Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Revisiting The Corner Time Poll

Back when I started this blog, I had taken a look at Corner Time by viewing a poll over on LDD and conducting one of my own here. At that time, 110 women had responded over on LDD and 20 had responded here. My analysis of the outcome is in one of my earlier posts. Looking at the polls 2 years later, I see that there have been quite a few people still voting and with interesting results.
My poll now has 223 female responses. 158 of them say they receive some form of corner time. Don't know if they like it or not, but they get it anyway! 51 of them don't get it and do want it - that's about 25%! I fall in to that category, by the way. Only 14 said they don't get it and are glad they don't. That's around 5%.
Over on LDD, there are 1024 female responses. 573 get corner time in one way or another. Again, don't know how they feel about it but they accept it. 303 don't get it and wish they did - a full 30% of them. 148 - about 15% - don't get it and don't want it.
On my poll, about 50% of the men (15 out of 32) said they don't give corner time with half of those saying maybe they should and the other half saying they wouldn't. On LDD, it's about 20% (60 out of 246) with the division between those who think they should and those who wouldn't being split down the middle again. Guys, I think the ladies are trying to tell you something!
So if I have done my numbers correctly, it looks like the guys are still missing an opportunity or not fulfilling a need that many of the women have. Nice to know I'm not alone when I feel like I'm missing something. Either we ladies have to speak up (I'm all for that lately!), or our men need to start giving marching orders - straight to the nearest corner. Look at the bright side guys - it's something you can do for her that doesn't cost you anything, and you have the added benefit of a lovely view!