Friday, March 11, 2011

I am such a naughty blogger!

I'm so ashamed of myself! 6 months since my last post. I wouldn't blame any of you for never coming back again. No, I haven't lost interest. There just hasn't been any inspiration for anything lately! I really need to get myself a good spanking. Maybe tonight? Of course, I have to practically plant a white flag on my butt and wave it under hubby's nose. In all these years, I have yet to get a 'hold you down and spank you until you kick, yell, and beg for me to stop' spanking. *sigh* 'Should I be careful what I wish for? LOL! At least I have an active fantasy life. As I'm straightening up the house, I imagine being scolded for the mess in the room. '3 half-empty soda cans? That's wasteful, young lady! Get me the hairbrush!' Anyone else do that? 'Making the bed at four in the afternoon? When you get done, you might as well bend over the end of it and get those panties down! Your lazy butt is getting a good paddling!' Grrrrrr................ Frustration! It doesn't do me any good to leave chores undone in hopes of a spanking. He just comes home from work and does them! Not complaining about that, mind you. But the only reason I leave them undone from time to time is not from laziness. More like I'm hoping to be grabbed, bent over the back of a kitchen chair, and have a wooden spoon smacking my butt while being told I've been a naughty, lazy girl. Oh well. Again, I'm thankful for an active imagination! And a wonderful husband, regardless of his cluelessness on this one subject!