Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Going To Be Paying For A While..............

Oh man - what a weekend! Where to start?

Friday - One gold medal. But hubby was tired that night and besides, we were on the phone all evening with relatives to give them the news about our visa interview. So a rain check was written for that night.

Saturday - 9 freakin' medals - 4 gold, 1 silver, 4 bronze. And I got smart earlier and said they would take six in one day. How optimistic of me! But that night, I wasn't feeling well so we put it off for another night.

Sunday - another 8 medals. All right, I want to see some drug testing and I want to see it now! 4 gold, 3 silver, 1 bronze. Tonight, there was no getting out of it. I got a spanking, followed by 6 cracks of the riding crop. But better that than the cane! So a gold and a bronze paid for.

We have agreed that I will continue to pay off all the medals until they are all accounted for - I'll still be working on this list when the next Olympics rolls around! Only 8 gold, 4 silver, and 4 bronze to go - so far! So I have a message for the British team. In theatre, we tell people to break a leg as it is bad luck to wish someone good luck. Therefore, to the Brits I say - good luck, good luck, good luck, good luck! And just to be on the safe side - break a leg while you're at it!

By the way - congrats to Canada! 7 medals - woo-hoo!
I also have to say - as much as I am rooting for the USA, and as much as I wanted Michael Phelps to get his 8 golds, I don't think he won that 7th one. Anyone else think that? I need to see some more good photos of that slow motion finish before I am convinced that he beat Cavic in the 100M Butterfly. Even the commentators over here were screaming that there was a mistake and there was no way Phelps won. Just my opinion.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Britain Wins 9 Medals In One Day......

Ssssshhhhhhhhhh! I'm hiding..........................

Friday, August 15, 2008

How I Feel Today..............

The woman in this video looks like how I feel today! Picture me dancing around the living room! We got the letter from the US Embassy today - hubby finally has his interview date for his green card! Three weeks from now! We'll be back in the States by October! Excuse all the exclamation points! I'm - we're - going home! Yippee! I'm so excited.......!

P.S. On the other news, Britian got a gold medal today, so I'll have to pay for that later. But I'm in such a good mood, I don't care!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Day Off!

Aw gee - England did not win one single medal of any color or description today! Woo-hoo! My butt gets a day of vacation. And I feel fairly confident saying that now as it is now 11:30pm in China, and unless they have vampires on the teams, I don't think there will be any more medals won today. (Doing the happy dance instead of the ouchie one.)

Would you believe, when I gave hubby this piece of news, his response was, 'Well, I guess I could use a night off'. .... Ex-CUSE ME? HE could use a night off?! Doesn't that just prove the point I made in an earlier post about whiny tops complaining that their hands hurt or their arms are tired?! HA! If he thinks he's getting any sympathy from me, he's barking up the wrong bottom. I think this evening I may just have to wiggle my backside at him every chance I get, and just when he is ready to grab it, remind him that it's his 'night off', so hands off! LOL! Sorry folks, but at 9:30pm tonight, I will sitting on my butt, not waving it in the air, and happily watching Big Brother from the safety of my couch. (I'm taking any chance I get to gloat because I know, at least one day in the next week and a half, England is going to get a surge in energy and snap up half a dozen medals in one day.) And to those of you who are rooting for England to win, I have just one word - ppppppffffffftttttttttt!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I just got a message on my guestbook saying, 'It's 4:39pm. Is the ab toner in use?' I love it! Nice to know people are reading my blog! No, dear, no ab toner tonight. But I did get bent over the side of the bed, panties pulled down, spanked until I squealed, and then 20 swats with the lucite paddle, the one with the holes in it. OWWWWW! Thank you ever so much, Team GB, for that silver medal in the women's timed cycling trials. Dear god - we haven't even gotten to the track and field or rowing finals yet, and I know the Brits are favored for medals in a lot of those. I'm in BIG trouble!

We did agree tonight that medals in boxing don't count as neither one of us will recognize that barbarian, morally reprehensible practice as a sport. If you walked up to a guy in a pub and punched him, you'd end up in jail. It's assault and it's not a sport - it's senseless brutality. People win by beating the crap out of the other guy. So caveman and primitive - haven't we evolved past that? Bullies with way too much testosterone and a chip on their shoulder. But since they consent to it, it's ok? So that begs the question - I give my consent to be spanked, so why could they still jail my hubby for it? Where's the fairness in that? Ok, that's my rant for the night. Just my opinion, and I'll stick by it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Daily Olympic Count

Well, it's now after 6PM in China, so hopefully all the medals that are going to be won today have been. At least I pray they have. Britain got a silver today - in canoeing (now that's interesting - my spellcheck wanted to change that word to caning!). You know, I think I should have negotiated a lesser penalty for 'Events That Nobody Gives A Rat's *ss About'! Dumb me - popular event, obscure event, I get the same sore butt. LOL! Not complaining though (well, not really). I'm just curious to see who has the stamina to last out the whole two weeks of the Games - hubby or me! We know how these tops can whine about how sore their hands get and how tired their arms are - awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Luckily, no cane tonight as my butt is still a bit tender after last night's 6 strokes. Not overly painful - just that warm burn when you sit down. Lovely................................. I get the feeling that that will change by about 10pm tonight! Words of encouragement from my readers are always appreciated.

P.S. Damn - spoke too soon. The horsey set just pulled off a bronze in the Team Horse Jumping. Oh well - at least it isn't a gold!
P.S.S. And another bronze! What are these Brits trying to do to me?

UPDATE: The debt is paid for another night. Bent over the bed for a handspanking on the bare. I think he went kind of easy on me as I had 3 medals to pay for. But he still has a hard hand! After that, it was 20 swats with the leather paddle. Owwwwww! Those had my feet dancing all over the floor! Then a bit more spanking until he decided I had paid an appropriate price. And I have these lycra stretchy panties on so when he pulled them back up, all that heat got trapped inside. Wow - lots of warmth. (Ladies, if you want to feel the heat, I highly recommend lycra-type panties. They don't breathe like cotton so they hold everything in!) But I also got a bit of a treat. Before the panties came back up, I got a lovely back and butt massage, all up and down my body. Yummmmmmm...... That was worth the spanking and the paddling!
I do think I've created a monster, though. Tonight he asked if this agreement extended through the Paralympics, which are on right after the Olympics! I said NO! LOL!

On a more contemplative note - those of you who read my blog know that I have always had an interest in the domestic discipline side of spanking (duh), while my husband leans more toward the use of spanking as foreplay. He couldn't grasp 'punishing' me, as any time he spanked me, he would then immediately want sex (which is fine - not complaining - thank god my fat butt turns him on!). Just could not separate spanking from sex. I think this whole challenge for the two weeks of the Games is having the unexpected effect of helping him to do just that! The first couple of nights, of course it ended with sex. But tonight, the third night in a row, was a bit much for either of us in that department so he was quite happy to just spank me and then say goodnight. So maybe over the next couple of weeks he might come to see and enjoy the merits of spanking for its own sake. This could be a very good step in the right direction!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Damn Brits

Well, another gold and a bronze medal today for the Brits! So at 9:30 tonight, I got told to go to the bedroom and get in position. Kind of an odd feeling to just go into the room, throw yourself over some pillows on the bed, and await your fate. For the bronze medal, I got a long handspanking, first over the panties and then on the bare. My hubby has a hard hand! Then it was on to the gold medal. We agreed to a warm up before the cane, so I thought the spanking for the bronze would be enough of a warm up. No! Hubby decided I needed a bit more warming up, so I got a few with the paddle too. Not fair! Then it was 6 strokes of the cane. Ye-ouch! At least he did let me request that he use the light nursery cane instead of the senior cane. (Nursery, senior - yes, they have weird classifications for their canes over here.) I don't ever want that senior one - it is thick and thuddy! At least the other one is just more stingy. So now we will have to wait and see what the Brits do tomorrow. Maybe they'll give me a reprieve and have a bad day. Come on anybody but England!

Hubby is definitely enjoying this. Afterwards, he asked if this same arrangement was going to apply to the Winter Olympics in 2010! I think we have flicked his spanking switch...........

Sunday, August 10, 2008


England just got a gold medal in women's cycling. My husband is snickering. Guess we know what is happening in our house tonight. Couldn't England have started out with a bronze so I could ease into this!?

