Friday, February 22, 2008

New Must-Have Toys! Help me choose!

After we had finished our play the other night, hubby and I were laying on the bed talking. This always seems to be the best and easiest time to talk about the whole subject of spanking. By the way, I gave him LOTS of encouragement on the corner thing - told him how hot it was, how much I enjoyed it, etc. I think that will definitely happen again without so much prompting from me!

We also talked about 'my little friend'. Turns out he really liked that too. Confessed that one of my favorite fantasies was being made to wear it while we were out shopping. This led to the idea of a vibrating one with a remote control that he would be in charge of. Suggested that it could be used as a warning devise if I tried to buy something I didn't need. His eyes lit up at that one! Started muttering how it could come in handy in the DVD store.

So I got online tonight and started searching for just the right toy. It had to be small enough for comfort, yet not so small that it would not stay in place. It also had to have a wireless remote. You know, I hate it when you can't tell from the pictures on a website if a remote is wireless or not. I think they hide the wires on purpose. I found one that looked perfect and looked wireless. But I emailed the company first to be sure, and wouldn't you know, they were wired! Shoot. So I kept searching.

Found this one. It looks very interesting. It's called the Alien. Must be wireless as it says the remote has a clip to put it on a keychain, and I can't imagine wandering around the store with a wire from the back of my pants to his pocket! LOL! Anyway, this one has distinct possibilities. Considering it. But I kept looking.

Wow! Found this on one of my favorite sites, Love Honey. This is a UK store, and they have pretty good prices and great service. (They will also price match, so I find what I want and then Google it to see if there is a cheaper price elsewhere. Did find a cheaper price on this one so waiting for a response from the store.) This little wonder is called the Oyster Duo Remote Control Vibrator. The little pink head snuggles up to your.......front bits, and the silver bullet can be put, as the description states, 'anywhere'. (They do say specifically that it can be used in the backside, so it is considered safe for that.) The two wires come together at a jack that plugs into the receiver (the box with the purple button). With the jack, you have the capacity to plug other attachments in, including an intriguing ring one for him, so turnabout could be fair play. The receiver clips onto your panties. The remote has buttons for two different speeds for each attachment, which can be activated one at a time or together. The speeds are listed as Mmmmmm and WOW! They guarantee that the vibrator is absolutely SILENT (although you may not be - but great knowing that the people next to you in the checkout line aren't going to wonder where the buzzing is coming from), and the remote has a range of 50 feet! Sounds like a good time could be had by all.

So I have a dilemma. Do I buy the first one (cheaper), the second one (more expensive, but also more fun), or say screw it and get both? What's the worst that could happen? Get a spanking from hubby from spending too much money? Yeah, that's a deterrent. Might actually be an incentive. Besides, once hubby got to play with the remotes, I'm sure all would be forgiven. Whichever one I get, I'll just put it in one day and hand him the remote with a wink on our way out the door. He'll have his fun, I'll certainly have mine, and I bet we'll have more fun together when we get home! Help me decide. Which one do you think looks more interesting, or should I go for broke?


Anonymous said...

I vote for the Oyster Duo thingummyjig. It sounds perfect.

Anonymous said...

I have a toy like it. Handing the remote around to friends while you're all at a public place is a VERY GOOD game. Multi speeds is a good option. Spend the extra money.

BEWARE if over used. Like for two hours can make the device overheat and burn. We got carried away.No harm done, but something to think about.

Anonymous said...

I just got a remote one too! Haven't got to use it yet tho. sighs... still waiting ... and wanting... and panting... oh my god soon i will be drooling. I do hope you post your experience.