Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I'm coming back!

OMG! I had lost the link to this blog and just now found it! And I'm amazed at how I found it. While reading another blog, the writer quoted a statement found on another blog. I thought 'That looks familiar!' Did some digging, found my blog, and sure enough! I had written that statement 2 years ago! So now that I've found it again, seems a pity not to try to bring it back to life. Once I get my thoughts together, I'll get back to it.


Dave said...

lollll that has to be the fiirst time i have ever heard of someone losing their own blog.

Blog! Get back in here, bloggie!

I mean, I'm losing my mind, but I don't think I'd ever lose my blog! :-))

Be that as it may, glad you are back!


Karyn said...

It is possible to lose things when you have a major computer crash and lose everything! All bookmarks, everything. Plus, things weren't going the way I had hoped back then, so I guess I wasn't really motivated to look real hard. Thanks for the kind words!