UPDATE: 10PM. At 9:30 on the dot, I was informed that I had an appointment and taken to the bedroom. He had placed our inflatable ab toner (those wedge-shaped things) across the bed and a step stool beside the bed. I had to step up on the stool and lay over the ab toner. My panties quickly hit the floor and he started the warm-up spanking. That lasted for a few minutes until he decided I was red enough. Six strokes of the cane were next as he sang the praises of Ms. Cook (the cyclist who won the gold medal). I have to say, I think the warm-up hurt more than the cane, but only because he took it easy on me since I'm not used to the cane. We then made further use of my position over the ab toner, but this isn't that kind of blog! Now, can we please all hope that if England gets any more medals tomorrow, they are of the silver or bronze variety so I can get a little recovery time? Better yet, give 'em all to some poor country that never wins anything!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Safe so far...............

Whew! Britain didn't win any medals today! But I have to tell you - setting up this wagering system has had some interesting effects.......

The TV has been on all day, tuned to the Games. Hubby, who never watches this kind of stuff, has been glued to the set any time England is competing. We also don't mention spanking in the usual course of conversation. Well, today it has been the main topic! He has had great fun telling me, 'Your butt has just been saved! England just got knocked out of the running for a medal in (name of event here)'. He is also highly amused by my style of cheering for the athletes. Usually, I'm yelling at the TV, 'Go USA!'. Now, it's 'Go anybody but England!'. Earlier, he was even talking to the TV, telling the British team to 'Get motivated, boys!' We have a chart made up so we can keep track of any medals that England wins and check off that I have paid my 'penalty'.

So we are definitely having fun. He is actually enjoying the Olympics and there is a lot of teasing and threatening going on regarding what my butt is in for. It's really been an icebreaker.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Spanking For England

(Yeah, right. London. 2012. Talk about a cluster fu....... Never mind - that's for another post.)

Oh, dear reader, I fear that I have really gone and stepped in it this time! Wait a minute - who am I trying to kid? I jumped right into it with both feet. What, you may ask, is IT? Shall I explain?

As you know, I am a huge fan of the Olympics. So while watching the Opening Ceremonies today, a thought came to me. I've been trying to find a way to jump start our spanking life. What if I were to make a game of the Games? I, of course, am cheering for the good old USA. So I thought some more, and finally hatched my plan.

I waited this evening until we had eaten dinner and were just being couch potatoes. Finally, I screwed up my nerve and asked hubby what he thought about making the next 16 days of the Games more interesting. He replied with a cocked eyebrow and a 'Go on............' I plunged in. Choosing my words carefully, I suggested that we could set 'penalties' that I would have to pay every time England won a medal. He wanted to know if that only applied to gold medals or if we were talking all medals. *Gulp* Apparently, he was warming to the idea!

I agreed that it could be for all medals. Yes, I did my research before suggesting this harebrained scheme. In 2004, England took 30 medals - 9 gold, 9 silver, and 12 bronze. Figured they weren't going to do any better than that and I could handle that much. Surely for the good of our spanking future I could make the sacrifice!

He next asked what sort of penalties I had in mind. Well, of course I had already thought that through, but I wanted him to get invested in the process, so I asked him what he thought they should be. Amazingly, he came up with pretty much what I had thought of! The following is what we settled on: a timed hand-spanking for bronze medals, a warm-up followed by 20 whacks with the implement of his choice excluding the cane or crop for silver, and a warm-up followed by 6 strokes of the cane or the crop for gold. He decided that I would check the medal standings every day at the same time for any British medals won in the previous 24 hours, and at 9:30 each evening, I would pay my penalties. Payments are limited to 3 per night (like England is going to win more than 3 medals in any one day!); more than that can be carried over to the next day. I also get a break between each penalty, probably to be spent as cornertime.

After that was settled, hubby was in a spanking mood so I was dragged off to the bedroom to pay the piper for another incident earlier today. You see, we had dentist appointments today. I have a terrible phobia about dentists. I have also gone like a good girl to every appointment for the last six years that I have lived here. Well, today it wasn't happening. We headed for the office and I just started to freak out. Nothing major, just racing heartbeat and feeling very anxious. Very strange - it simply is not in my nature to flip out like that. I finally told hubby that I couldn't do it - I was just not in the mood for anyone to be poking around in my mouth today. He laughed and said it was ok to chicken out. He also made the comment that he was going to smack my bum, to which I replied that I didn't care! Then he knew I was serious - I was willing to skip an appointment that we would still have to pay for since we cancelled at the last minute, and I never do anything like that. So he went in for his check-up while I stayed in the car. Would you believe - our dentist is really such a nice man, he wouldn't let us pay for my appointment! He said he understood, and he knew that I was very phobic about him in the first place (the first time we met, I told him I had a simple philosophy about dentists - you hurt me, I hurt you back), so he let it go. I felt much better about it after knowing that and figured I was off the hook. No such luck! Sitting here now on a warm backside as I type.

So what do you think of our Olympic spankings? Have I gotten myself into the deep stuff at the far end of the pond? Whatever - for the next couple of weeks, any time England wins a medal, think of me at 9:30pm GMT (4:30PM ET) and the fact that I am taking a spanking for England! And let's all pray that the British athletes are not having a banner year!

For once, England is first!

Oh boy! The Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics are today! I've been waiting for this. We never watch sports in this house (except for Cleveland Indians baseball), but for the next two weeks there will be nothing but on the telly. And we get it first for a change! The Opening Ceremonies are being broadcast live here, which means they start at 12:45PM here, which is only 7:45AM Eastern time, and you in the States don't get the show until 7:30PM Eastern time tonight. So I'll have seen the whole thing hours before it even kicks off over there (even though I will see it from the angle that the BBC wants me to see it. That's ok - I'm going to watch the US broadcast again tonight on my sling box.). I'm impressed...........
However, they don't always get it right over here. When the Commonwealth Games were on (the European version of the Olympics), they identifed Susan Sarandon as Suzanne Sar(rhymes with share)-an-done(rhymes with condone). Still makes us giggle.............
Let the Games begin! Hey, maybe this is an opportunity to make some spanking bets with hubby - USA versus England. Nah - maybe not. I'd win all the bets and still be spankless.

UPDATE: Ok, I'm only 15 minutes into the show, and I have to tell you - if you weren't planning on watching, you're making a big mistake! This is spectacular!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Big Brother

I'm watching the UK version of Big Brother tonight. One of the guys is named Rex and they surprised him by putting his girlfriend, Nicole, in the house. Let me tell you - he doesn't call her Princess for nothing! I keep hoping we will hear the voice of Big Brother saying:

'Will Rex please come to the Diary Room
and bring his whiny-ass, boo-hooing,
spoiled rotten Princess with him?'

Everybody (over here) wonders when they are going to see the first verified episode of a couple having sex on this show. Not me! Bring on the first ever bare bottom, prime time, televised, reality show butt blistering! If I ever needed to see the living embodiment of someone who truly needs a good spanking, this girl is it......................

Friday, August 01, 2008

Movie Review

Decided that if I was going to whine about the absense of good DD movies out there, I could at least tell you about some of the on-topic movies that ARE out there (that I've seen) and how they fit into our 'kink'. So here you go:

Nick Broomfield
Running time: 83 minutes
(Out of 5)
(See trailer below)

Fetishes is a film by Nick Broomfield, the master documentary maker (Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer and Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam, among others). It is part of his Documenting Icons series. Filmed in 1996 at the famous Pandora’s Box in Manhattan, NY, it looks at the role in society of a house of domination. Run by Mistress Raven - who bears a striking resemblance to Cher - Pandora’s Box is home to a number of dominatrices who cater to both male and female clients.

The documentary begins with archival black and white footage of a Bettie Page film. We are then introduced to the setting of Pandora’s Box - the fifth floor of a busy office building in downtown Manhattan. It caters to submissives who pay up to $1,000 for a single session (in 1996). That such an establishment operates legally in the midst of a busy city catches you off guard (it is legal as there is no sex allowed on the premises). Then we meet the Mistresses.

These women are a contradiction in terms. At first, they have you believe that they are noble and in control, providing a much-needed service. But in the blink of an eye, they can suddenly seem damaged and vulnerable. There is Natasha, who is described as the toughest of the dominatrices. Put her in a pony tail and you have the local Midwestern high school head cheerleader. Raised in a fundamentalist Christian school, she has a spiny pet iguana named Spike that she sleeps with. Probably says a lot about how she keeps men at a distance. In one shot, she first slaps a client in the head and then turns to look wistfully into the camera, saying ‘yeah, I’d like to get married and have kids some day’. In another scene, she is dealing with a male client who is into infantilism and is dressed as a young girl. Natasha is brushing his hair, and it becomes quite violent as she begins to yell at him that ‘being a big girl means pain in this world today’. One begins to wonder if it is the clients or the mistresses who have issues to work out here.

