Monday, October 10, 2011


I get a lot of comments from people, saying they like the Mark and Leigh stories. But I get the feeling that I'm just writing the same theme over and over again, probably trying to work out my own fantasies in print. I wonder if I'm missing some aspect of what you want to read. I know the standard elements of what I see as the perfect spanking. For me, it has to have a sense of 'reality' to it. A real or imagined misbehavior, a stern disciplinarian, brattiness and resistance from the naughty girl, determination and perseverance from her partner. A real spanking with her pulled over his knee and held in place, not a scene of her throwing herself over his lap and laughing as she begs him not to spank her. A sound spanking (not a beating) that has her kicking and squirming as she goes from indignation to resignation to contrition. A firm reminder from him that this will happen again if she doesn't learn her lesson and behave (which of course she won't). The other punishments used to make sure he gets his message across - cornertime, sentence writing, restrictions, etc. And yes, I have that 'a' fixation, but only a small one - small plugs, temperature taking, etc. (No anal sex - I'm not into THAT pain. LOL!) Those things make me shiver strictly from the standpoint of the dominance and control they give him. Are they too squirmy for most of you? I don't think so, going by the comments I have gotten, but just thought I'd ask. So tell me - what do you want to read? Give me some ideas. Scenarios, punishments, whatever. I need new fuel for my fantasies and I bet you have lots! I'd like to try to write a story just for you. Hope to hear from some of you.