Friday, September 21, 2007

A Long-Awaited Continuation

Hi all! Back when I first started this blog, I wrote a story called 'The Bad Day At His Mother's'. (August 2005 - it's in the archives.) I received nice comments on it and people wanted to hear how it turned out. Well, I've written the next part - turns out it's going to be a three-parter. So I thought I would post the second part. Now, I don't mean to be a complete comment whore, but I really would like some sort of feedback so I know if you guys are even interested in reading what I have to say. (Nobody even commented on the fact that it was my birthday a few days ago - *sniff*) One of the comments I got said that they hoped she got a spanking and cornertime in front of her mother-in-law. I couldn't quite go that far, but I hope this will do. That idea was partly the inspiration for this part of the story. Hope you all enjoy it, and please don't copy or re-post it anywhere. Thanks!

The Bad Afternoon

Leigh’s bottom was throbbing as she followed her husband back to his mother’s house. The spanking in the garage had made quite an impact on her backside. Her husband Mark only hoped it had had the same effect on her demeanour. He stepped aside to let her enter the back door ahead of him. She kept her head down and brushed past him, opting to head for the bathroom for a while before facing her mother-in-law, Jane. Mark stared at the closed bathroom door for a moment, shaking his head as he returned to the living room. He feared that things were going to turn out badly.

Jane looked up as he crossed the room and dropped heavily into an easy chair. ‘Everything all right, dear?’ she queried. ‘Yeah Mom, it’s fine. We were just.......... clearing up some stuff in the garage.’ His mother looked at him hard for a moment, but kept her suspicions to herself. ‘That’s good. Always helps to get things straightened out.’ Mark shot her a look to see if her face betrayed any idea of what she was really trying to say, but all she gave him was a warm smile. He decided she didn’t have a clue and relaxed. Now if only Leigh would behave.

He didn’t have long to wonder, and what unfolded over the next couple of hours did not please him. When Leigh emerged from the bathroom, she went straight to the other chair and plopped into it, wincing slightly as her sore bottom made contact with the cushion. She quickly regained her attitude, and sat with her arms folded across her chest and her legs crossed, the top one swinging back and forth in a defiant and aloof manner. Even though she pasted a smile on her face, Mark could see the black cloud behind her eyes that threatened to unleash a torrent at any moment. He knew his mother could see it too – how could you miss it? Both of them tried to draw her out with small talk, but Leigh wasn’t having any of it. She only spoke to answer a direct question, and any attempts to draw her into a conversation failed. Finally, Jane spoke to her son.

‘Mark, I think your poor wife is feeling very neglected. She looks so unhappy. Maybe you need to be paying a little more attention to her.’ ‘Mom, I give her plenty of attention!’ Mark replied. ‘Yes dear, I’m sure you do, but sometimes you need to give people your undivided attention at a specific moment in time.’ Mark gave her a long stare. ‘Are you saying...........’ he asked. She met his gaze. ‘All I’m saying, son, is that an opportunity missed is an opportunity lost.’ Both of them ignored Leigh as she stared at them wide-eyed, her eyes and mouth both open as it dawned on her what they were talking about. But it was too late. Mark slapped his hands on the armrests of his chair and rose to his feet. ‘In other words, Mom, no time like the present!’ He turned to his wife, who was doing her best to shrink from sight in her chair. Taking her hand, he pulled her to her feet.

‘Leigh, please go wait for me in Mom’s bedroom. We need to ‘talk’,’ he ordered. Leigh could feel the blush starting at the tips of her toes and heading north. ‘But honey.....’ she hissed. Mark cut her off. ‘Don’t ‘honey’ me, young lady! You had your chance. Now, if you prefer, I can sit back down and we can ‘talk’ right here.’ Leigh glanced over at Jane to see if she was going to try and save her, but the older woman had busied herself with the TV guide. Leigh gave it one last try. ‘But we shouldn’t just leave your mother, darling. That would be rude!’ Mark snorted – she had a lot of nerve making that comment. ‘Don’t worry about me, dear,’ Jane said idly as she scanned the TV listings, feigning ignorance. ‘You go have a nice chat with your husband. Maybe it will make you feel better.’ A horrified look on her face, Leigh clapped a hand over her mouth and fled the room. Mark sighed. ‘If you’ll excuse me, Mom.....’ Jane picked up the remote. ‘Take your time son. I’m just going to watch a little telly. Oh, and sorry about the volume. My closed captioning isn’t working so I’m afraid I’ll have to turn it up rather loud.’ She aimed the remote and the TV flickered on. Another press on the volume control and the speakers were soon blaring. Mark gave her a grateful smile and headed off to the bedroom to tend to his wife.