The other women are equally interesting and contradictory. Delilah was trained in the American School of Ballet and now works in research in her ‘normal’ job. She handles the more sensuous sessions (if you call clothespins stuck all over your body sensuous). Katherine is called the most sadistic and is an expert with a bullwhip. A very ethereal redhead, she comments that it’s ‘just kind of nice to be able to beat somebody every once in a while’, but later, in her apartment (which she moved into after splitting from her husband), claims ‘I can have a very healthy, normal relationship with a man’. Beatrice is the business manager, a French woman with a thick accent who they, of course, have handle the phone, which can lead to some interesting misunderstandings.

The establishment is designed to cater to any fantasy. There is the French dungeon with the guillotine (non-working), stocks, cages, and all manner of primitive forms of torture. There is the medical room which is very sterile and lit so that it looks like a set from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Every type of medical equipment that ever made you squirm is there to be used. A number of other rooms are available, though not all are shown on camera. However you desire to be submissive, it can be arranged.

I think that some aspects of a place like this are harmless. The guy who is into being a slave, dressing as a maid and coming in to clean the place every week, doing it not for pay but just for the privilege of serving his Mistress! (Where can I get me one of these?) But there were also some very disturbing instances. One client who has thoughts of genocide and killing people comes to be humiliated. They call him a socio-political client. I call him nuts. He says that with all the freaky thoughts in his head, he can calm down by doing something freaky. So they make him lick a toilet clean. (Nick looks decidedly uncomfortable when he has to interview a naked man whose head is in a toilet!) Personally, I would get this guy a psychiatrist and a Thorazine drip real quick like.

As I said in an earlier post, there are not many movies out there for someone like me who wants a gentler form of BDSM - the DD type. This is one of those that sometimes goes too far in places for people like me (I had to look away during the nipple piercing). But it does the job of answering Broomfield’s assertation that ‘most fetishes are the eroticization of one’s worst fears and nightmares. They reflect the worst thing that one could imagine happening’. I guess that is also true for those of us into DD, only on a MUCH lighter level, with the worst thing we could imagine being a spanking. For a great behind-the-scenes look at many different fetishes, including some good corporal punishment stuff, this is the film to watch. The ending is also fun as all the Mistresses gang up on Nick, claiming they owe him a session. He puts up a good fight and makes like King Kong, climbing up a piece of equipment to try to escape them. Available in the US on its own and also as part of the Documenting Icons box set. The full, uncut version (which I have) is available in the UK.

Pandora’s Box is apparently still in operation, though it seems to have moved as it now has its premises housed in a large basement facility in the Chelsea district of Manhattan. It has also merged with another domination studio, Den of Iniquity.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

I've Been Shopping.........

Three new books will soon be on my bookshelf:

Spanked: Red Cheeked Erotica

The True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy

Domestic Discipline

These all look interesting. I'll let you know what I think of them after they arrive and I've had a chance to read them. Decided I needed something new for my summer reading!

We Need A Good Spanking......................

Movie! The latest episode of Weeds really got me craving a good, full length DD type of movie. I know the Weeds spanking wasn't DD, but the realism of it was really refreshing. For those of you who haven't seen the clip -

So many of the spanking movies out there seem to have a different goal in mind than I do. Lots of them use spanking as foreplay, which is fine, but you can always sense that the spanking is just a way of getting from Point A to Point B (point B being sex). There is no real feel of DD in these movies. Too many shots of female genitalia, and the guy usually ends up naked too. Not conducive to putting me in a 'I've been a naughty girl - spank me' mood. There also tends to be a lot of slap and tickle going on, with lots of oooh's and ahhh's and giggling. I just can't get into the proper submissive mode when I'm watching a woman giving the guy a come hither look, moaning 'oh no, sir, please don't spank me' as she slowly turns her back to him and thrusts out her bottom while she leans over the nearest convenient pool table. Who's really in charge here? I want to see the man rolling up his sleeves (as he still has his shirt on) as he advances on his misbehaving wife. I want to see her backing away and looking for an escape route as she tries to talk him out of it. I want to see the struggle as she tries to get away from the painful swats that are landing on her bottom. I want to hear the Toppy lecture as he tells her what she has done wrong and what he is going to do about it. I want Point B to be the spanking!

The other type of spanking movie that seems to be the most common is the one that goes too far - the BDSM scene. Sorry, I can't take dog collars, whips and chains seriously, and hell would have to freeze over before I would call any man Sir and kneel at his feet. He can get me into the corner for a good scolding, but the Master/slave thing just doesn't do it for me. I don't need to see her tied to equipment that turns the whole thing into a circus act. I don't want to see angry red stripes criss-crossing a bottom until it looks like she sat on a hot grill and then slid down a concrete embankment on her bare butt. And if there is any blood? Forget about it! And then she still gives him a blow job! I'd be looking for the nearest sawed-off shotgun.....................

Don't get me wrong - these films have their place and their audience. I begrudge no one their kink. But from what I read on the blogs, there are a lot of us out there who are wanting more realism in our kink, and I don't feel like anyone is catering to us. We just want a harmless crime and a reasonable punishment. Fade out on the sniffling wife as she stands in the corner with her bright red bottom glowing. It seems like there is a huge market out there of people like me and someone is missing out on filling a need. (I bitch about this a lot at home - my hubby keeps telling me I should start making movies - LOL!) Maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places. If anyone knows a good source of these kinds of movies, please tell me! I need more than 2 minute clips.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We have received some very good news here this week. My husband was on the waiting list for heart surgery here in the UK. We finally got the appointment with the consultant for this past Monday. We went and they did more tests and then we waited some more, fully expecting to be given a date for the surgery. Instead, the consultant told us that no surgery was needed! Woohoo! So today I have been happily starting all the arrangements for our big move. Our next hurdle is my husband's visa, but we had already done the biggest part of that before we put it on hold while we waited for this operation. So that has now been kick-started today and I've been on the phone all day lining up quotes for a shipping container to move all our crap back over the ocean. (I am so tempted to go with the easy move package - a can of gas and a match.) It's so exciting - if all goes well, we could actually be back in the States by mid-October - Christmas in Florida! Let's just hope that Immigration doesn't hold things up (should be fairly automatic as I am an American citizen - just have to get them to cough up an interview date). Wish us luck!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Holy sh*t, Batman!

It is 79 degrees here in England today! I'm speechless....... I just can't say any more..... I'm all verklempt..............

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Applications now being accepted............

I have come to a conclusion. I need a new girlfriend. Um - let me explain that. I have lots of girlfriends. Some I've had for over 25 years. But none that extend into the side of my life that includes spanking. The only person I can talk to about that is my husband. I'm craving girl talk. Conversations that go naturally from the weather to our last shopping trip to our kids to the last spanking we got (or didn't get). Someone to share those experiences with as easily as talking about the last movie we saw. Someone who wouldn't be shocked when 'that' subject comes up. So I'm putting the idea out there. I'm looking for someone who is around my age (48) so that we might have had similar life experiences (kids, marriage, etc.). I'm an American living in England, so nationality doesn't matter as long as we can understand each other. I have a wicked sense of humor, so I'd love to talk to someone who isn't easily offended, but who is not overly offensive either. I like to hear about other people, but also want someone who is just as interested in me. I already have people in my life who are happy to talk to you as long as they are telling you about themself, but the minute you start to fill them in about your life, they have to go cook dinner. I'm just a normal, fun person who would like to have interesting conversations with another sane woman. We could start out as pen (email) pals, and then, if we like, move on to phone conversations. And that's as far as I see taking this. Don't worry - I'm not a weirdo who is looking to stalk someone and infringe upon their personal life. I just want someone I can talk to, damnit! (And I even have an insanely cheap calling plan, so I can make all the phone calls, even long distance ones to the States. I basically get them free.) So if there are any other normal females out there who would also like to be able to talk about this subject (and others - I would hope that wouldn't be ALL we would talk about) to another female, let me know. I'm told I'm a great listener and a good friend!

P.S. This is great - I've gotten responses from a couple of you and I'm looking forward to talking to you to see if we hit it off! But I can't get back to you as I don't have your email! Please be sure to go to my guestbook and leave me a private message with your email so I can get back in touch with you. Don't use the email link in the guestbook as that uses Outlook and I don't have that set up on my computer so I can't see your email address. Just type it into your message, and I'll drop you a line straight away.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Non-traditional use of chairs...................

