Sunday, January 27, 2008

Those Who Don't Get - Fantasize!

You know what I was praying would happen last night while I was lying on the couch with my head in your lap and your hand was rubbing my bottom?

I was hoping that –

You would turn stern with me and tell me that you had decided you had had enough of my sullen mood and it was time I learn some motivation.

You would stand and take my hand and pull me to the bedroom, even though I tried to protest and pull away.

You would sit down on the bed and pull me across your knee. Your hand would start slow, medium strength swats on my panties. You would hold me tightly so I couldn’t twist away.

You would start spanking harder. I would start to yelp and squirm. Then you would stop long enough to peel my panties down off my bottom. I would try to grab my panties to pull them back up. You would then tell me that I knew better than that.

My hand would be tucked and pinned under your thigh.

I would squeal again as I felt you pull my buttocks apart and slide the butt plug into my bottom while you scolded me that extra naughty girls get extra punishment.

Next, you would pick up the Lucite paddle and start paddling my plugged bottom. Steady, hard smacks with no stopping or rubbing. My bottom would be getting hot and red and I would be yelping and twisting over your knee.

When I began apologizing for my behaviour and promising to be a good girl in the future and you felt I had been well spanked, you would stand me up and lead me back to the living room.

You would then make me go to the corner and stand with my nose to the wall, hands on my head, red plugged bottom on display while you sat down to watch the movie.

After about half an hour, you would call me over to the couch and make me sit next to you on the wooden chair you had placed next to the couch, on my bare plugged bottom, for the next hour, buttocks pulled out to the sides so I was sitting directly on the plug, driving it deep into my sore bottom.

Then you would let me move from the chair, but only to make me lay on my tummy across the two footstools in front of you.

For the rest of the evening, from time to time, you would pick up the hairbrush and apply a half dozen hard swats to my bottom.

At bedtime, you would take me back to the bedroom, put me over your knee once more, and remove the plug.

You would then give me another five minute hand spanking so that I would go to sleep with a warm bottom. I would also be told that I would be wearing the plug the next day to learn that I had to get moving and do as I was told.

The next morning you would wake me and make me roll over with pillows under my belly so you could give me another warm up spanking and then put the plug back in my bottom.

Then you make me spend the day wearing only a t-shirt so that you can see my bare plugged bottom peeping out from under it and bend me over to paddle me with whatever implement was handy whenever you felt I was slacking off throughout the day. I would only be allowed to sit on the wooden chair so I wouldn’t be tempted to curl up on the couch and be lazy. Every few hours you would send me to the corner for 15 minutes or so to make me think about what a naughty girl I had been.

You know what really happened?

You said good night and went to bed.

I fantasized all of the above to myself and put the plug in my bottom myself.

I sat and wore it while I typed this.

I’ll take it out before I come to bed and hopefully dream about all this tonight.

See what you missed?