Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Spanking the Crank..............

It was turning out to be a long day. Her first day without satellite TV! It had been her idea to cancel their service - it was expensive, channels were being lost in corporate infra-struggles, etc. And it wasn't like they didn't have other forms of TV. Every TV in the house was hooked up to some sort of streaming device, and they had subscriptions to the major streaming services, not to mention about 4000 DVD's! But it was still a change from the usual flow to her day, and it was throwing her off track.

The phone rang, and Leigh groaned as she got up from her computer to go grab it. "Hello," she answered with a growl. Her husband Mark was on the other end. He wasn't surprised by her surly attitude - he had expected it. "Hello to you, too," he replied dryly. "I take it someone isn't the happiest of campers today." "I don't know what you mean. I'm fine!" Leigh snapped back. She knew as soon as she said it she would regret it. Taking a deep breath, she answered him again in a lighter tone. "I mean, I'm fine, really I am!" Somehow, she knew he didn't believe her. She could tell by the long silence on the other end before he spoke again. "All right," he finally said. "I just wanted to check on you. I'll see you after work." Before she could say anything else, he hung up and left her staring at the phone. Reluctantly, she put it back in its stand and went back to her computer, chewing on her lip as she wondered what punishment, if any, he would mete out for her attitude.

After a while, she forgot about the phone call as she lost herself in her games on Facebook. Mark didn't like all the time she wasted on there, but she felt a little lost today without her usual routine. As long as she played, she wasn't focused on the TV and didn't really care what was on. She knew she should really be doing her chores, but she was used to doing them with her regular shows on. "Screw it," she thought to herself defiantly. "I'll do what I want today. I'll get back to normal in a few days." She was brought back to reality when her phone sang out, signaling a text message. Picking it up, she saw the message was from her husband. She opened it, and after a few moments, froze. The text read: Hello dear. I can tell from our phone call that you are having a few problems 'adjusting' to a new routine. I know it is difficult, but I won't tolerate you snapping at me and throwing around attitude. So we are going to address this issue tonight. I want you to take a cool shower this afternoon and get rid of the sweat and stress of the heat. Then relax for a while - while you can. I'll text further instructions in a while. Love you. Mark" Gulping, she read the text 3 more times. It was obvious that the 'further instructions' meant some sort of punishment. But what? Sighing, she went upstairs to do as she was told.

Twenty minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom. As much as she hated to admit it, Mark was right. Cleaned up and in fresh clothes, she felt much lighter and less stressed. Grabbing the TV remotes, she searched for a few minutes and found an episode of "I Love Lucy" to watch. But she was startled to find that she had tuned in just in time to see that it was the episode where Ricky threw Lucy over his knee in the kitchen and spanked her! With a small shiver, she wondered if it was an omen of things to come. Quickly changing the channel, she found a movie she wanted to see and settled in to watch.

The movie had just ended when her phone chirped again. Nervously, she picked it up and opened the text message. Her fears turned out to be well-founded. "Young lady," it began. Never a good sign. She read on. "Now that you have had a couple of hours to think about your behavior -" Was that was she was supposed to have been doing? Uh-oh. "- I think you understand that you have misbehaved and are going to be punished. I will be home in an hour. Right now, please go to the bedroom. Lower your panties to just below your bottom." She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment - she hated it when he got so specific - it was never a good thing! "Put in your medium plug - the one that won't pop out during a paddling." Leigh gasped, cringing as she closed one eye and read the rest of the text through the open one. "Place 2 pillows on the bed and lay over them with your bare bottom in the air. I expect to find you in that position when I arrive home. Love, Mark" Leigh groaned. "Love, Mark, my ass!" she muttered. She knew even as she said it that that was what he was going to do - mark her ass. Glancing at the clock, she realized that she had already spent part of the hour reading and digesting the text. She hurried towards the stairs on shaky legs to do as her husband had instructed.

Fifteen minutes later, she was in the position her husband had ordered her to assume. Her bare bottom was plugged and raised in the air, courtesy of the two pillows wedged under her hips. Her panties were lowered to just below the curve of her buttocks, framing them for her husband's attentions. She lay there, wondering first what he was going to do to her, then thinking about how she had behaved to get herself in this position. She knew she had only herself to blame. She had moved on to thinking about how she would apologize to him when she heard the garage door open, signaling her husband's arrival from work. Burying her face in her arms, she lay still and waited.

In a few minutes, Mark entered the room. He knew she could sense his presence - she was lying very still, but he could see the involuntary twitches of anticipation in her bottom. He finally spoke to her as he moved around the room, changing from his work clothes into shorts and a t-shirt. "So, young lady. Have you thought about why you need to be punished?" He knew she hated having to admit her sins, almost as much as she hated being spanked for them. Her small voice answered, muffled by the comforter. "Yes, sir. I was disrespectful and snappy to you on the phone." She jumped as she spoke, startled by the touch of his hand as he ran it over her pale behind. "And why do you think I had you put in your plug?" he asked. She didn't answer. Mark gave her a hard swat, leaving a red handprint on one white cheek. She yelped. "I don't know, sir!" He continued. "Have you been focused on your behavior and the spanking you are going to get since you put it in?" "Yes sir," she whimpered. "That's why," he smirked.

