Friday, May 28, 2010

The Perfect Chair

I was just zipping around the internet, and something caught my eye (I forget what - my mind jumps around to weird associations and in the end, I can't remember how I got from point A to point B) that eventually got me to thinking about freshly spanked bottoms on display. If you have to do cornertime after you have been spanked, but don't like to stand, wouldn't this be the perfect chair? We would be able to do our time sitting down, and our spanker would still have the benefit of being able to see his handiwork - a flaming red bottom pushed up against that clear surface! And we all know that pressing just-spanked skin against a hard surface helps to hold in all that heat and sting - makes the effects last longer. Must start shopping for this or something similar now.............................

Friday, May 07, 2010

Not Much To Report!

I'm still around. If there's anyone out there who feels the need to spank me for not being more communicative, applications are being taken! Just kidding. Life has been hectic. Good, but hectic. Hubby has not been up to sexual escapades for a while, and since he connects spanking with sexual activity, well, you do the math. But I'm not unhappy. Funny how that works out. When you're both not in the mood, it's not a problem. It's actually kind of great. So you could say we're taking a break and just happy to be in each others company right now. Of course, summer is almost here, so the mood may strike us anytime now. Hope you all are having a glorious spring!