Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Toy

What fun stuff you can find on ebay! And cheap, too. With shipping, cost me about $5. It has raised rubber bumps on both sides, one side short for gentler treatment, and the other side longer for when you mean business! I suppose it is to help protect the spanker's hand. So when is someone going to start worrying about protecting the spankee's butt?! I know, I know - if we could just behave we wouldn't have a problem. But where would the fun be in that?


BB said...

that is funny. i dont think S needs protection for his hand. But looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

Uh ... don't mean to put a damper on your fun, but the item in question was not designed to protect a spanker's hand. It's a grooming mitt for horses. But then, many items have dual purpose, huh?

Karyn said...

Sure it's not originally a spanking mitt! But how many implements have we been spanked with that were not originally made for spanking? That's part of the fun!