We're all familiar with the traditional image of the OTK spanking - the spanker seated on the straight-backed, armless chair, his hapless spankee tumbled over his lap with her bottom in the air:

But I have found that I quite like the positions where there has been a more creative use of this common, everyday piece of furniture.

This one is definitely unusual. Not sure how practical it is, but you can be sure her hands won't be flying back to try to protect her bottom!

The two-chair approach. Much more stable than using just one chair.

How intriguing! Maybe not a good position for a rigid implement like a paddle, but looks like it would work well with the flexible ones like this tawse.

This one is just cute as hell. I'm sure she would have to be a very willing participant as it would be very easy to just flip off his lap, but still cute.

And my all time favorite:

Again, not good for rigid implements as he would take a chance on slapping himself in the thigh, and the spankee has to be pretty flexible as well, but it seems to be just the ticket for that slipper he is swinging!

So what's your favorite use of the chair? Are you a traditionalist, or are you more adventuresome, preferring something that looks like a balancing act in the circus? Personally, I'll take whatever I can get, but some of these look like they would be fun to try!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

This elephant gets more action than I do..........

I discovered an on-topic story this week that I had never heard of before. It is even by Rudyard Kipling, no less! I consider myself a fairly literate person and am shocked that I had never heard of this. What's worse is that I have a socially unacceptable show like Big Brother (the UK version) to thank for introducing it to me. Here it is for your enjoyment:

The Elephant's Child

IN the High and Far-Off Times the Elephant, O Best Beloved, had no trunk. He had only a blackish, bulgy nose, as big as a boot, that he could wriggle about from side to side; but he couldn't pick up things with it. But there was one Elephant--a new Elephant--an Elephant's Child--who was full of 'satiable curtiosity, and that means he asked ever so many questions. And he lived in Africa, and he filled all Africa with his 'satiable curtiosities. He asked his tall aunt, the Ostrich, why her tail-feathers grew just so, and his tall aunt the Ostrich spanked him with her hard, hard claw. He asked his tall uncle, the Giraffe, what made his skin spotty, and his tall uncle, the Giraffe, spanked him with his hard, hard hoof. And still he was full of 'satiable curtiosity! He asked his broad aunt, the Hippopotamus, why her eyes were red, and his broad aunt, the Hippopotamus, spanked him with her broad, broad hoof; and he asked his hairy uncle, the Baboon, why melons tasted just so, and his hairy uncle, the Baboon, spanked him with his hairy, hairy paw. And still he was full of 'satiable curtiosity! He asked questions about everything that he saw, or heard, or felt, or smelt, or touched, and all his uncles and his aunts spanked him. And still he was full of 'satiable curtiosity!

One fine morning in the middle of the Precession of the Equinoxes this 'satiable Elephant's Child asked a new fine question that he had never asked before. He asked, 'What does the Crocodile have for dinner?' Then everybody said, 'Hush!' in a loud and dretful tone, and they spanked him immediately and directly, without stopping, for a long time.

By and by, when that was finished, he came upon Kolokolo Bird sitting in the middle of a wait-a-bit thorn-bush, and he said, 'My father has spanked me, and my mother has spanked me; all my aunts and uncles have spanked me for my 'satiable curtiosity; and still I want to know what the Crocodile has for dinner!'

Then Kolokolo Bird said, with a mournful cry, 'Go to the banks of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees, and find out.'

That very next morning, when there was nothing left of the Equinoxes, because the Precession had preceded according to precedent, this 'satiable Elephant's Child took a hundred pounds of bananas (the little short red kind), and a hundred pounds of sugar-cane (the long purple kind), and seventeen melons (the greeny-crackly kind), and said to all his dear families, 'Goodbye. I am going to the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees, to find out what the Crocodile has for dinner.' And they all spanked him once more for luck, though he asked them most politely to stop.

Then he went away, a little warm, but not at all astonished, eating melons, and throwing the rind about, because he could not pick it up.

He went from Graham's Town to Kimberley, and from Kimberley to Khama's Country, and from Khama's Country he went east by north, eating melons all the time, till at last he came to the banks of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees, precisely as Kolokolo Bird had said.

Now you must know and understand, O Best Beloved, that till that very week, and day, and hour, and minute, this 'satiable Elephant's Child had never seen a Crocodile, and did not know what one was like. It was all his 'satiable curtiosity.

The first thing that he found was a Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake curled round a rock.

''Scuse me,' said the Elephant's Child most politely, 'but have you seen such a thing as a Crocodile in these promiscuous parts?'

'Have I seen a Crocodile?' said the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake, in a voice of dretful scorn. 'What will you ask me next?'

''Scuse me,' said the Elephant's Child, 'but could you kindly tell me what he has for dinner?'

Then the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake uncoiled himself very quickly from the rock, and spanked the Elephant's Child with his scalesome, flailsome tail.

'That is odd,' said the Elephant's Child, 'because my father and my mother, and my uncle and my aunt, not to mention my other aunt, the Hippopotamus, and my other uncle, the Baboon, have all spanked me for my 'satiable curtiosity--and I suppose this is the same thing.

So he said good-bye very politely to the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake, and helped to coil him up on the rock again, and went on, a little warm, but not at all astonished, eating melons, and throwing the rind about, because he could not pick it up, till he trod on what he thought was a log of wood at the very edge of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees.

But it was really the Crocodile, O Best Beloved, and the Crocodile winked one eye--like this!

''Scuse me,' said the Elephant's Child most politely, 'but do you happen to have seen a Crocodile in these promiscuous parts?'

Then the Crocodile winked the other eye, and lifted half his tail out of the mud; and the Elephant's Child stepped back most politely, because he did not wish to be spanked again.

'Come hither, Little One,' said the Crocodile. 'Why do you ask such things?'

''Scuse me,' said the Elephant's Child most politely, 'but my father has spanked me, my mother has spanked me, not to mention my tall aunt, the Ostrich, and my tall uncle, the Giraffe, who can kick ever so hard, as well as my broad aunt, the Hippopotamus, and my hairy uncle, the Baboon, and including the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake, with the scalesome, flailsome tail, just up the bank, who spanks harder than any of them; and so, if it's quite all the same to you, I don't want to be spanked any more.'

'Come hither, Little One,' said the Crocodile, 'for I am the Crocodile,' and he wept crocodile-tears to show it was quite true.

Then the Elephant's Child grew all breathless, and panted, and kneeled down on the bank and said, 'You are the very person I have been looking for all these long days. Will you please tell me what you have for dinner?'

'Come hither, Little One,' said the Crocodile, 'and I'll whisper.'

Then the Elephant's Child put his head down close to the Crocodile's musky, tusky mouth, and the Crocodile caught him by his little nose, which up to that very week, day, hour, and minute, had been no bigger than a boot, though much more useful.

'I think, said the Crocodile--and he said it between his teeth, like this--'I think to-day I will begin with Elephant's Child!'

At this, O Best Beloved, the Elephant's Child was much annoyed, and he said, speaking through his nose, like this, 'Led go! You are hurtig be!'

Then the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake scuffled down from the bank and said, 'My young friend, if you do not now, immediately and instantly, pull as hard as ever you can, it is my opinion that your acquaintance in the large-pattern leather ulster' (and by this he meant the Crocodile) 'will jerk you into yonder limpid stream before you can say Jack Robinson.'

This is the way Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snakes always talk.

Then the Elephant's Child sat back on his little haunches, and pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and his nose began to stretch. And the Crocodile floundered into the water, making it all creamy with great sweeps of his tail, and he pulled, and pulled, and pulled.

And the Elephant's Child's nose kept on stretching; and the Elephant's Child spread all his little four legs and pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and his nose kept on stretching; and the Crocodile threshed his tail like an oar, and he pulled, and pulled, and pulled, and at each pull the Elephant's Child's nose grew longer and longer--and it hurt him hijjus!

Then the Elephant's Child felt his legs slipping, and he said through his nose, which was now nearly five feet long, 'This is too butch for be!'

Then the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake came down from the bank, and knotted himself in a double-clove-hitch round the Elephant's Child's hind legs, and said, 'Rash and inexperienced traveller, we will now seriously devote ourselves to a little high tension, because if we do not, it is my impression that yonder self-propelling man-of-war with the armour-plated upper deck' (and by this, O Best Beloved, he meant the Crocodile), 'will permanently vitiate your future career.

That is the way all Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snakes always talk.

