helpful to you as I hope they will be to me. (And they offer a money back guarantee, so what do you have to lose?!)

Spoke too soon!

Hey - 2 postings from me in two days! Aren't I good? Anyway, yesterday, we were in the grocery store and hubby asked what I wanted for dinner. Feeling rather feisty, I muttered, 'If I said a rump roast, would you still think I was talking about dinner?' He chuckled, and we went on about our business.

Later that evening, as we were relaxing on the back porch, he stood and announced his plans for the evening. 'I'm going to take a soak in the hot tub, and then I'm dragging you upstairs.' 'What for?' I asked, trying not to smirk. 'I'm going to spank your bottom.' And then he nonchalantly hopped into the hot tub. When he was done, he dried off and then hovered around waiting for me to stop tapping on my keyboard. I admit I went on for a little longer than necessary! I stopped, he grabbed my wrist, and away we went! Pillows were piled at the side of the bed, I was tossed over them, panties were yanked down, a bottom was turned red, and .... (I'll stop there. This isn't that kind of blog.)

So yes, I finally got a spanking. For the first time in a long while. Don't know how long it will be until the next one, but I'm ever hopeful. When I ever get one without having to ask for it, I will be overjoyed!