He entered the room and found Leigh cowering by the wardrobe. He closed the door and strode towards her. Leigh felt like she was on the tracks and the four-fifteen from London was bearing down on her. She tried to slow him down, but it was like waving a red flag in front of a charging bull. He planted himself in front of her, glaring down in fury as her bravado began to melt. With the last ounce of indignation she had left, she hissed at him. ‘Surely you don’t intend to spank me here! Ok, ok! I know I deserve to be punished – but can’t it wait until we get home?’ ‘I don’t INTEND to do anything, young lady! I AM going to spank you – right here and now! I will also wait until we get home – to give you the other spanking that I promised you in the garage! Didn’t think you were getting out of that one, did you?’ he growled back at her. She tried one more protest. ‘But your mother – she’ll hear.......!’ Mark cocked an eyebrow. ‘You should have thought of that earlier. I warned you in the garage what would happen if you didn’t straighten up. Besides, don’t you hear that TV blaring out there? As long as you control yourself somewhat, she won’t hear much. Now, enough stalling. Drop those pants and bend over that bed!’

She hung back, hoping for a last minute reprieve. He leaned closer to her. ‘If I have to do it for you, little girl.........’ His implied threat was enough to shift her into action. She scurried over to the bed. With trembling hands, she undid her jeans and pushed them down, shivering as they slid to the floor. ‘Panties too!’ he ordered. Groaning softly, she peeled them down also and they joined the puddle of clothing around her ankles. Grabbing a pillow, she threw herself across the bed and buried her face in it.

Mark looked at her bare bottom as it quivered over the bed. He glanced around the room and his gaze fell on the antique wooden hairbrush on his mother’s dresser. Picking it up, he smacked it on the palm of his hand a couple of times and was rewarded with the sight of Leigh’s bottom bobbing up and down as she jumped at the sound. Dropping down beside her, he wrapped an arm around her waist and drew her tightly to him. He tapped her bottom. ‘Ready?’ he asked. No response from his miserable wife. He tapped harder. CRACK! ‘Ow! Yes sir!’ she wailed, her voice muffled by the pillow. Raising his arm, he began the methodical correction of his errant wife.

The smacks sounded like gunshots as the wooden brush made contact with Leigh’s tender bottom. They reverberated around the room as her husband brought the evil instrument of destruction crashing down again and again. Each smack flattened her buttocks and the explosion of pain would be followed shortly by a yelp from Leigh as her brain registered the assault. After only about a dozen swats, Leigh was already wailing and kicking wildly, trying to twist away from the awful implement. Mark was getting tired of trying to hold her in place, so he lifted her slightly and slid one knee under her hips. Her legs were now between his and he was able to place his outside leg over hers and clamp them in place. Now that she was held down securely, he renewed his efforts. Another two dozen smacks of the brush left a blazing trail all over her behind and the top of her thighs. By now, Leigh was in a fog of pain and had forgotten all worries about being overheard. She bucked and howled with every blow. Before he finished, Mark concentrated a dozen more on her sensitive sit spot – that pudgy, meaty area where thigh meets bottom. Six stinging strokes on each side and he was done.

It took Leigh a few moments to register that fact. Mark kept her in place over his knee until she had calmed down, rubbing her bottom gently. When she was no longer squealing and thrashing about, he helped her to her feet. As soon as she was upright, her hands flew back to rub furiously at her flaming cheeks as she danced from foot to foot. Her howls had diminished to quiet sobbing as her brain cleared and she remembered where she was. She shuddered as she struggled to compose herself, her face now as red as her bottom from embarrassment. Mark could see she needed some time on her own, so he took her by the shoulders and led her to the corner of the room. She complied, shuffling along as best she could with her pants still around her ankles. When she was facing the wall, he spoke sternly in her ear. ‘Hands on your head, and keep your nose to that wall. I’ll let you know when you can come out. Now that the sequel is over, you can think about the third part of the trilogy waiting for you at home. Understood?’ ‘Yes sir,’ she sniffed. He left the room, closing the door behind him.

