Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Story Time

Ok, so it's not the most creative title! But it is what it is. I promised a story, so hope you enjoy!

The Naughty Schoolgirl

When Mark came through the front door, it was with the air of expectation. It was Friday and the work week was done. He also was hoping for some ‘quality’ time with his wife, Leigh. It had been a hectic week and they had both been a bit stressed, Leigh more so than him. She had some things to answer for concerning her attitude earlier in the week, and Mark had been debating on the way home how he was going to approach the subject. More importantly, he had been thinking how a certain young lady was in need of a good scolding and a bottom-warming, and he was more than happy to be the one to paddle her adorable but deserving butt!

He sensed something was already in the air when he walked into the house. The silence was deafening. No TV on, no sign of his wife running up to greet him as she usually did. He put down his briefcase and went to look for her. Through the downstairs, into the kitchen - still no Leigh. He was about to run upstairs when he heard a small cough from the back of the house. ‘Leigh?’ he called out. ‘Where are you?’ A small voice called back. ‘In your office - - - Sir.’ Sir? Mark was instantly intrigued and he strode to his home office and opened the door. The sight that greeted him made his heart pound, and he stood in the doorway for a moment, taking it all in.

Leigh was seated in a straight-backed chair, facing his desk which meant she was sitting with her side towards the door. Mark had a view of her in complete profile. She was wearing her school girl uniform - white blouse, pleated plaid skirt, ankle socks, and black patent leather shoes. Her hair was brushed back and a ribbon was tied around her head. Mark saw her stiffen as he opened the door but she sat still in her chair, her hands clasped tightly in her lap, her eyes on the floor in front of her feet which were pulled back under her chair and twisted around one another at the ankles. He could see the top foot was jiggling rapidly as if she were trying to push her nervousness out through her toes. Looking over at the desk, he saw a lone envelope lying in the centre of his desk blotter. Mark realized he no longer had to worry about how to approach the subject of disciplining his errant wife. It was now his job to correct a naughty schoolgirl and he gladly launched into his role. Squaring his shoulders, he walked across the room and sat behind his desk. Leigh never looked up, her eyes glued to the carpet.

Mark picked up the envelope that was addressed to him. He suppressed a smile when he saw the hand-drawn stamp and cancellation mark in the upper right corner. The return address in the upper left was from the Chastenwood Academy. Before opening it, he tapped the corner of it on his desk. Sternly glaring at Leigh, he spoke. ‘What’s this all about, young lady? Are you in trouble at school?’ he demanded. Leigh jumped, and mumbled an answer. ‘Speak up, little girl! I said, are you in trouble at school?’ Mark growled. She repeated her answer, a little louder, her voice trembling. ‘Y - yes Sir, I th - think so.’ ‘You THINK so?’ Mark echoed. ‘Well, let’s just see!’ He slit the envelope open and pulled out the sheet of paper. Unfolding it, he began to read it out loud:

“Dear Mr. Bender,

I feel it is time to write to you to ask for your assistance with regards to Leigh’s behaviour. We have been having a few problems with her as to her attitude in class and getting her homework done and turned in. I have tried keeping her after school in detention, and we have even gone so far on two occasions as to administer corporal punishment. She has now received the paddle in my office twice. The first time was for tardiness and she was paddled three times over her skirt. The second time was for homework not being done after repeated warnings and she received six swats on the seat of her panties..... “

Mark stopped reading and addressed his wife-turned-child, who was now cringing in her chair. Still staring at the floor, she was now squirming from side to side, possibly in anticipation of the red hot bottom she knew was in her future. ‘Sit still and look at me, young lady!’ Mark ordered. Leigh quickly planted her backside flat on the chair, and slowly raised her head until her eyes met his. When he had her attention, he continued. ‘So you haven’t been doing your homework and you’ve been late for class, not to mention the fact that you have been paddled twice at school and you haven’t told me. What do you have to say for yourself?’ Leigh’s eyebrows went up hopefully. ‘I’m sorry I was naughty and I won’t do it again?’ she replied. Mark’s eyebrows came down low over his eyes. ‘Nice try, but I don’t think so, missy.’ Slapping the letter back down on his desk, he rose and quickly moved around the desk to Leigh’s side. She squealed as he took her by the arm and pulled her to her feet. He then propelled her across the room and placed her in the corner with her nose to the wall. She shrieked as he lifted her skirt, tucking the hem into the waistband. Her hands grabbed for her panties a split second too late as he whisked them down off her hips to her knees. Giving her a half dozen sharp slaps to her now-bare bottom to show her he meant business, he ordered her to put her hands on her head and stand still. Haltingly, Leigh obeyed. Mark retrieved the letter and finished reading it, this time standing right behind her.