So he pulled, and the Elephant's Child pulled, and the Crocodile pulled; but the Elephant's Child and the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake pulled hardest; and at last the Crocodile let go of the Elephant's Child's nose with a plop that you could hear all up and down the Limpopo.

Then the Elephant's Child sat down most hard and sudden; but first he was careful to say 'Thank you' to the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake; and next he was kind to his poor pulled nose, and wrapped it all up in cool banana leaves, and hung it in the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo to cool.

'What are you doing that for?' said the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake.

''Scuse me,' said the Elephant's Child, 'but my nose is badly out of shape, and I am waiting for it to shrink.

'Then you will have to wait a long time, said the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake. 'Some people do not know what is good for them.'

The Elephant's Child sat there for three days waiting for his nose to shrink. But it never grew any shorter, and, besides, it made him squint. For, O Best Beloved, you will see and understand that the Crocodile had pulled it out into a really truly trunk same as all Elephants have to-day.

At the end of the third day a fly came and stung him on the shoulder, and before he knew what he was doing he lifted up his trunk and hit that fly dead with the end of it.

''Vantage number one!' said the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake. 'You couldn't have done that with a mere-smear nose. Try and eat a little now.'

Before he thought what he was doing the Elephant's Child put out his trunk and plucked a large bundle of grass, dusted it clean against his fore-legs, and stuffed it into his own mouth.

'Vantage number two!' said the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake. 'You couldn't have done that with a mear-smear nose. Don't you think the sun is very hot here?'

'It is,' said the Elephant's Child, and before he thought what he was doing he schlooped up a schloop of mud from the banks of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo, and slapped it on his head, where it made a cool schloopy-sloshy mud-cap all trickly behind his ears.

'Vantage number three!' said the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake. 'You couldn't have done that with a mere-smear nose. Now how do you feel about being spanked again?'

''Scuse me,' said the Elephant's Child, 'but I should not like it at all.'

'How would you like to spank somebody?' said the Bi- Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake.

'I should like it very much indeed,' said the Elephant's Child.

'Well,' said the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake, 'you will find that new nose of yours very useful to spank people with.'

'Thank you,' said the Elephant's Child, 'I'll remember that; and now I think I'll go home to all my dear families and try.'

So the Elephant's Child went home across Africa frisking and whisking his trunk. When he wanted fruit to eat he pulled fruit down from a tree, instead of waiting for it to fall as he used to do. When he wanted grass he plucked grass up from the ground, instead of going on his knees as he used to do. When the flies bit him he broke off the branch of a tree and used it as fly-whisk; and he made himself a new, cool, slushy-squshy mud-cap whenever the sun was hot. When he felt lonely walking through Africa he sang to himself down his trunk, and the noise was louder than several brass bands.

He went especially out of his way to find a broad Hippopotamus (she was no relation of his), and he spanked her very hard, to make sure that the Bi-Coloured-Python-Rock-Snake had spoken the truth about his new trunk. The rest of the time he picked up the melon rinds that he had dropped on his way to the Limpopo--for he was a Tidy Pachyderm.

One dark evening he came back to all his dear families, and he coiled up his trunk and said, 'How do you do?' They were very glad to see him, and immediately said, 'Come here and be spanked for your 'satiable curtiosity.'

'Pooh,' said the Elephant's Child. 'I don't think you peoples know anything about spanking; but I do, and I'll show you.' Then he uncurled his trunk and knocked two of his dear brothers head over heels.

'O Bananas!' said they, 'where did you learn that trick, and what have you done to your nose?'

'I got a new one from the Crocodile on the banks of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River,' said the Elephant's Child. 'I asked him what he had for dinner, and he gave me this to keep.'

'It looks very ugly,' said his hairy uncle, the Baboon.

'It does,' said the Elephant's Child. 'But it's very useful,' and he picked up his hairy uncle, the Baboon, by one hairy leg, and hove him into a hornet's nest.

Then that bad Elephant's Child spanked all his dear families for a long time, till they were very warm and greatly astonished. He pulled out his tall Ostrich aunt's tail-feathers; and he caught his tall uncle, the Giraffe, by the hind-leg, and dragged him through a thorn-bush; and he shouted at his broad aunt, the Hippopotamus, and blew bubbles into her ear when she was sleeping in the water after meals; but he never let any one touch Kolokolo Bird.

At last things grew so exciting that his dear families went off one by one in a hurry to the banks of the great grey-green, greasy Limpopo River, all set about with fever-trees, to borrow new noses from the Crocodile. When they came back nobody spanked anybody any more; and ever since that day, O Best Beloved, all the Elephants you will ever see, besides all those that you won't, have trunks precisely like the trunk of the 'satiable Elephant's Child.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Going to have to start throwing bricks.................

I swear, men are clueless!!!! Ok, the other night, when hubby was asleep, I went into the bedroom to get something. It was warm and he had pushed back the covers. He was also sleeping naked, which he does sometimes. So I couldn't resist - I got the camera and took his picture! He was out cold - the flash didn't even phase him. Then I decided to get a bit naughty. I put the picture on my laptop and set it as my wallpaper. 17" screen full of my naked hubby! Then I left the laptop open and running. He finally noticed it last night and asked when I had taken THAT! I explained. His reaction? Laughed and thought it was funny. End of that discussion. Hmpppphhhhh.

What did I want to happen?

HIM: What is that doing on your computer, young lady?
ME: I liked it so I put it there.
HIM: Well, take it off right this minute!
ME: No!
HIM: I said take it off.
ME: I said I didn't want to.
HIM: I'm warning you, missy. Take it off, or...
ME: Or what?
HIM: Or you're going to be very sorry.
ME: Ha! Not likely!
HIM: Last warning - take it off.
ME: No! You can't make me!

And then he makes me. After a good spanking and some time in the corner until I see things his way, that is.

You know, men say we have to tell them what we want. I don't know about any of you, but it sort of ruins the fantasy if we have to write the whole bloody script! Can't guys just see an opportunity and run with it once in a while? LOL!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Just haven't had any interest...........................

If anyone was wondering - no, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth! I did drop off the spanking scene for a while. Just lost all interest - anyone else go through bouts of that? I'm trying desperately to get it back though. Our life has been so stressed for the last few months that anything to do with pleasure has been put on hold. But I'm missing it and I've started working on some stories again. I hope there is someone still visiting me from time to time, and I promise to get some new stuff on here soon. I was just beginning to think that maybe blogging had run its course and people weren't interested anymore. Guess I just have to learn to use this site as an outlet for myself and if anyone else likes it, that's just an added benefit. Hope you are all having a great summer - it's actually 73 degrees here in the UK today - woo hoo!

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Favorite Spanko

For all of those who voted for James Spader as the one they would like to be spanked by, and any one else who can appreciate a hot spanko, some images from Secretary -

And the famous scene -

Now if you all will excuse me, I am going to go take a nice, long cold shower until I cool off. I should be back in about a month................

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Story Time

Ok, so it's not the most creative title! But it is what it is. I promised a story, so hope you enjoy!

The Naughty Schoolgirl

When Mark came through the front door, it was with the air of expectation. It was Friday and the work week was done. He also was hoping for some ‘quality’ time with his wife, Leigh. It had been a hectic week and they had both been a bit stressed, Leigh more so than him. She had some things to answer for concerning her attitude earlier in the week, and Mark had been debating on the way home how he was going to approach the subject. More importantly, he had been thinking how a certain young lady was in need of a good scolding and a bottom-warming, and he was more than happy to be the one to paddle her adorable but deserving butt!

He sensed something was already in the air when he walked into the house. The silence was deafening. No TV on, no sign of his wife running up to greet him as she usually did. He put down his briefcase and went to look for her. Through the downstairs, into the kitchen - still no Leigh. He was about to run upstairs when he heard a small cough from the back of the house. ‘Leigh?’ he called out. ‘Where are you?’ A small voice called back. ‘In your office - - - Sir.’ Sir? Mark was instantly intrigued and he strode to his home office and opened the door. The sight that greeted him made his heart pound, and he stood in the doorway for a moment, taking it all in.

