Thursday, August 02, 2007

Born Too Late?

I just love these old vintage spanking photos. Him in his shirt sleeves, her with her panties pulled down just low enough for her bottom cheeks to peep out. The target area prettily framed by her panties and lifted skirt. That's what I like to see. Some of the pictures now are just too overtly sexual - everybody naked, ready to jump each other when the spanking stops! I guess I like the spankings that are more 'real' - more discipline than foreplay. That's what makes these old photos believable to me. I can imagine that he has come home from work and found out that she put a dent in the car that day. Over she goes, pants down, commence spanking! And you can imagine her getting up when he is done and going to the kitchen to start dinner while he sits down with the newspaper. Of course, in my house, my hubby would go to the kitchen to start dinner - LOL! We have decided it's better if I don't cook. But even if I don't want to live the 1950's lifestyle, it's fun to fantasize about the 1950's spankings. I also wonder if these folks are still around! Do they know their photos are floating around on the internet? Or do some of their family ever see these and recognize them? Wouldn't that be a shock? 'Mom! Dad! Oh my God!' Or even worse - 'Grandma! And that's not Grandpa!'

So what do you like? What do you want to see? I can tell by my counter that a lot of people are stopping by, but no one comments. Leave me a message - tell me what you want to see and I will do my best to find it (as long as it relates to spanking, that is!). I hate feeling like I'm talking to myself here. Every blogger wants feedback - otherwise, we'd go back to the little notebook with the lock on the outside.

Oh, and I missed out last night on my third spanking. But there were reasons. My hubby's mother is in the hospital and we had to go see her. Nothing serious - just some tests and getting her meds straightened out - but it was time consuming and tiring. Hubby insists that I'm getting a double dose tonight. We'll see!


Dave said...

I think all spankosexuals love vintage images and drawings for a wide variety of reasons. Also, they are just plain hot and intriguing:) is an awesome site for this stuff.

Re: comments, the fact I"ve discovered with my blog The Cherry Red Report, is most folks just don't leave comments. That's just life! Unfortunate, nonetheless. :( I'd say less than %1 of blog visitors leave a comment.

Karyn said...

I'm just happy you're part of that 1%. Thanks for taking the time to comment!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! There is something very sexy about photos like this when they aren't so overtly sexual. It's the fantasy part of it that really gets to me. You see this picture and you can't help but imagine a story behind it.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog. Will definitely come back! I'm totally with you on this one, I prefer spankings in the context of being a punishment. Which means I don't like all those porn-spankings out there, or the "bend over you slut and I'll..." There's something thrilling with reluctantly lower your panties just enough to bare your bottom, it's like, well, "I really don't want to do this but know that I have to" - though obviously you DO want to. :-D

Btw, laughed out loud at that Grandma-thing! You're right, they must be out there somewhere!

I'll continue reading now. :-)
/ Sarah

Anonymous said...

I like also the vintage spanking photos. Very attractive for me.

Anonymous said...

I love these old fashioned scenes 9though I think the pictures that you see in this particular series were taken recently - and not in the 1950s). There was something about that period - the hyper-polarities between the sexes, the ultra-feminine clothing women were expected to wear. It just adds to it - especially the idea of the husband/father as "head of house" and spankings, scoldings, and corner time sort of expected as part of life.

Don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

I caught my wife trying to sneak 3 hat-boxes into her dressing-room. She had just returned from a trip to Paris, with her girlfriends, and had overdone the Pernod, and overspent the Euros. I judged that a good old-fashioned, 1950s, spanking was called for. So over my knee she went, and up came her dress. I walloped the seat of her knickers, with my meaty palm, until she was squirming and kicking like Lucille Ball. Then I kissed her and let her keep the hats. I love her so!

Anonymous said...

If a picture is worth a thousand words, that "Born Too Late" picture is a thousand word essay on my ultimate fantasy. It makes me want to put on a garter and a skirt and hop in the time machine!

Anonymous said...

yeahh. i think living in the 1950's would be fun for about a week. back when like everyone went to church. and if u talked your parents would take you out and spank you. When it wasn't as aembarrassing to get spanked, because everyone was!

Anonymous said...

I love these too...I only wish I was the one over his knee...

Anonymous said...

I like the etching the best. I find them sexier than photos. I lost my spanking virginity at New Year. Hubby took me to the edge with the back of my hairbrush. A new experience for both of us. I think 2009 is going to be an interesting year!

Thanks for an interesting collection.

Lonny55 said...

Born in '46 and growing up in the 50's can attest to the fact it wasn't uncommon where the Man of the House was the Husband, Father and Head of Household while remembering very well an incident at a family get-together whereby my Uncle in no uncertain terms threatened to take my Aunt into the bedroom for a lil' old fashioned discussion.

Love the Vintage photos and thanks for sharing as enjoy your Blog very much.

Warm Regards

Joanne said...

I love these old fashioned spankings. Get rid of the nudity and the sex. Give me a pic of a girl over a knee with her panties lowered and her slip and skirt raised. That what i call a real spanking

Anonymous said...

im in my mid twenties and would love to betaken in hand the old fasioned way have searched for 7 years for a porn film related to real life where he comes home the teas not ready so you know whats going to happen a good old fasion spanking after which u finsh the tea and go to bed to make up for it but they dont exist has any1 else found 1 and i love the pic what a turn on

mespank said...

I agree, I love it when you read a spanking story or see pics or video clips that are just so believable, real! The more real the better. I hate sites that show abuse with bums and bodies bleeding a brused from torture. But a nice pale bottom with a few nice red stripes that you can tell will go in a few days and will leave no permanent marks are such a turn on. I don't have access to pay sites where can I find stories etc. free that have a good plot? And tubes, the vast majority are dissapointing. Love what I have seen so far, I finnally found someone on the net who thinks like I do which makes me feel more normal.
Thanks, you made my day!!!

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Anonymous said...

I have just discovered this site. Fantastic! I was bought up in the 50's and remember Friday night was the night when we were spanked for the weeks wrongdoings. I was sent to live with my auntie in London for a while, as my mother was ill.My auntie had two daughters one of 16 and one of 10 and they were both spanked with their knickers down for misbehaving. This took place on a Friday evening after tea, in my aunties bedroom. She would tell them what they were being punished for, and then put across her knee for a bare bottomn spanking.I was allowed to watch and told I would be treated the same if I misbehaved.I looked forward to Friday very much, particularly to watch the eldest girl being spanked as she wore stockings, and what I thought were very sexy knickers. My auntie favoured tight skirts and would hitch them up before the spanking, showing her stocking tops and if the angle was right, her knickers. I found this thrilling as you can imagine. I remember the first time she spanked me in front of the girls. She told me what I had done wrong, hitched up her skirt and sat on the chair. I was made to stand in front of her whilst she took down my trousers and underpants and put me over her knee. I can still feel her suspenders against my thigh as she spanked my bottom hard, and remember getting off her lap and seeing her white panties. I was then able to enjoy the girls taking their spankings and marvelling at the sight of the eldest as she kicked her legs, showing her self as she sqirmed. I made sure I received regular spankings off my auntie. Happy days.

Pam said...

Hello :)
I'm new to this site. I'm a crossdresser who would love to find a female spouse that would take the role the head of household in a 1950s lifestyle in a role reversal relationship. Love to see some pics like this. And I agree the realistic domestic spanking images are far preferable from any S/M oriented images. Hope to see more realistic pics over time.
Thanks for listening.