Moving to the side of the bed so that he was standing next to her, he placed one hand on the small of her back. Leigh tensed - this was the signal that the spanking was about to begin. And begin it did - in earnest. Mark began to spank her upraised bottom, leaving a sizzling trail of red everywhere he smacked. He covered every inch of her round cheeks, including the tender underside of each and the top of each thigh where it met her jiggling butt. Leigh was soon squealing with each smack, and her hands became fists, clutching at handfuls of the comforter. As the heat in her backside became a flame, her feet began to kick and flail on the mattress. Her head jerked up with each swat, and she was soon howling and crying out as Mark spanked on and on. Just before she burst into tears, he stopped. She laid there, panting, as Mark stood back and waited.

When she had calmed, Mark told her to get up. Pushing herself up off the mattress, she crawled to the edged and stood up shakily. Too embarrassed to meet his stern gaze, she kept her head lowered, looking at the floor. Her hands slid to her sides, grasping her panties as she started to pull them up. Mark slapped her hands away. "Did I tell you to pull those up?" he demanded. Leigh gulped and shook her head. "I hope you didn't think we were finished!" Mark growled. Leigh just shrugged one shoulder and stammered, "Well, I thought maybe....." Her husband gave a sharp laugh. "I believe I mentioned a paddling in my text, little girl. Have you felt a paddle yet?" Leigh shook her head no as her shoulders slumped. Mark then took her by the shoulders and marched her over to the corner, placing her in it nose-first. "Hands on head, and stay there until I tell you to come out!" Giving her half a dozen more hard smacks as she danced in place, he then left her to stand with her nose to the wall.

After what seemed like an eternity but was really only about twenty minutes, her husband returned to the room. She heard him open and close a drawer. He called her to come to him. She turned, and gave a whimper when she saw the Lexan paddle in his hand. She took one step back towards the wall, her hands going back to cover her already-sore bottom. But Mark wasn't having any of her delaying tactics. Striding across the room, he grasped her wrist and pulled her over to the bed. Leigh stumbled along behind him, and then climbed back onto the bed in resignation. She started to prop herself up on the pillows again when he stopped her. "On your back, young lady," he barked. Leigh slowly turned herself around, and then stretched out on her back. She watched him with trepidation, her hands clasped over her belly and her legs squeezed tightly together. His next instructions sent the butterflies in her stomach into overdrive. "Hands above your head - now! And keep them there, or else!" Mark snapped. Sensing that it was best not to argue, Leigh quickly raised her arms over her head and grabbed for the headboard. She squealed when Mark grabbed her ankles and lifted her legs into the air. He then leaned forward and wrapped one arm around her knees from the back, pushing her knees toward her head and lifting her bottom up off the bed. Once he had her secured, he looked back at her over his shoulder. "Now, young lady, we are going to do what I call 'spank the crank' out of you!"

She heard the paddle whip through the air and felt the crack as it exploded on her upturned bottom. Over and over it connected with her tush, the loud smacking sounds mingling in the air with her yelps and cries. With Mark leaning on the back of her thighs and pinning her to the bed, she could only kick her lower legs in protest. His body was effectively blocking her from trying to reach around with her hands to cover her bottom, so she could only beat the mattress in misery with her fists as Mark continued to turn her butt crimson red. She was crying real tears and sobbing out promises to be good and apologies for being naughty before the paddling was over. Mark stood and released her, eliciting new squeals from her as her red, sore bottom landed on the bed. She bounced once and instantly rolled over, crying and kicking her feet as her hands clutched and rubbed at her throbbing behind.

After a minute or two, Mark took hold of her wrist and gently tugged her toward him until she had stepped off the bed and was standing in front of him. Leigh threw her arms around his neck and sobbed into his shoulder. "I'm sorry I was naughty and you had to spank me!" she cried into his shirt. Mark wrapped his arms around her and stood holding her, his hand stroking her back. "Shhhh, it's all right now," he murmured. "I've got you, and I'll always look after you." He led her slowly back to the corner. "Fifteen more minutes here to gather your thoughts, and I'll be back to take care of that 'intruder'," he said, giving her a sly wink and a pat to the bottom before he walked out of the room. Leigh blushed and ducked her head back to the wall, grateful for a few minutes of quiet to pull herself back together. She dried her eyes, sniffled a few times, and was calm when her husband returned. Willingly, she allowed herself to be bent over the side of the bed so her husband could pluck the plug from her bottom, wincing only slightly as he tugged her sore cheeks apart. She then stood, pulled her panties up gingerly, and left the room, arm in arm with the love of her life.