Leigh was seated in a straight-backed chair, facing his desk which meant she was sitting with her side towards the door. Mark had a view of her in complete profile. She was wearing her school girl uniform - white blouse, pleated plaid skirt, ankle socks, and black patent leather shoes. Her hair was brushed back and a ribbon was tied around her head. Mark saw her stiffen as he opened the door but she sat still in her chair, her hands clasped tightly in her lap, her eyes on the floor in front of her feet which were pulled back under her chair and twisted around one another at the ankles. He could see the top foot was jiggling rapidly as if she were trying to push her nervousness out through her toes. Looking over at the desk, he saw a lone envelope lying in the centre of his desk blotter. Mark realized he no longer had to worry about how to approach the subject of disciplining his errant wife. It was now his job to correct a naughty schoolgirl and he gladly launched into his role. Squaring his shoulders, he walked across the room and sat behind his desk. Leigh never looked up, her eyes glued to the carpet.

Mark picked up the envelope that was addressed to him. He suppressed a smile when he saw the hand-drawn stamp and cancellation mark in the upper right corner. The return address in the upper left was from the Chastenwood Academy. Before opening it, he tapped the corner of it on his desk. Sternly glaring at Leigh, he spoke. ‘What’s this all about, young lady? Are you in trouble at school?’ he demanded. Leigh jumped, and mumbled an answer. ‘Speak up, little girl! I said, are you in trouble at school?’ Mark growled. She repeated her answer, a little louder, her voice trembling. ‘Y - yes Sir, I th - think so.’ ‘You THINK so?’ Mark echoed. ‘Well, let’s just see!’ He slit the envelope open and pulled out the sheet of paper. Unfolding it, he began to read it out loud:

“Dear Mr. Bender,

I feel it is time to write to you to ask for your assistance with regards to Leigh’s behaviour. We have been having a few problems with her as to her attitude in class and getting her homework done and turned in. I have tried keeping her after school in detention, and we have even gone so far on two occasions as to administer corporal punishment. She has now received the paddle in my office twice. The first time was for tardiness and she was paddled three times over her skirt. The second time was for homework not being done after repeated warnings and she received six swats on the seat of her panties..... “

Mark stopped reading and addressed his wife-turned-child, who was now cringing in her chair. Still staring at the floor, she was now squirming from side to side, possibly in anticipation of the red hot bottom she knew was in her future. ‘Sit still and look at me, young lady!’ Mark ordered. Leigh quickly planted her backside flat on the chair, and slowly raised her head until her eyes met his. When he had her attention, he continued. ‘So you haven’t been doing your homework and you’ve been late for class, not to mention the fact that you have been paddled twice at school and you haven’t told me. What do you have to say for yourself?’ Leigh’s eyebrows went up hopefully. ‘I’m sorry I was naughty and I won’t do it again?’ she replied. Mark’s eyebrows came down low over his eyes. ‘Nice try, but I don’t think so, missy.’ Slapping the letter back down on his desk, he rose and quickly moved around the desk to Leigh’s side. She squealed as he took her by the arm and pulled her to her feet. He then propelled her across the room and placed her in the corner with her nose to the wall. She shrieked as he lifted her skirt, tucking the hem into the waistband. Her hands grabbed for her panties a split second too late as he whisked them down off her hips to her knees. Giving her a half dozen sharp slaps to her now-bare bottom to show her he meant business, he ordered her to put her hands on her head and stand still. Haltingly, Leigh obeyed. Mark retrieved the letter and finished reading it, this time standing right behind her.

"Unfortunately, these methods don’t seem to be having the desired effect. She has now been involved in an altercation with a teacher, and I think stronger measures are called for - ones that I do not have the authority to administer. If I may be so bold as to offer a suggestion, I think Leigh would benefit greatly from a session over your knee with her bare bottom feeling the sting of a good hairbrush spanking. I also think she should then spend some time in the corner to think about her actions. Restricting her computer and bed times might also help to get her on a better schedule.

I hate to suggest such drastic measures, but I am afraid that if this situation continues, our only further course of action will be to expel her, and I’m sure none of us want that. Please write back and let me know what you decide to do. I am willing to help you in any way I can.


Headmistress Johnson”

‘An altercation with a teacher? Explain yourself, missy!’ Mark thundered. Leigh stammered out an indignant reply. ‘Miss Pinchley started it! I was just tired during gym class, and I wanted to sit down and rest! She told me I had to run laps with the rest of the girls, and I - I told her to...’ Her voice trailed off. ‘You told her to what?’ Mark prompted. Leigh clamped her mouth shut. A loud *SMACK* to her bottom loosened her tongue. ‘OW! Ok! I told her to fuck off!’ she shrieked in a rush. A long pause. ‘You told her to what?’ Mark said again, this time his voice low and incredulous, hot with anger that Leigh could feel on the back of her neck. She squirmed and repeated the statement, still trying to defend her actions. ‘I told her to fuck off. I said I was sorry right after and promised not to do it again. But the old bat still got pissed off and sent me to the principal’s office! I tried to tell her I was just tired but she wouldn’t listen! She doesn’t care about any of us at all....’ Her tirade was interrupted by another hard *SWAT* to her bottom, this one shocking her into silence.

‘That’s enough!’ Mark commanded. ‘Your headmistress is right - you are in need of a good spanking! First you behave so badly and then try to justify it by saying you were tired? And calling your teacher an old bat? You don’t sound sorry to me at all! There is no excuse for what you did, and if it keeps up, you are going to end up getting kicked out of school! I will not tolerate that, and things are going to change around here to make sure it doesn’t happen. You will stand there for a while I decide your punishment, and I don’t want to hear another peep out of you! I promise you, you will be sorry for your behaviour - VERY sorry - when I get finished with you, little girl! You are going to learn that your attitude is not worth the trouble it gets you in to!’ He walked back to his desk, flung the letter down on it, and then stormed from the room, leaving Leigh to stand miserably in the corner, awaiting her fate.

Thirty minutes passed. The time seemed interminable to Leigh, but at the same time she wanted it to go on longer, to delay the inevitable. She jumped when she heard Mark come back into the room, and a chill washed over her body as she felt him staring at her. He kept her in suspense for a few minutes longer, moving things around the room so that she could hear but not see what he was doing. When he finally called her to turn around and come to him, she did so slowly and he could see the look of dread on her face when she saw him seated in the straight-backed chair, now turned away from the desk. He said nothing as she shuffled across the room to him, her steps hindered by the panties at her knees. The first sound either of them made was the loud ‘Oooooohhhh!’ from Leigh when he took her by the wrist and tumbled her down across his knee. Still working silently, Mark shifted her forward so her head was down near the carpet and her bare bottom was centered enticingly over his thigh. She was off balance and had to place her hands on the floor to keep from falling on her head. He placed his other leg over hers, clamping her in place so she couldn’t twist away from him. Wrapping one arm around her waist, he began to pat her bottom. Leigh’s cheeks begin to involuntarily clench - she knew he preferred to combine the warm-up with a lecture, and this time proved to be no different.

PAT PAT PAT ‘You were very naughty, weren’t you, young lady?’ *SMACK* ‘Ow! Yes sir, I guess so!’ PAT PAT PAT ‘You guess so?’ *SWAT* ‘Owie! Ok! Yes sir, I was!’ PAT PAT PAT ‘You were what, little girl?’ *WHAP* ‘Yeow! I was naughty, sir!’ PAT PAT PAT ‘And what happens to naughty little girls?’ *CRACK* ‘OW! They get a spanking, sir!’ PAT PAT PAT ‘So you agree that you were naughty and deserve a spanking?’ *SPLAT* *WHAP* ‘Ow ow ow! Yes sir!’ PAT PAT ‘Good girl! Never let it be said that I don’t give you everything you deserve!’ With that, the patting stopped and the spanking began in earnest. *SMACK* *CRACK* *WHAP* *SPLAT* Mark’s hand rose and fell, again and again. The spanks started out slow and moderate, but quickly sped up and increased in strength. *SMACK* *CRACK* *WHAP* *SPLAT* After a minute or so, Leigh could feel the heat building in her backside. *SMACK* *CRACK* *WHAP* *SPLAT* Another minute passed and the sting had spread across her buttocks. Her toes were drumming the carpet. *SMACK* *CRACK* *WHAP* *SPLAT* By now, Leigh was wailing and yelping with each swat and her hand flew back to protect her bottom. Mark simply grabbed it and pinned it to the small of her back as he continued to spank. *SMACK* *CRACK* *WHAP* *SLAP* Leigh howled with each impact. After a steady ten minutes of spanking, Mark’s hand was beginning to smart, so he paused, rubbing her hot bottom while she caught her breath.