"Unfortunately, these methods don’t seem to be having the desired effect. She has now been involved in an altercation with a teacher, and I think stronger measures are called for - ones that I do not have the authority to administer. If I may be so bold as to offer a suggestion, I think Leigh would benefit greatly from a session over your knee with her bare bottom feeling the sting of a good hairbrush spanking. I also think she should then spend some time in the corner to think about her actions. Restricting her computer and bed times might also help to get her on a better schedule.

I hate to suggest such drastic measures, but I am afraid that if this situation continues, our only further course of action will be to expel her, and I’m sure none of us want that. Please write back and let me know what you decide to do. I am willing to help you in any way I can.


Headmistress Johnson”

‘An altercation with a teacher? Explain yourself, missy!’ Mark thundered. Leigh stammered out an indignant reply. ‘Miss Pinchley started it! I was just tired during gym class, and I wanted to sit down and rest! She told me I had to run laps with the rest of the girls, and I - I told her to...’ Her voice trailed off. ‘You told her to what?’ Mark prompted. Leigh clamped her mouth shut. A loud *SMACK* to her bottom loosened her tongue. ‘OW! Ok! I told her to fuck off!’ she shrieked in a rush. A long pause. ‘You told her to what?’ Mark said again, this time his voice low and incredulous, hot with anger that Leigh could feel on the back of her neck. She squirmed and repeated the statement, still trying to defend her actions. ‘I told her to fuck off. I said I was sorry right after and promised not to do it again. But the old bat still got pissed off and sent me to the principal’s office! I tried to tell her I was just tired but she wouldn’t listen! She doesn’t care about any of us at all....’ Her tirade was interrupted by another hard *SWAT* to her bottom, this one shocking her into silence.

‘That’s enough!’ Mark commanded. ‘Your headmistress is right - you are in need of a good spanking! First you behave so badly and then try to justify it by saying you were tired? And calling your teacher an old bat? You don’t sound sorry to me at all! There is no excuse for what you did, and if it keeps up, you are going to end up getting kicked out of school! I will not tolerate that, and things are going to change around here to make sure it doesn’t happen. You will stand there for a while I decide your punishment, and I don’t want to hear another peep out of you! I promise you, you will be sorry for your behaviour - VERY sorry - when I get finished with you, little girl! You are going to learn that your attitude is not worth the trouble it gets you in to!’ He walked back to his desk, flung the letter down on it, and then stormed from the room, leaving Leigh to stand miserably in the corner, awaiting her fate.

Thirty minutes passed. The time seemed interminable to Leigh, but at the same time she wanted it to go on longer, to delay the inevitable. She jumped when she heard Mark come back into the room, and a chill washed over her body as she felt him staring at her. He kept her in suspense for a few minutes longer, moving things around the room so that she could hear but not see what he was doing. When he finally called her to turn around and come to him, she did so slowly and he could see the look of dread on her face when she saw him seated in the straight-backed chair, now turned away from the desk. He said nothing as she shuffled across the room to him, her steps hindered by the panties at her knees. The first sound either of them made was the loud ‘Oooooohhhh!’ from Leigh when he took her by the wrist and tumbled her down across his knee. Still working silently, Mark shifted her forward so her head was down near the carpet and her bare bottom was centered enticingly over his thigh. She was off balance and had to place her hands on the floor to keep from falling on her head. He placed his other leg over hers, clamping her in place so she couldn’t twist away from him. Wrapping one arm around her waist, he began to pat her bottom. Leigh’s cheeks begin to involuntarily clench - she knew he preferred to combine the warm-up with a lecture, and this time proved to be no different.

PAT PAT PAT ‘You were very naughty, weren’t you, young lady?’ *SMACK* ‘Ow! Yes sir, I guess so!’ PAT PAT PAT ‘You guess so?’ *SWAT* ‘Owie! Ok! Yes sir, I was!’ PAT PAT PAT ‘You were what, little girl?’ *WHAP* ‘Yeow! I was naughty, sir!’ PAT PAT PAT ‘And what happens to naughty little girls?’ *CRACK* ‘OW! They get a spanking, sir!’ PAT PAT PAT ‘So you agree that you were naughty and deserve a spanking?’ *SPLAT* *WHAP* ‘Ow ow ow! Yes sir!’ PAT PAT ‘Good girl! Never let it be said that I don’t give you everything you deserve!’ With that, the patting stopped and the spanking began in earnest. *SMACK* *CRACK* *WHAP* *SPLAT* Mark’s hand rose and fell, again and again. The spanks started out slow and moderate, but quickly sped up and increased in strength. *SMACK* *CRACK* *WHAP* *SPLAT* After a minute or so, Leigh could feel the heat building in her backside. *SMACK* *CRACK* *WHAP* *SPLAT* Another minute passed and the sting had spread across her buttocks. Her toes were drumming the carpet. *SMACK* *CRACK* *WHAP* *SPLAT* By now, Leigh was wailing and yelping with each swat and her hand flew back to protect her bottom. Mark simply grabbed it and pinned it to the small of her back as he continued to spank. *SMACK* *CRACK* *WHAP* *SLAP* Leigh howled with each impact. After a steady ten minutes of spanking, Mark’s hand was beginning to smart, so he paused, rubbing her hot bottom while she caught her breath.