Rejoining his mother in the living room, he saw her gazing intently at the TV screen. Picking up the remote, he lowered the volume to a reasonable level. ‘Ok, Mom, you can quit the innocent act. I know you heard what happened.’ ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about, dear. Will Leigh be coming back soon?’ Jane replied sweetly. ‘Yes, she will,’ Mark said. ‘In a few minutes – or about 30 of them, to be more exact. She’s having a bit of a .......... rest. So please don’t go in the bedroom.’ Jane smiled. ‘Of course, dear. I wouldn’t dream of disturbing her................. rest. I understand completely. Sometimes a cranky girl just really needs a good old fashioned .............. rest. Keeps them sweet-natured.’ Mark shot her a look. He could see the twinkle of recognition in her eyes, but she didn’t confirm it readily. She continued. ‘By the way – I’ve been clearing up some things around here. Too much stuff around that I don’t need any more. Before you leave, there is a lovely antique hairbrush on my dresser that was my mother’s. I want Leigh to have it, so would you please take it home with you today?’ Mark roared with laughter. ‘Ok, if that’s the way you want to play it, you evil old woman! Fine, I am sure Leigh would just LOVE to have your antique hairbrush handed down to her. We’ll tell her when she comes out and you’ll get to see for yourself just how pleased she is!’ Jane grinned sheepishly and shrugged her shoulders. ‘All I’m saying, son, is that it is important that things are ‘handed’ down in a family – you should be honoured to ‘take things in hand’ when they are given to you – passing the torch, so to speak, keeping the home fires burning. Carrying on family traditions. You know, you do take after your.............’ Mark sputtered, interrupting her. ‘Ahhhhhh! I get it Mom! No more double talk – Please! And let’s drop this discussion before I get more information about you and Dad than I need to know!’ But Jane couldn’t resist just one more. ‘Just so you know it’s all about what’s in the ‘genes’, dear.’ Mother and son exchanged one final knowing glance, and the topic of conversation was changed by mutual silent agreement.

A half hour later, Mark excused himself and went back to the bedroom. Leigh was still as he had left her – hands on her head, her bare bottom glowing. She jumped when the door opened. ‘It’s ok – it’s just me,’ he assured her. Going to her, he bent down and grasped her panties, sliding them back up her legs. She winced as he eased them over her swollen bottom. She quickly bent to pull up her jeans herself, giving a low yelp as she tugged them up and fastened them gingerly. She stood in front of her husband contritely, head down and fingers twisting together in front of her. ‘Ready to go out and behave now?’ he asked. She nodded meekly. Her eyes widened as he picked up the hairbrush again. ‘By the way. Mom said she was clearing up and she wants you to have this family heirloom. Be sure to thank her for it before we leave - nicely,’ he quipped as he handed it to her. The look of shock and horror on her face made it hard for him not to burst out laughing. He turned and left the room. She followed slowly, holding the brush between two fingers as if it were on fire.

Mark decided it was time to go. Back in the living room, he leaned down and gave his mother a hug. ‘We’re going to make a move for home now. Got a cat and fish waiting to be fed!’ He moved out of the way and motioned to his wife to make her good-byes. Leigh couldn’t bear to look her mother-in-law in the eye. She stammered and stuttered as she stared at the hairbrush in her hands. ‘Um – thank you – I can’t tell you how much I appreciate – I’ll take good care of it – um – thank you!’ Quickly leaning down, she gave Jane a quick peck on the cheek. Her face was flaming as she stood and grabbed her purse. Jane smiled. ‘You’re welcome darling. I just hope you get lots of good use out of it in the years to come!’ Leigh gave a small strangled noise as she kept her head down and made a bee-line out the front door. When she was out of earshot, Mark looked back at his mother, who grinned at him. He shook his head and let out a wry chuckle. ‘You really are evil, you know that? Love you!’ Giving her a quick wink, he followed his wife. ‘Love you both!’ his mother called out as the door clicked shut.

The drive home was sober and tense. Leigh didn’t speak, but sat quietly with her hands folded in her lap. She knew that once the talking started, it would become a lecture. She was soon proved correct. Mark spoke first. ‘You’ve had a bit of a bad day, haven’t you?’ Leigh could only nod as she looked down at the floorboards. Mark continued. ‘And unfortunately, it’s not over. Was it worth all this, young lady?’ ‘No sir,’ she mumbled. The worst part was, she knew it was all her own fault. He had given her plenty of chances and warnings, and she had defied every one of them. Next, she suspected, he was going to remind her of those facts. He didn’t let her down. ‘You know, I gave you every chance to behave on your own, and I warned you numerous times what would happen if you didn’t listen, but you chose to disobey me. You brought this all on yourself.’ If her bottom hadn’t been so sore, the way he echoed her thoughts would have been funny. But neither of them was in a laughing mood. She knew the next part that was coming – he was going to tell her what was going to happen when they got home. Silently, she waited for it.

His voice stayed low and even. ‘When we get home, you will go straight into the living room and into your corner. I want to see your bare bottom and your hands on your head. After you have had some time to think about your behaviour, you are getting a damn good paddling. Then you will go back to the corner for a while, and we will finish up the festivities with six with the cane.’ He stopped when she gasped out loud. ‘Don’t you think you have earned a dose of the cane for being such a brat, missy?’ he queried. ‘I – suppose so,’ she blurted out haltingly. ‘But do we have to – ‘ He raised his hand in warning. ‘Yes, we have to. And I don’t want to hear any whining about it either. Keep it up and I’ll double it.’ Leigh clamped her mouth shut and stayed that way the rest of the way home. As Mark parked the car in their driveway, she jerked the door open and fled into the house, wishing it could be a happier homecoming.

Watch this space for part three.