Monday, October 08, 2007

This Is What I Need!

A good old fashioned, pants-down, bare-bottom, OTK, kicking, wiggling, red butt, tension-relieving, smack me until I holler and then smack me some more, heat inducing spanking! Then, for good measure, stick me in the corner for a few minutes, and then yank me out and start all over again. Yes, I've finally caught my breath and a bad case of tingly tushie (I swear the damn thing is humming). Now the question is - how to provoke hubby into providing the aforementioned spanking (it's so hard when you're this perfect!). Any suggestions?
By the way, I've been BlogRolling my butt off so check out the great links on the left. I'll be adding more over the next few days. Also, I'm doing an on-topic word search puzzle. Give me all your spanking terms, types of implements, positions, etc. Final puzzle will be posted here so you can play with it. Just leave me all your ideas in a comment.