Monday, March 10, 2008

Toy Purchase

Ok, a little progress to post on the toy front. Which one did I purchase? Drum roll.......... Both!

I got an email back from Love Honey that they would in fact match the lower price on the second toy. So I took a deep breath and ordered it. It arrived just 2 days later. One problem - hubby was home to greet the post man and of course wanted to know what was in the package! Told him he would find out in due time. Well, due time turned out to be that afternoon since I was eager to try it out. I disappeared into the bedroom and put both attachments in their appropriate - um - places. Came out and handed the remote to hubby and just walked away with a grin. Didn't take him long to figure out what it was for, although he made me wait for a while before pushing a button. As a result, I had stopped anticipating it and he got a big kick out of it when I squealed from the other room! He played with it for a couple of hours until he couldn't stand it any more and dragged me off to the bedroom for a good spanking, followed by a good .......... Well, you get the picture! (Actually, at one point, he got me to the Big O just by making the back one vibrate! Woo-hoo!)

My rating on this toy: It's a bit fiddly. Getting the flat pad for the front to stay in place requires a tight pair of undies to hold it. But once you get it in the right spot - Oh Boy! It's also a bit of a trick to get the wires where you need them to get both vibrators in place. My main concern about the bullet-type one for the back was that I always worry about inserting items back there that are connected to a wire and don't have a flanged base that doesn't go inside the body. What happens if you go to pull it out and the wire comes out!? Well, with this one, it's small enough that I figured that if that happened, it would be a fairly simple matter to 'push' it out. But the easiest solution to that is to slip it into a condom before inserting it. Then you don't have to pull on the wire. Perfomance wise, this is a great little toy. The pad for the front has the best vibrating action. The bullet is not bad, but it is small so the buzz isn't as much as it could be. It is absolutely silent as advertised, so that is a plus. But being the anal-centric wench that I am, I still craved more 'back end buzz'. So......................

I have ordered the other toy, the Alien! I found out with more research that it is, in fact, wireless, so I am anxious to give it a try. Should receive it in the next couple of days. It looks to be a bit more substantial in size and according to the reviews I have read, it vibrates like a banshee! I only hope I'm the only one home when the post comes so I don't have to explain a second purchase right away! Once we have given that one a test drive, I'll let you know how it is.