Once Leigh had stopped panting and he felt her go limp over his knee, Mark reached over to the desk and picked up the hairbrush. She squealed in despair when she felt the cool hard wood laid on her sore bottom. ‘Hush!’ Mark ordered as he moved the implement in slow circles over Leigh’s backside. ‘Before I paddle this naughty butt, I have some new rules that you are going to have to listen to. One, since all this bad behaviour has apparently been caused because you are tired and cranky from lack of sleep, you will now go to bed at 9PM every night until further notice! And two....’ *CRACK* He smacked Leigh quickly when she arched up and tried to protest the bedtime rule. The sting of the hairbrush quickly silenced her and she flopped back down over his knee. Mark continued. ‘As I was saying, two, since you are spending too much time playing on the computer and not getting your homework done, the computer is now for homework only! Any playing will result in another trip over my knee. And I will be checking your history to make sure you are behaving. Is that understood, young lady?’ ‘Yes sir!’ Leigh wailed in response. ‘Good,’ Mark said. ‘Now let’s get this punishment underway!’

Gripping her tightly around the waist, Mark began to apply the hairbrush soundly to Leigh’s bottom. Fifty times the hard wood crashed down on her tender skin, each stroke flattening the puffy flesh. *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* The sounds of impact and Leigh’s cries and howls mingled in the air. *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* Mark paddled quickly, each stroke as hard as the last, covering every square millimetre of Leigh’s bottom. *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* By the time the last one had landed, the heat was radiating off her swollen cheeks, and Leigh was limp and sobbing over his lap. Mark dropped the hairbrush to the floor and gently helped her to her feet. He guided her back to the corner and placed her there with her nose to the wall. Warning her to stay put until she was called, Mark returned to his desk. He picked up the letter from the school, flipped it over, and began to write. The scratching of his pen was accompanied by the sniffles emanating from the corner.

When he was finished, he sat for a while, enjoying the view of her red, throbbing bottom as she stood facing the wall. He could almost see the cheeks pulsating from across the room. Leigh shifted from one foot to the other as she resisted the urge to reach back and rub her flaming behind. Finally, he called to her. ‘Turn around and come here, young lady.’ Leigh slowly twirled to face him and made her way to the desk. She stood facing him, her eyes down and her hands clasped in front of her. Mark held out the letter. ‘You are to take this back to your headmistress tomorrow. Right now, I want you to read it out loud to me so that you know what I have told her and what you have to look forward to.’ Leigh reached out a shaky hand and took the paper. She inhaled deeply and read:

"Dear Headmistress Johnson,

Thank you for the heads up regarding Leigh’s behaviour. I didn’t realize things were getting so bad and I appreciate the chance to rectify things before you had to resort to expulsion.

I have now taken steps to improve Leigh’s attitude. After I read your letter, Leigh was sent to the corner with her skirt up and her panties down while I scolded her about her actions. She spent a good half hour with her nose to the wall. I then put her over my knee. She received a sound ten minute spanking with my hand. I then switched to the hairbrush and administered 50 hard smacks to her bare bottom. By the time I had finished, she was kicking and crying and promising to do better in the future. She was then sent with a very red behind on display to spend another 30 minutes in the corner. She was grounded from her computer except for schoolwork and her bedtime has been moved to 9pm until further notice. She has also been told she will receive a comparable punishment every night this week to remind her of her promise to behave. She has been promised the paddle tomorrow.”

Leigh stopped for a moment and looked up, her eyes wide. She opened her mouth to protest but thought better of it when she saw Mark’s face. He waved at her to continue.

“As a result, you may see her sitting gingerly in class. Please pay no mind. However, if the problems continue, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will deal with them accordingly. Leigh knows this and you should start to see an improvement in her attitude.


Mr. Mark Bender

Leigh laid the letter back down on the desk and resumed her demure position, eyes down and hands clasped. ‘Do you understand the letter, little girl?’ Mark asked. ‘Yes sir,’ Leigh replied softly. ‘Are you going to do your best to behave from now on and be respectful to your teachers?’ Leigh repeated the same two words. ‘And do you understand that any further misbehaviour will not be tolerated and that you will find yourself bare-bottomed over my knee for another hard spanking if you act like a naughty little girl again?’ At this warning, Leigh could only nod miserably. Mark decided that she had been punished enough and had learned her lesson - for now. He stood and walked around the desk to her, drawing her into his arms. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. His hands slid down and gently squeezed her scorched bottom. To his surprise and delight, she responded to his touch by arching her back and pressing her hips hard against his. A low moan escaped her as she lifted her face, her lips ferociously seeking out his. Mark quickly decided the bedtime rule could be extended for one night. His wife was back.................