Thursday, June 17, 2010


I don't know if it's just that time of year, or what, but I seem to be obsessed with spanking the last few days. Trolling the internet for hours, watching videos, looking at toys, searching out new links, etc. Somehow it just seems like I've seen it all and there's nothing new out there. If anyone has stumbled upon any really good links lately, let me know!

I just watched the last half of Apollo 13 on TV. That's one of those movies I've seen a thousand times but I'll still surf to it anytime I catch it on. And, as always, I'm in tears during that scene of reentry! Hey, at least Ron Howard can make me cry right now - hee hee hee!

Just played Aces Up on for a while. Earned a new rank - Miss B. Haven! Sheesh - everything I do right now I manage to find some sort of spanking connection.

Ok - enough of this for now. There is housework that needs to be done (haven't done the dishes or made the bed yet!) so I guess I should tear myself away from this laptop and get to it. (Heh - laptop - I can think of another laptop I'd like to be on - STOP!) Hopeless. Catch you all later! (Oh, and I checked all my Blogroll links, removed any dead ones, and added a bunch of new ones, so check them out!)