Thursday, July 07, 2005

I hate computers!

Ok, not really. I'd be lost without mine. But still, 2 computer crashes in 4 weeks?!!! First the old one crashes and I lose everything. Ok, fine. Buy a new computer, get it all set up and most of the lost stuff is found and reloaded. Then this morning, the new one crashes! Had to restore it and lost most of the stuff I had just recovered! GRRRRRR......................... Not going through this again. Went to Amazon this morning and ordered a 250GB external hard drive that connects with USB ports. So now I can save everything on that and if the dang thing dies again, at least I won't lose all my data. Thanks for the message, Silver Kitten - glad to know I've been missed. On top of everything else, my hubby left yesterday for a 3 week business trip so I've been missing him terribly too, all of which has not been conducive to getting any posting done. Ever have days where it seems the world is out to get you? Needless to say, with him gone, there won't be any spanking activity around here for a while! Of course, when he gets back, I may have to do some fast talking to get out of one for spending £100 pounds on this new hard drive - LOL! (I was just going to add my picture of "My inner child needs a good spanking" but that's one of the things I lost! Oh well, I've got it on a disc and I'll put it on later.)


Charlotte said...

Hi, I have just started reading your blog and I think it is wonderful! In fact I liked it so much that you inspired me to start my own about the relastionship I share with my Man! So thank you and keep up with the great posts
Oh btw..sorry to hear about your computer troubles!

Silver Kitten said...

You were definatly missed, of that you should be assured!! but I know how you feel about the world out to get you sometimes... one of those yester day and not a heck of a lot better today : ( But I'll live... Awww I hate it when the man leaves, but for 3 weeks II'd become a loon! (well maybe I am already but I assure u it would get worse). Just keep us posted on stuff and come visit me some time!! Have a great day and don't forget to smile!!