Once Leigh had stopped panting and he felt her go limp over his knee, Mark reached over to the desk and picked up the hairbrush. She squealed in despair when she felt the cool hard wood laid on her sore bottom. ‘Hush!’ Mark ordered as he moved the implement in slow circles over Leigh’s backside. ‘Before I paddle this naughty butt, I have some new rules that you are going to have to listen to. One, since all this bad behaviour has apparently been caused because you are tired and cranky from lack of sleep, you will now go to bed at 9PM every night until further notice! And two....’ *CRACK* He smacked Leigh quickly when she arched up and tried to protest the bedtime rule. The sting of the hairbrush quickly silenced her and she flopped back down over his knee. Mark continued. ‘As I was saying, two, since you are spending too much time playing on the computer and not getting your homework done, the computer is now for homework only! Any playing will result in another trip over my knee. And I will be checking your history to make sure you are behaving. Is that understood, young lady?’ ‘Yes sir!’ Leigh wailed in response. ‘Good,’ Mark said. ‘Now let’s get this punishment underway!’

Gripping her tightly around the waist, Mark began to apply the hairbrush soundly to Leigh’s bottom. Fifty times the hard wood crashed down on her tender skin, each stroke flattening the puffy flesh. *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* The sounds of impact and Leigh’s cries and howls mingled in the air. *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* Mark paddled quickly, each stroke as hard as the last, covering every square millimetre of Leigh’s bottom. *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* By the time the last one had landed, the heat was radiating off her swollen cheeks, and Leigh was limp and sobbing over his lap. Mark dropped the hairbrush to the floor and gently helped her to her feet. He guided her back to the corner and placed her there with her nose to the wall. Warning her to stay put until she was called, Mark returned to his desk. He picked up the letter from the school, flipped it over, and began to write. The scratching of his pen was accompanied by the sniffles emanating from the corner.

When he was finished, he sat for a while, enjoying the view of her red, throbbing bottom as she stood facing the wall. He could almost see the cheeks pulsating from across the room. Leigh shifted from one foot to the other as she resisted the urge to reach back and rub her flaming behind. Finally, he called to her. ‘Turn around and come here, young lady.’ Leigh slowly twirled to face him and made her way to the desk. She stood facing him, her eyes down and her hands clasped in front of her. Mark held out the letter. ‘You are to take this back to your headmistress tomorrow. Right now, I want you to read it out loud to me so that you know what I have told her and what you have to look forward to.’ Leigh reached out a shaky hand and took the paper. She inhaled deeply and read:

"Dear Headmistress Johnson,

Thank you for the heads up regarding Leigh’s behaviour. I didn’t realize things were getting so bad and I appreciate the chance to rectify things before you had to resort to expulsion.

I have now taken steps to improve Leigh’s attitude. After I read your letter, Leigh was sent to the corner with her skirt up and her panties down while I scolded her about her actions. She spent a good half hour with her nose to the wall. I then put her over my knee. She received a sound ten minute spanking with my hand. I then switched to the hairbrush and administered 50 hard smacks to her bare bottom. By the time I had finished, she was kicking and crying and promising to do better in the future. She was then sent with a very red behind on display to spend another 30 minutes in the corner. She was grounded from her computer except for schoolwork and her bedtime has been moved to 9pm until further notice. She has also been told she will receive a comparable punishment every night this week to remind her of her promise to behave. She has been promised the paddle tomorrow.”

Leigh stopped for a moment and looked up, her eyes wide. She opened her mouth to protest but thought better of it when she saw Mark’s face. He waved at her to continue.

“As a result, you may see her sitting gingerly in class. Please pay no mind. However, if the problems continue, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will deal with them accordingly. Leigh knows this and you should start to see an improvement in her attitude.


Mr. Mark Bender

Leigh laid the letter back down on the desk and resumed her demure position, eyes down and hands clasped. ‘Do you understand the letter, little girl?’ Mark asked. ‘Yes sir,’ Leigh replied softly. ‘Are you going to do your best to behave from now on and be respectful to your teachers?’ Leigh repeated the same two words. ‘And do you understand that any further misbehaviour will not be tolerated and that you will find yourself bare-bottomed over my knee for another hard spanking if you act like a naughty little girl again?’ At this warning, Leigh could only nod miserably. Mark decided that she had been punished enough and had learned her lesson - for now. He stood and walked around the desk to her, drawing her into his arms. She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. His hands slid down and gently squeezed her scorched bottom. To his surprise and delight, she responded to his touch by arching her back and pressing her hips hard against his. A low moan escaped her as she lifted her face, her lips ferociously seeking out his. Mark quickly decided the bedtime rule could be extended for one night. His wife was back.................

Monday, March 10, 2008

Toy Purchase

Ok, a little progress to post on the toy front. Which one did I purchase? Drum roll.......... Both!

I got an email back from Love Honey that they would in fact match the lower price on the second toy. So I took a deep breath and ordered it. It arrived just 2 days later. One problem - hubby was home to greet the post man and of course wanted to know what was in the package! Told him he would find out in due time. Well, due time turned out to be that afternoon since I was eager to try it out. I disappeared into the bedroom and put both attachments in their appropriate - um - places. Came out and handed the remote to hubby and just walked away with a grin. Didn't take him long to figure out what it was for, although he made me wait for a while before pushing a button. As a result, I had stopped anticipating it and he got a big kick out of it when I squealed from the other room! He played with it for a couple of hours until he couldn't stand it any more and dragged me off to the bedroom for a good spanking, followed by a good .......... Well, you get the picture! (Actually, at one point, he got me to the Big O just by making the back one vibrate! Woo-hoo!)

My rating on this toy: It's a bit fiddly. Getting the flat pad for the front to stay in place requires a tight pair of undies to hold it. But once you get it in the right spot - Oh Boy! It's also a bit of a trick to get the wires where you need them to get both vibrators in place. My main concern about the bullet-type one for the back was that I always worry about inserting items back there that are connected to a wire and don't have a flanged base that doesn't go inside the body. What happens if you go to pull it out and the wire comes out!? Well, with this one, it's small enough that I figured that if that happened, it would be a fairly simple matter to 'push' it out. But the easiest solution to that is to slip it into a condom before inserting it. Then you don't have to pull on the wire. Perfomance wise, this is a great little toy. The pad for the front has the best vibrating action. The bullet is not bad, but it is small so the buzz isn't as much as it could be. It is absolutely silent as advertised, so that is a plus. But being the anal-centric wench that I am, I still craved more 'back end buzz'. So......................

I have ordered the other toy, the Alien! I found out with more research that it is, in fact, wireless, so I am anxious to give it a try. Should receive it in the next couple of days. It looks to be a bit more substantial in size and according to the reviews I have read, it vibrates like a banshee! I only hope I'm the only one home when the post comes so I don't have to explain a second purchase right away! Once we have given that one a test drive, I'll let you know how it is.

Friday, March 07, 2008


This is totally off topic, but I had to post it. Just read about this website in one of my magazines from home. It is a website dedicated to finding homes for dogs in shelters that are about to be put to sleep simply for space reasons. I'm not really a dog person (I have a cat), and besides, being in the UK, it would be a little difficult for me to adopt one. But anyone with any compassion (and I have always found that spankos seem to have lots of compassion) can't help but look at these animals and feel the tug on the heartstrings. They tell you how many days the dogs have left until euthanasia - WAHHHH! So if anyone out there is in the market for a dog, check out this website -

Dogs In Danger

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Lovely Surprise!

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been around for a few days. Haven't had a chance to post. Hubby got laid off from his job a week and a half ago, so he has been home for the last few days. He knows about my blog, but I've never let him see it. So with him around most of the time, I haven't had the privacy to work on a good post. But it's been nice having him around! Won't last long though - looks like he'll be back to work next week. These things happen when you work as a contractor - from time to time, the work runs out and you have to move on to another one.

Check this out though. The great folks over at American Spanking Society, Todd and Suzy, have featured little ole' me on their blog 'Wink' this week! What a nice surprise. I am truly touched by the lovely things they said about my blog, and I highly suggest that you check out their site. It's one of my favorites and I visit there often. Thanks guys!

Always appreciate my visitors. I'll get some more pictures posted soon, and I'll let you know the outcome of my 'toy' decision. That has been lots of fun.................

Friday, February 22, 2008

New Must-Have Toys! Help me choose!

After we had finished our play the other night, hubby and I were laying on the bed talking. This always seems to be the best and easiest time to talk about the whole subject of spanking. By the way, I gave him LOTS of encouragement on the corner thing - told him how hot it was, how much I enjoyed it, etc. I think that will definitely happen again without so much prompting from me!

We also talked about 'my little friend'. Turns out he really liked that too. Confessed that one of my favorite fantasies was being made to wear it while we were out shopping. This led to the idea of a vibrating one with a remote control that he would be in charge of. Suggested that it could be used as a warning devise if I tried to buy something I didn't need. His eyes lit up at that one! Started muttering how it could come in handy in the DVD store.

So I got online tonight and started searching for just the right toy. It had to be small enough for comfort, yet not so small that it would not stay in place. It also had to have a wireless remote. You know, I hate it when you can't tell from the pictures on a website if a remote is wireless or not. I think they hide the wires on purpose. I found one that looked perfect and looked wireless. But I emailed the company first to be sure, and wouldn't you know, they were wired! Shoot. So I kept searching.

Found this one. It looks very interesting. It's called the Alien. Must be wireless as it says the remote has a clip to put it on a keychain, and I can't imagine wandering around the store with a wire from the back of my pants to his pocket! LOL! Anyway, this one has distinct possibilities. Considering it. But I kept looking.

Wow! Found this on one of my favorite sites, Love Honey. This is a UK store, and they have pretty good prices and great service. (They will also price match, so I find what I want and then Google it to see if there is a cheaper price elsewhere. Did find a cheaper price on this one so waiting for a response from the store.) This little wonder is called the Oyster Duo Remote Control Vibrator. The little pink head snuggles up to your.......front bits, and the silver bullet can be put, as the description states, 'anywhere'. (They do say specifically that it can be used in the backside, so it is considered safe for that.) The two wires come together at a jack that plugs into the receiver (the box with the purple button). With the jack, you have the capacity to plug other attachments in, including an intriguing ring one for him, so turnabout could be fair play. The receiver clips onto your panties. The remote has buttons for two different speeds for each attachment, which can be activated one at a time or together. The speeds are listed as Mmmmmm and WOW! They guarantee that the vibrator is absolutely SILENT (although you may not be - but great knowing that the people next to you in the checkout line aren't going to wonder where the buzzing is coming from), and the remote has a range of 50 feet! Sounds like a good time could be had by all.

So I have a dilemma. Do I buy the first one (cheaper), the second one (more expensive, but also more fun), or say screw it and get both? What's the worst that could happen? Get a spanking from hubby from spending too much money? Yeah, that's a deterrent. Might actually be an incentive. Besides, once hubby got to play with the remotes, I'm sure all would be forgiven. Whichever one I get, I'll just put it in one day and hand him the remote with a wink on our way out the door. He'll have his fun, I'll certainly have mine, and I bet we'll have more fun together when we get home! Help me decide. Which one do you think looks more interesting, or should I go for broke?

A True Story

Well, yesterday I was in the mood to play. One thing I have learned so far is that while my hubby is reluctant to initiate 'discipline', he is quite willing to participate when lured. So, feeling in need of a spanking and deciding to be bold, I hatched a plan. Popping in my favorite little bottom stopper for courage (the term 'butt plug' just sounds so crude, don't you think?), I sent him a text message at work. It read 'From the Committee for Wiping Out Naughty Behavior in Wives. It is suspected that your wife is engaging in naughty activities in your absence. We suggest that you inspect her bottom for foreign objects. If any are found, she should be given a warm-up spanking. She should then be stood in the corner for a while with the offending item and her pink bottom on display. She should also receive a stern lecture on the naughtiness of engaging in these activities alone. Then finish things off with a sound spanking until she promises to be a good girl in the future. The Committee.' Whew - got charged for four text messages for that one. But what the hell. Taking a deep breath, I pushed the Send button. After a long while (he didn't check his text messages until almost quitting time), I received a reply. 'Hmmmmmmmm' was all it said. Well, I now knew he had seen it and all I could do was wait and see what his response would be.

Boy, did he make me wait! All evening, as a matter of fact. Through dinner, and then through two episodes of Boston Legal (just bought season one on dvd - love that show, James Spader has GOT to be one of us!). I was about to give up hope, not to mention that things were getting a little uncomfortable as the stopper had now been in for a few hours. Finally, he sent me into the bedroom on the pretense that he wanted to see the new robe I had purchased on ebay and received in the mail that afternoon. I went and put it on, showed him that it fit, took it back off and went to leave the bedroom. He stopped me and I suddenly found myself face down over the edge of the bed. He began to smack me on my sweatpant covered bottom as I squealed and made the usual protest noises - 'Ow! What the - what are you doing? Let me up! Stop it!' etc. He then told me that he needed to 'inspect' something, that he had heard some rumors about me. *Snort* He pulled down my sweatpants as I made a show of trying to hold them up, because I certainly didn't want him to discover my 'secret'! That just got my hands slapped away and I was left in my black lace panties.

Next he swats me on my panties. Then - horrors! - he begins poking between my cheeks through the fabric and tapping on the base of the stopper. 'What's this?' he demands. I freeze. 'Nothing!' I insist. Amazingly, he doesn't believe me! Now he is peeling my panties down. I'm trying to hold them up, he's slapping my hands away again. My bottom is quickly bared and I feel him pull my cheeks apart to get a good luck at 'my little friend'. I groan and bury my face in the mattress. A sudden flurry of hard smacks quickly has my head jerking back up. Some of them land right on the stopper! Wow! He keeps questioning me about what I'm doing with that toy in and how often do I play with it when he's not around. Do I put it in every day? I protest that it's just a toy, I don't do it every day, and I haven't done anything wrong. This is not what he wants to hear.

Pulling me to my feet, he turns me around and orders me to stand facing the wall at the foot of the bed. Oh my God! It's not a corner, but he is sitting on the bed and can reach me from there, so the wall will do. I stand there with my tshirt on and my pants and panties around my knees. Never having been made to stand in the corner before, I am suddenly feeling very exposed. I sneak my hands back and slowly tug on the hem of my tshirt, trying to get it down over my bottom. I am ordered to stop that and lift my tshirt up. I then start to slide my hands down to cover my bottom. He doesn't allow that either and I am told to get my hands off my butt. He continues to lecture me about being a bad girl, and every so often, reaches over and delivers two or three hard smacks to my backside.

Not to get away from the story, but I have to comment on this whole corner thing. Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD! You guys out there, do you know what YOU ARE MISSING?! I can't even begin to tell you how HOT this was, not to mention making me feel very naughty and submissive! Look at the poll on the left. That one and every other poll I've ever seen always say the same thing - the majority of women do not receive corner time and most of those wish they did! Standing there knowing that he is looking at your bare bottom, not knowing when another hard swat is going to land, the scolding, the domination - *shiver* it is all simply delicious. So get off the stick, guys. Talk to her, give it a try. You can always abandon the idea if it doesn't work for you, but if you don't give it a shot, you may be missing out on something that she has been praying for!

Ok, back on track. I was then ordered to remove the stopper. Scurrying off to the bathroom, I did so. (He tried to stop me from leaving the room to do it, but I'm not brave enough for THAT yet! LOL!) Returning, I was again bent over the bed. Lots of spanking followed, with numerous different implements, accompanied by more lecturing. I even got about 12 strokes of the cane, which I normally couldn't take but didn't seem to bother me as much this time. Maybe it was the headspace I was in after being made to stand facing the wall. See guys? Another benefit! Finally, my pants and panties were removed completely and he moved me up onto the bed so I was on all fours. This is where we always deviate from pure discipline. I guess I should be flattered that my hubby can't spank me without wanting to have sex afterwards! And it is a nice finishing touch to be taken doggy style with a warm bottom................

Monday, February 18, 2008



In a comment to an earlier post, someone wanted to see cornertime pictures. So I've gone through my collection to find some of my favorites.

She must be headed for the corner. I do like the drop-seat pajamas - that is another one of my fantasies! He throws you over his knee and doesn't have to struggle to get jeans undone and pulled down. Just undo the flap and peel it back! Must get a pair of those...........

Must be the pre-spanking lecture. I imagine she'll be back in that corner later, minus the pants.

A hot bottom on that hard wooden stool must be a real attention getter!

Just goes to show - a corner can be anywhere!

From the position of his hand, I'm guessing she is going to get some more where she stands!

I love this image of everything covered with just the cheeks peeking out. Really focuses your attention on what is going to happen.

Being lectured with a sore bottom as well. The height of disgrace!

One very red bottom on one very hard chair, left to sit and think about what she has done.

For something completely different - a more productive use of corner time. Instead of just staring at a wall after being spanked for not getting her housework done, she has to get it done with her red bottom on display. Should get the message across!

And last but not least - the classic. Who wouldn't love this?